TMH Board approves 3-year strategic plan


The Memorial Hospital Board met Thursday for a special meeting to discuss the hospital’s three-year strategic plan.

Carol Davis, associate vice president of Quorum Health Resources, led the presentation.

A strategic plan, Davis explained, is a way to identify areas within an organization that need improvement, and to set goals to achieve those improvements.

Davis said it was up to board members to determine if the goals were appropriate.

“Ultimately, strategic plans are approved by the board of directors,” Davis said. “It’s one of your jobs to ensure that there is a strategic direction for the organization. And, on the behalf of the community, you have to look at the plan and say, ‘Yes this is right for the organization and it is also right for the community.’”

The board approved the strategic plan, 7-0.

The plan covers five aspects, or pillars, of business: growth, physicians, quality, organizational excellence and financial stewardship.

Davis said the three-year strategic plan contains familiar language.

“There’s more similarity to what you’ve been working under for the last three years than there is difference,” she said.

Along with the approval of the three-year plan, the board also approved a one-year business plan.

Davis articulated the difference between the plans.

“A strategic plan — that three-year direction — is like a compass,” she said. “It’s going to point you in the right direction. But, the road map for how you’re going to get there is your annual (business) plans.”

This year’s business plan includes projects that fall under each of the five pillars.

Under growth, the business plan calls for the consideration of adding services such as cardiac rehabilitation and a coagulant clinic, among others.

Projects for the physician pillar include recruiting a pediatrician, a family medicine physician and a general internist.

Projects for the quality pillar include enhancing electronic communication between TMH and private practices.

Projects for organizational excellence include conducting a survey to gauge the community’s perception of TMH.

And, projects for financial stewardship include expanding participation in insurance networks.

Jennifer Riley, TMH chief of organizational excellence, said the 2011 business plan was exciting, particularly the goal of recruiting a pediatrician.

“These goals are based on strategic planning we did with the community starting back in June, and we’ve listened,” Riley said. “Pediatrician is what we heard over and over again, loud and clearly.”


taxslave 6 years, 4 months ago

Everything, including your health, is a business model.

What ever happened to the Lord is my healer? There is a difference between ER and doctors playing god. What do you call it, preventive medicine. Prevent what? The Lord gives life, both new and old. He gives you every breathe you take, not a doctor in a white coat who wears an emblem with a snake on it. Think about that one.

Most of this nation is under the influence of some sort of drug, especially anti-depresents. Everyone of them is a DUI as far as I'm concerned.

Too bad preachers don't preach this stuff. They'd rather go christmas shopping.


als362 6 years, 4 months ago

Having read some of taxslaves posts this morning.
This person appears to be upset with someone or something, maybe had a bad day.
Hope tomorrow is better for you.


taxslave 6 years, 4 months ago

Everyday is a good day for me because I know what is going on. I see that light in the tunnel and know it's a train coming at us at break neck speed. I've had time to get out of the way.

What upsets me if that you don't know it and soon there will be many more casualties because of your complacency.

I actually mourn for those who suffer. Have you cried for them? My broken heart and tears are real. None of this is for entertainment.


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