Craig resident Sharon Miller, 66, is reflected Thursday in a mirror display of bottles of color therapy, which is an oil and water mixture and serves as part of soul readings that Miller provides as part of her work at the store. Miller opened her store, Crystal Sanctuary, Nov. 26 and said business has been good.

Photo by Brian Smith

Craig resident Sharon Miller, 66, is reflected Thursday in a mirror display of bottles of color therapy, which is an oil and water mixture and serves as part of soul readings that Miller provides as part of her work at the store. Miller opened her store, Crystal Sanctuary, Nov. 26 and said business has been good.

Craig resident opens store specializing in metaphysical healing



Craig resident Sharon Miller, 66, stands Thursday in her store, Crystal Sanctuary, which specializes in beads, fossils, crystals, fossils and readings. Miller, who has lived in Craig for about two years, said she wants the store to be a calm place of learning and healing for people in the community.

It started with an astrological chart.

When Craig resident Sharon Miller had one drawn for the day she wanted to open her new metaphysical store, Crystal Sanctuary, the results were “phenomenal,” she said.

“It all turned out that everything I wanted the shop to be — a learning place, a place where people can come and calm down and decompress — is all in the stars,” the 66-year-old Miller said.

“So, that was the energy that we opened with.”

That “energy,” Miller said, has served the business well since opening Nov. 26.

Miller’s store, located at 2029 W. Victory Way, specializes in beads, fossils, jewelry, crystals and various forms of readings.

Business has been good, she said.

“Everyone that comes in thanks us for being in business and spends their money,” she said. “So, it’s effortless.”

Miller said she was “absolutely terrified” to open the store.

It had been her dream for many years as an employee at similar metaphysical stores to open her own, but she needed to overcome her fears, she said.

“But, the doors flew open and this was the only way to bring people together,” she said.

Most of the residents who come in the store recognize and appreciate Miller’s goal, she said.

Simply put, her store and its goal is “speaking” to many residents.

“The other people are open to looking and they say, ‘Oh, I just found just the right gift for Christmas and I’ll be back,’” she said.

But, Miller contends her store is not just about money, but also service.

Specifically, Miller wants to create a “sacred space” in her store. She aims for Crystal Sanctuary to be a place where residents come to learn how to decompress, de-stress and relax.

“We are slowed down from the everyday pace,” she said of the store.

Miller said she hopes to use her abilities as a certified hypnotherapist to help Craig residents achieve inner peace.

Her philosophy is simple —  “change your mind, change your health, change your life.”

“Our body hears everything that we say,” she said. “If we say that we are happy and healthy, then that is exactly what we are. If your verbiage is that you are unhappy and unhealthy, then you are absolutely correct.”

Miller, who was born on the East Coast and moved to Craig from Dolores, knows well the art of healing, she said.

In fact, she said she embarked on her own healing journey in her late 40s in the face of mounting medical problems.

“I decided I needed to make changes in my life starting with healing the emotional pain that I had not dealt with, and then I went into what is called the dark night of the soul,” she said. “I had to do my fire walk, and once I was on the other side of that, natural healing took place.”

As a result, Miller was healed, both spiritually and physically, she said.

“I live it seven days a week — how I feel toward my fellow beings, how I am in this world — these are all very important things to me,” she said.

Miller displays her faith and spiritual beliefs not only in her actions, but also by a “symbol of the goddess” tattoo located on her forehead, which represents enlightenment, she said.

Because of her healing experience, Miller made it her goal to help others heal through opening the store and the various classes she offers.

The beads, fossils and crystals she sells in the store do more than just pay the rent, she said.

Each item has a special purpose for those seeking spiritual help, she said.

Take the various crystals hanging around the store, for instance. Miller contends the crystals have energy of their own and assist those on spiritual journeys.

Miller also performs a variety of readings including the use of tarot cards and color therapy.

The readings are for those in search of answers to questions about life, death, love or sometimes more serious and personal issues, Miller said.

“It is teaching people to trust themselves that the answer sits right next to the problem, and all we are doing is accessing it,” she said.


David Carrick 6 years, 4 months ago

The subject matter of this article brings to my mind one of those baked clay containers used in the making of sauerkraut...a crock!


cluwilson 6 years, 4 months ago

I applaud Sharon for the courage of her convictions and I wish her well in her business venture. The Craig community has shown itself to be generously welcoming and accepting in spite of the always present naysayers. Each is entitled to his own opinion, Mr. Crock. An open mind is a good place to start any journey.


JimBlevins 6 years, 4 months ago

If there is one thing that Craig needs, it is diversity. While the metaphysical isn't exactly my cup of tea, there are undoubtedly things in her store that i would like. It is unfortunate that it is so far from downtown, but then most things are these days.

Mostly, I am really happy to see a new store in town that is outside the very narrow philosophy that dominates Craig.


cmawest 6 years, 4 months ago

good greif ! wheres my taller boots ?

diversity ? we have sheep, elk hunting, coal, and cowboys. no one needs more diversity than that - and whats that thing she has tatooed on her forehead ?

you want diversity - go shop at wal mart


cag81625 6 years, 4 months ago

Cma, weird or not, it's capitalism at work, regardless of how odd you may think she is.


cmawest 6 years, 4 months ago

odd ? did anyone hear me say odd ? i just didn't want to ruin a good pair of shoes with the bull ----

like i said, if you want diversity go shop at wal mart - if you need healing, have a talk with God, if you want to scam simple minded people, well, never mind, good old capitalizm is fine with me, thats why we went to far away lands and fought wars, to protect your diversity. now, where the heck did i put them boots ??


als362 6 years, 4 months ago

The thing that just makes me laugh out loud is this.
With all that is going on in the world today, this is the story the Craig Daily Press opts to run on the front and back page.
And I was told, since I don't read this kind of junk, that in the entire article, almost a full page about this store, there is no mention of its location other than Craig. Then a story that might well change and affect the entire economy and tax base of Moffat County, gets 3 half columns on page 11. Then after doing something as laughable as that, then they expect people to pay $.25 an issue for this "newspaper". And this type of thing happens almost every day. News and events that have world changing issues, and the only thing this paper can find to write about is something like this. Where are the priorities of the paper at?
What kind of person makes decisions like this? I just cannot believe it!


George Robertson 6 years, 4 months ago

als362 you might want to read the article again "Miller’s store, located at 2029 W. Victory Way"


als362 6 years, 4 months ago

Like I said, I don't read this type of junk.


advacado 6 years, 4 months ago

I am not from Craig, but I travel through there once a month. I purchase fuel there, and at times shop. I noticed the new shop last week. I stopped in and walked around to see what they had and offered. Upon entering the door the shop owners made me feel at home and welcomed. I did not feel as if they were watching my every move to see what it is I was going to steal, or pressure me into purchasing. They answered my questions and were just pleasant to talk to! I enjoyed my visit soo very much and will return again and again to the store each month when I travel through. I purchased some beautiful crystals and did a mental wish list in my mind. I have been in a few of the local shops there in Craig and some of them I will never return to again and some I love to shop in! I think your local paper running the article on the first page was wonderful! I am tired of seeing, death, war and all the horrible things we are subject to everyday on the front page! It was a nice refreshing change to see something good happening. You should be proud of your newspaper to put something that was both welcoming and interesting on the front page for once. And for the naysayers, I am sorry you are jealous of the store, go open your own store. Start your own business, do something you enjoy doing, don't try to bring others down in your misery. Rise up and enjoy your life, you don't get a whole lot of time. Use it wisely!


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