Whittum: This is not a state issue


To the editor:

There is a serious problem with a group of Colorado Republican legislators who traveled this month to Arizona to meet with that state’s governor and legislative leaders.

They billed the trip as an opportunity to “refine (their) understanding and fortify our resolve.” This trip signals that the Colorado GOP in the statehouse wants to craft a policy similar to the controversial Arizona law.

Whether or not you agree with the Arizona bill, it is simply not right for Colorado, and these legislators that went to Arizona used the bill for a political photo-op.

One of the trip’s attendees was our own representative, Randy Baumgardner, who represents district 57, which includes Moffat and Routt counties.

As our state representative, Mr. Baumgardner should know that Colorado already has tough immigration laws on the books and that the legislature’s efforts would be best focused on aiding employers and creating a better system of documentation on the state level.

To attempt an enactment of the Arizona bill, as Rep. Baumgardner knows, or should know, would delay the process even more because all previous efforts would be wiped away rather than improved.

The controversy and the eventual judicial stay that was placed on the most extreme parts of the Arizona law illustrate the clear distinction between politics and effective policy.

Immigration reform must be comprehensive for it to ever work. A state-by-state patchwork is not the way to solve the problem, and Rep. Baumgardner should not play politics with this issue, but rather do his job and get to work for the people of Northwest Colorado.

Our elected officials need to get serious, seek consensus and pass comprehensive immigration reform that is enforceable, rational and most importantly, requires accountability.

It is the federal government that should be accountable to secure our borders.

Ralph Whittum


native_craig_guy 6 years, 8 months ago

 I am so glad to hear that we too have uneducated pacifists in our midst. For those of you who have never lived anywhere else but Craig CO there is a different world 700 miles to the south. I have lived within 12 miles of the border and let me tell you it is not a pleasant place to live. I have had to clear my own home and barn of illegal immigrant trespassers using pistol and flashlight. I had my home broken into countless times and have food, blankets and anything camping related taken. I have seen the damage that a north flowing river or drugs and criminals can do to a community. Ralph is right, it is the federal government's responsiblity to protect the border, but once the illegals cross the border they are in state jurisdiction. 
 We have to curb the tide of illegal immigrants coming into this country. It is only a matter of time until there are large groups of terrorists that sneak into the US from Mexico (current intel from ICE states that this is already happening) that make good on a terrorist threat. We should also remove every illegal immigrant, or legal immigrant without a job from our communities and country. It is pretty bad here when you walk into Moffat Family Clinic and there is not a single person speaking English. While this is not a racial problem, I sure don't see the Canadians protesting in the streets of our great country or advocating "La Raza" and the overthrow of the United States Government. It seems like our problem is much like a backed up sewer, it is coming from below.
 I say that either the City or preferably the county, should put a law in effect that requires valid proof of residency in the US to rent any residential property or purchase any real estate for that matter (Of course Steamboat will complain because we essentially ban most of their labor force from living in Moffat County). There is no reason why Moffat County should continue to support criminal trespass and occupation.

lonelyone 6 years, 8 months ago

Mr. Whittum, why do you think this would not be right for Colorado?
I think many of us in this area of the state are behind the AZ law and hope it stays on the books. I agree in part with native_craig_guy, I think there needs to be some kind of proof that ANYONE is here legally in order to buy a home or to rent. We can't go to Mexico and buy real estate.....at least not buy it and have it in our names. I think there should be proof that you are a legal resident before getting all the assistants that these people are getting. I wouldn't go so far as to punish the ones who have come here and tried to do things right by becoming citizens.....legal ones. If they have done things right and took the test and can now say they are American's, well times are tough and they can loose a job just like you or me. I think we need to crack down of this issue and come down hard on those that are breaking the laws by sneaking into our country.....every other country in the world is tougher on this issue then we are.


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