Alayna Kline: Common courtesy


To the editor:

I have lived in Craig my entire life.

Recently, the small community of ours that always has been so generous seems to have gotten more stingy with their money. I realize it is tight for everyone right now.

But it seems to me that people have forgotten small common courtesies such as tipping their delivery drivers and waiters/waitresses at restaurants when they order food.

I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but to many people who have ever worked in the food service industry, I think they will agree. It’s common sense that you are supposed to tip 15 percent.

When someone drives to your house, using their own vehicle, you should tip them, at least a little. So when you have a $68 order, we should get at least a $5 tip.

We are paid very little for our gas. The wear and tear on our vehicles for delivering costs a lot of money. And many places do not charge a delivery fee either, so what you would have been expecting to pay in a fee for that, you ought to give to your driver at least.

We drive in the rain, blizzards, blistering heat, and when the temperature is 20 below. We come to your door with hot food on days when you don’t want to cook, when you’re sick and when it’s too cold for you to be bothered to leave your house.

I think we deserve more recognition for what we do.

Many of the people who do this are single mothers and college students who rely on their daily tips for their own livelihood. When we try our hardest to bring you food in a timely manner, and get a 58-cent tip in return, it really hurts us.

Come on, Moffat County residents, think about it.

Would you be offended if you provided a service for someone and receive almost nothing in return?

Alayna Kline


mercyswolf 7 years, 2 months ago

Common courtesy = 15%. Bottom line. While I may not live in Craig this is so true where I'm from also. I've delivered pizzas now and again for two years and it's quite frustrating when you have to deliver a pizza to someone's door at 930 in the evening in the pooring rain for example and get nothing in return. Especially when you had to drive forever across town from your store just to get there in the first place and the weather conditions making it even more difficult to make sure we have the right street address. I urge you guys as residence and patrons to step up when you go out to your favorite local establishment to step up and give these guys what's due them show them they are worth going that extra mile for you. Another good example here, while I was working security one evening I had my driver go the extra mile because i tipped him what he earned. Which by the way was at least 15% of the order and sometimes better if i had the extra dollar or two to spend. But let's say it was at least five to seven dollars or better. Step up and show these guys that they are appreciated for what they do.


Ray Cartwright 7 years, 2 months ago

Excuse me but my understanding is that the tip is for the person that gives me service and does a good job doing it. I know that delivery drivers can't provide much better service but to think that it is EXPECTED and demand it is out of line. I have been in resturants and can't even get another glass of water or cup of coffee refilled because the waiter or waitress is to busy jacking around to pay any attention to me. In those establishments my usual tip is a nickel or maybe a quarter. So if you are waiting on me and you get a quarter maybe you ought to look at the service that you are providing. Alayna, I know that it is common courtesy but it is not your right to have a tip at all.


als362 7 years, 2 months ago

To Alayna Kline and mercyswolf: I recommend that you get an education then get a different job. Then you won't be dependent on the charity of others. If you choose not to do that, it is your business, but then you have no one to blame but yourself for your wages.


mercyswolf 7 years, 1 month ago

To dentedfender, this is why I said common courtesy. We understand that the way we do our job depends on how much we get. I have not worked as a waitor but I do understand your side of this as well as I have eaten at my share of fine dining establishments. To ALS362 I do say this, it's why I'm in school for Biology/Gen Ed and Fire Fighter/Paramedic.


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