Jordan Rollins: Solving the problem


To the editor:

I see the big bear kill earlier this month has stirred up quite a bit of controversy over whether it should be legal to shoot animals in their dens, as so many people deem it “unethical.”

My question is why does the Colorado Division of Wildlife even have a bear hunt in the winter months? Everyone knows bears hibernate in the winter, so why do they even offer a bear hunt this time of year?

Seems like that would eliminate the problem altogether.

Jordan Rollins


wymtnman 6 years, 4 months ago

I think that Mr. Rollins may have a good idea although I'm sure that bears don't hibernate all of the time during winter months. I also think that population control is very essential in the scheme of things since man has chosen to get his fingers into the playing God role. Although I've been a hunter and sportsman all my life and have seen bear in the woods, I've never wanted to take one. I'm a firm believer in preditor control and don't even hesitate on dusting a coyote anytime I can. Maybe the laws should be left alone and more ethical and moral values should be consentrated on. Just my opinion though.........


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