Stoffle: The people’s choice


To the editor:

I have watched with interest the political process unfold the last five months. I voted Aug. 10 for the candidates of my choice. I was gratified that my vote and the votes of the majority of citizens mattered, and Robert Razzano won the primary election.

I am now disappointed that someone in the minority has decided to go against the majority and not uphold the voter’s decision. I always thought the will of the majority decided elections, not the discontent of the minority.

I have known Robert for more than 25 years. I voted for him due to his prior 11 years of experience in the assessor’s office. He also has eight years of department head experience.

He is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful every time I have had contact with his office. He treats the taxpayers with respect. He is very qualified to be the next Moffat County Assessor.

The majority of the citizens who voted wanted Robert in the assessor’s office. On Nov. 2, I will again vote for Robert. Robert will be the better choice for the people of Moffat County.

Please make sure you mark your ballot for Robert Razzano for assessor on Nov. 2.

Thank you.

Teresa Stoffle


csualum 6 years, 8 months ago

It is truly a great country we live in. Mrs. Stoffle is permitted to express her opinion in the press. Mr. Razzano is permitted to petition onto the ballot and Barnes, Moe and Riley are permitted to run as write in candidates. See the pattern? We have rights. By the way Mrs. Stoffle, it was the PRIMARY election. The majority of republicans voted. Now, it is the GENERAL election and everyone gets to vote for these candidates - even us democrats. Hopefully the MAJORITY will be educated and informed voters. It is uneducated and uninformed voters that create the messes in government. Vote for a smile or whatever and hope for the best. Friendly and helpful doesn't mean honest.


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