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To the editor:

In his letter responding to my presentation of what the Bible has to say about homosexuality, Mr. Merett said that many of the founding fathers of our nation were deists; that adultery in the Bible is sex with anyone but your first wife; that the Bible has been used to justify the keeping of slaves and keeping women from getting the right to vote; and to keep mixed race couples from getting married.

He also said the Bible teaches that the world is flat, and that “it is past time to stop using the Bible to spread hate of others that don’t follow your beliefs or your cherry picking of scripture.”

I would like to comment on each of these statements:

• It is true that some of the founding fathers of America were deists. However, most were not. Here are some quotes: John Adams and John Hancock: “We recognize no sovereign but God, and no King but Jesus.”

George Washington: “It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible.”

I have many more similar quotes in my file.

• “Adultery in the Bible is sex with anyone but your first wife.” This statement agrees with the Bible that sex with anyone of the same sex would be included in the sin of adultery. No argument.

• Whether or not people used the Bible to defend slavery, deny voting rights to women, and to forbid the marriage of mixed race couples is not proof that the Bible is unreliable.

How people used it is quite different from what the Book itself says when you get the whole picture, not just isolated passages.

• The Bible does not teach that the world is flat.

Isaiah 40:22 says “It is He who sits upon the circle of the earth” — a remarkable reference to the sphericity of the earth, long before most people recognized that the earth was not flat.

Mr. Merrett probably is referring to what the major church taught in the Middle Ages, and so it was easy to make this mistake. 

 • It was not my intent to spread hate when I pointed out what God has to say about homosexuality. I consider it an act of love for people to let them know what God’s standards are.

I consider it an act of love to also let them know that there is forgiveness available because God is not only a perfectly holy God with perfectly holy standards, but He also is a God of love.

The punishment for all sin, including homosexuality, for all people, for all time, was taken by Jesus, the Son of God, when He died on the cross.

The only thing that remains to obtain forgiveness and eternal life is to be persuaded that this is true. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16.).

Dale Potter


bringonthetruth 5 years, 12 months ago

Thank you Pastor Potter for being so polite and respectful in your answer. It is very unfortunate that so many are hasty in their communications, therefore making big mistakes and coming accross lacking in substance and fact. God is not intimidated by big, boastful words, or haughty attitudes. He has been dealing with this situation a long time. I find it interesting that whenever there is an unthinkable situation happening, you can count on one name being called on...God. Do you ever hear any other god's name being called out? People are scared of someone saying that something is wrong. Well I'm sorry, you can throw a dirt fit about it, but it sure does'nt change the facts. There is going to be a time when what we have done in this life, and the decisions that we have made , are going to be the only thing that matters. Money will not matter, the size of your bank account, how many good deeds, ect. Your relationship with your maker, or the lack of one, will. The Bible will always be a point of contention, no surprise there. I am happy that there are scholars and students of the Bible to defend it.


Sumarjn 5 years, 12 months ago

So when Pat Robertson gets to the Pearly Gates, he says:

Lord ~ Lord ~ haven't I been a prophet in thy name and I have been so out-spoken against sin? I have spoken out against adultery ~ wickedness ~ and haven't I been very active against homosexuality ~ the gay and lesbian community?

I have done many wonderous works in thy name ~ may I now enter the gates of Heaven?

And God says:

"Well hi there".....


native_craig_guy 5 years, 12 months ago

Mr. Potter, Consider it an act of love when I tell you that you are being a judgmental jerk and it is not your job to judge others and to tell people that they need forgiveness. Why is it that you cannot simply leave well enough alone? Do you really lose sleep over the fact that people love others of the same sex? I am curious as to why you feel the need to spread your "acts of love" to everyone? I am not aware of how someone becomes ordained in the baptist ministry? Do you go to a seminary like catholic priests or do you simply need to be able to look down on people based on their choice of religion and sexual orientation? It is disturbing to me that you have a pulpit to spread your hatred in this community. It disturbs me even more that you consider what you do to others an "act of love". And finally the reference to a flat earth in the bible depends entirely on what version of the bible you refer to. I am sure that you use a new age bible that has been updated since it was compiled by Emperor Constantine. I trust that you are aware of that piece of history and how different churches have created their own versions of that original compilation of books. I wonder since Jesus did not compile the modern day bible if it has not been altered or edited and the original meaning lost. I mean the book was essentially compiled by a governmental agency and we all know how morally just the government can be.


Anitadunnce 5 years, 12 months ago

Why, oh why, oh why is it necessary for you so-called "born-again" or fundamental Christians to continue this hateful pummeling of gays, lesbians, bi-sexual, and transgender persons? It appears to all the rest of us that you hate-mongers are no different than the KKK that targeted black folks. Now you have picked a different focus for your hatred and anger. Do you people have nothing on which to focus other than this relatively defenseless group that you choose to target?

It is ugly and presumptuous for you to believe that you know that God wants you to take this nasty position. Although I cannot speak for God, of course, I find it impossible to believe that the loving and kind God of the New Testament supports your efforts to harm the GLBT group with your hateful words, ugly attacks, and your railing from the pulpit for your parishioners to act against them.

What are you hate-mongers afraid of, anyway? Hatred often finds its roots in fear. Are you secretly aware of some of your own Ted Haggert-type inclinations, and you are trying to squelch those desires? Remember that that goofy man and his wife are convinced that Ted went away to camp and was "cured" of his homosexuality. Yeah, right. He will simply be more careful when he hires his next male prostitute so that he is not "outed" again. Haggert is dishonest and will likely continue to sneak around rather than to divorce his wife and live openly with/marry another man. Haggert is a fraud.

For you male hate-mongers who do not have these innate desires to bed another man, then what are you afraid of? How does the private bedroom activity of two men or two women threaten your OWN marriage? Clearly, it does not.

Last, are you so-called "Christians" proud that your ugly stance well may drive teens to suicide? Is this why you went to seminary.... to make growing up even more difficult for the youth of Craig, and to ensure that those children who eventually leave Craig will carry your nasty message beyond the outskirts of Moffat County?

Please take a good, hard, long look at yourselves and your motives, and try to figure out what you have to gain by harming people with your ugly, scientifically-unfounded views against the GLBT group. Two things seem very clear, very simple to understand: 1) You do not have to understand the GLBT group in order to accept them as fellow human beings and to stop hunting them and harming them through your exclusionary tactics; and 2) God made them as they are, so how on earth could their behavior be bad or disapproved by God? It is my belief that it is YOUR behavior of which He disapproves.


Lawspecialist 5 years, 12 months ago

No one is perfect, we all fall short of the glory of God; it is our love for Him that is to be greater than the need to sin, and through faith, prayer and love, the Holy Spirit will work in the life of the individual to become strong and to resist sin. The Bible clearly states that same sex relations are an abomination in His eyes. Take a moment to think.... WHAT..... What excuse can anyone possible give when they look into the Holy eyes of our maker for their actions... intentional actions?

It matters not to me what they do, for I do not have to answer for them; I must answer for me. I will, however, take the time to acknowledge my God and his wonderfulness, and defend Him until death.

Let's simplify it...... if, we, as Christians, are wrong....... we have absolutely NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING, to lose; if non-believers are wrong, they have EVERYTHING to lose.


Anitadunnce 5 years, 12 months ago

Lawspecialist (and I respond to such a screen name only with great reservation): It is my belief that for a Christian to spread hatred is an abomination. You wrote: ". . . if, we, as Christians, are wrong……. we have absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing, to lose[ ]". I beg to differ.

Please allow me to simplify it for you even further: If God is ashamed of your hate-mongering, ugly, exclusionary, mean-spirited ways, while you simultaneously pay lip-service to being a Christian, then you do have everything to lose.

Although I do not happen to be a GLBT, I certainly am far from perfect. I always wonder: if one fails to ask forgiveness just one last time (for things like saying something ugly to a parent, coveting the neighbor's spouse for just a second, etc.) then is one automatically condemned to Hell for all time because they couldn't work in that last prayer in the Final Moment? If so, I cannot be sure that I will have a second or two right before I die to beg forgiveness one last time.

If that is the case, I'll see you in Hell, Buddy.


Frank Estey 5 years, 12 months ago

Mr. Potter,

Point is not that the bible is unreliable but your interpretation of the bible, your assumption that you know what god has to say and you are qualified to make known the definition of sin.


Lawspecialist 5 years, 12 months ago

I did not direct what I said toward anyONE in particular, only what the bible states and teachings from Gods Word. I will not be pulled down to another level nor will I engage in an argument. "Sticks and stones". Say whatever you like, you cannot hurt me, you don't control my emotions, I do. To "assume" anyone knows what I think by adding to or taking away from what I say. . . holds no merit. "You can beg to differ" all you want. . . just know this..... I am one person you WILL NOT see in hell as I have been given the gift of everlasting life through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I need not question what will happen to me after my body dies; it is absolute. He tells us to pray for those who hate us and persecute us. Who ever you are, you are in my prayers. May God wrap his loving arms around you and guide your way and may all the blessings you deserve be bestowed upon you.


Frank Estey 5 years, 12 months ago


Please do not worry, there is no such place as Hell, that is just one of the many myths little kids are told to make them be good.


slipknot 5 years, 11 months ago

Anitadunnce: I detect a very hateful attitude and I apologize for all who have hurt you. Although I feel that my apology will be cast off. My opinion is open I don't think God creates our sexual desires. I think that they are developed as we grow just as our attitudes, and personalitys grow with outside influence. We could discuss, or argue this all day, you would not agree with lawspecialist, or me and we would not agree with you but, we are willing to defend your right to say and speak your mind whether we agree with you or not. I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior and Redeemer and I will defend your right to believe in who, what, or how you want.


Anitadunnce 5 years, 11 months ago

slipknot: you have revealed yourself as the jerk that you are.

1) Don't be such a phony as to pretend to apologize for people you do not know and will never meet. Such phoniness is unbecoming.

2) This is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. I defend GLBT's AGAINST your so-called Christian name-calling, and because you have no defense to your atrocious, most UN -Christian, behavior, you call me "hateful". Get a mirror, and take a look at one with a "hateful" attitude, one who does not accept people who are not exactly as he is.

3) I also am a Christian, but unlike phonies like you, I do not wear my association loudly on my sleeve for all to view. My Christian beliefs are my business, and not yours. Get out your Bible, and reread the story about Jesus's disgust with the loud phonies who paraded themselves around in the false showiness of their Godly beliefs. We have been told specifically NOT to act as you are acting!!

4) There is no need to defend me to anyone. You have plenty to do to get yourself right with yourself and with the world when you have such ugly, unaccepting views of gays and lesbians.

Now, if I were the fraud you are, I'd loudly proclaim for all the world (or at least all the county) to hear that I am going to "pray for you". Thankfully, your phoniness is foreign to me, and besides, I don't care a thing about you or your immortal soul, so I won't waste another moment even thinking about you, let alone "praying for you".

BTW, you wrote "personalitys"..... change the y to i and add es.


slipknot 5 years, 11 months ago

I apologize for your attitude and yes I did make a mistake in my spelling and probably my diction too. But, I enjoy throwing gas on a fire that will burn until not only you but every one around you are miserable. I believe that people should be left alone to do what they want to do without any help from hateful, mean spirited people like you. IMOO


Anitadunnce 5 years, 11 months ago

slipknot, are you psychotic? At 7:01pm Wed. you wrote the following disingenuous statement to me: ". . . I apologize for all who have ever hurt you."

Twenty-four hours later at 7:30pm, you wrote the following to me: ". . . I enjoy throwing gas on a fire that will burn until not only you but every one around you are miserable."

You sound like a real whack-job. Is your comment about the gas that you want to throw onto a fire that burns me something that I should interpret as a personal threat? Shall I report your threat to the Craig Police, who will be able to obtain your identity through the Daily Press? Watch yourself, slipknot.


native_craig_guy 5 years, 11 months ago

Anitadunnce, I am pretty sure that Slipknot is talking figuratively about "throwing gas on a fire" or playing the devil's advocate. Don't worry.


aselan17 5 years, 11 months ago

As a student who writes for the school paper i will ask all of you to reread the column the Ryan Neece has written. He purposefully avoided the religious aspect of homosexual rights. This is for a good reason. Look at how each of you have reacted. I am disappointed in this community for the negativity that has risen out of such an eye opening column. Not once did Ryan mention whether or not he was in opposition of gay rights. Not once did he say that he is supportive of homosexuality. He simply said that in a country that strives for equality how can we tell anyone they cannot serve in the armed forces simply based on sexual preference? I know most of you will write me off as not knowing what I'm talking about... i mean i am only 17. However this is what i do know. 1. one of my friends is gay. He has had the hardest time in this community thanks to your sons and daughters. He has been physically harmed on several occasions. Is this something that needs to continue happening? 2. At the age of seventeen.. my friends are currently enlisting to serve their country. This is something i personally couldn't do. As the grand daughter of veteran Bill Harding I salute them for their bravery, despite sexual preference. 3. In a dangerous world like ours i cannot say enough about tolerance. tolerance to more than race, sex. color, religion... etc. It only takes a moment, a word, a single action, to hurt a fellow being. when it come down to it we have to realize that we as humans need each-other. 4. As a person without a religion i have no reason to persecute homosexuals. I have however read the bible and to my best knowledge understand it. I do not think that this harsh behavior is at any point supported in scripture.

Thank you for reading the Post Scripts input into the daily press. I completely support Ryan Neece in his latest column.


firstofthefallen 5 years, 11 months ago

I'm just surprised that there are so many people that actually believe there is a "god". Haven't we grown and intelectually evolved enough as a society to realize that there is nothing more to life than what we see around us every day. No heaven, no hell. Just earth. We should live as though everyone were our friends and family and enjoy it while we are here.


slipknot 5 years, 11 months ago

Adunnce: Last comment I could tell that a reasonable discussion with you was beyond hope. I wish you the best in your dark little corner of fantasy.


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