2 seats up for grabs on The Memorial Hospital Board


Jennifer Riley, chief of organizational excellence for The Memorial Hospital in Craig, said a good hospital board member comes to the position with an open mind.

“Board members who get (appointed) because they have a particular issue or a particular area they feel is important doesn’t necessarily make for a good board member,” Riley said. “It’s definitely good to get on a board if you have an open mind, and you really want to do what’s right for that particular entity.

“That’s true for any board.”

However, Riley said TMH executives have no say in who is appointed to the hospital board.

That job, she said, falls to the Moffat County Commission.

The commissioners will soon decide the future of two seats on the seven-member TMH Board. The seats are currently held by Brenda McKey and Tinneal Gerber.

Only Gerber has expressed interest in re-applying.

Gerber has held a six-month interim seat that was vacated when Ron Danner resigned.

“I’m enjoying it,” Gerber said of her position. “I still have a lot to learn, but I am enjoying it.”

Gerber said she serves on the volunteer board for the challenge.

“It’s definitely a challenge,” she said. “I think the hospital is very important to our community and I feel like that’s a place where I can help out.”

Two people have tossed their hats in the ring to be considered for the openings.

Todd Jourgensen, rental and sales manager for Severson Supply & Rental Co., said he wrote a letter of interest to the commissioners.

“I’d gotten a call from someone asking if I’d be interested,” Jourgensen said. “I put some thought into it, did some research and thought, yeah, it might be a good place to do some good.”

Jourgensen declined to say who encouraged him to apply.

Jourgensen said he was invited to speak with the commissioners this week.

Kristen Nichols, senior appraiser with the Moffat County Assessor’s Office, said she also submitted a letter of interest to the commission.

“I was born and raised in Moffat County,” Nichols said. “I’ve been working for the county for five years now, so I just thought it was time to broaden my horizons and serve the community that I’ve worked for and been raised in.”

Nichols said she has not been contacted for a meeting.

County commissioner Audrey Danner said it is the commission’s decision on which applicants are called for interviews.

“We can choose to interview all or none,” she said.

Danner said there are no hard-and-fast requirements to serve on the board.

“We look for interest in serving, because they serve in a volunteer capacity,” Danner said. “We ask for their range of experience. There’s nothing required for it, other than to have the knowledge or ability to learn about health care finances and board governance.”

Erin Miller, an administrative assistant for the county commissioners, said the commission could decide on the board seats as early as today, but may not make an official announcement until the Jan. 4 or Jan. 11 meetings.

Brenda McKey could not be reached for comment.


justoncrack 6 years, 3 months ago

Is there even a remote chance of getting someone with at least a hint of medical knowledge on the board? Seems like we have a bunch of folks that, while probably good and capable at their respective industries, don't have a grasp of anything medical. And yet, they are making policy decisions that affect medical care in our community.


justthefacts 6 years, 2 months ago

Makeup Fact: Commissioner Danner thinks that it is approprate to only interview some candidates for board posistions. ( Are you kidding me?????)

Fact: That is discrimination!!!!!

Fact: Commissioner Danner even made up the minds of Tom Tom.

Fact: Tom Tom don't need to think, Commissioner Danner does that for them

Question: Has Commissioner Danner already made their choice????

Fact: Commissioner Danner is also picking us a new State Senator.

Fact: Commissioner Danner is very close friends with one of the Candidates for State Senator.

Question: Does Commissioner Danner already have her mind made up for that group also????

Comment: I think so!!!!!!

Fact: Commissioner Danner thinks at a higher level than the rest of us.

Just some make up for being gone Facts

p.s. I'm sure more are on the way


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