Adams: Treated like criminals


To the editor:

This weekend, my family and I were at Elkhead Reservoir to camp and water ski.

Our hosts were the Colorado State Parks rangers, who constantly let themselves be known. I counted five of them on a hilltop spying on us with binoculars, or constantly harassing us in the campground that was not even a quarter full about paying fees, which were already paid.

I have been to other state parks lakes and national parks and never felt like I was being watched from a guard tower in a prison camp, or gotten harassed constantly.

Instead, they treat you like a guest. I have been going to Elkhead since the mid-1980s, and I’ve noticed there are a lot less people going to this lake now.

I guess Colorado State Parks has accomplished something. Thanks for a good time.

J.D. Adams


TRIUMPH 6 years, 7 months ago

Try putting up with biweekly harassment by armed BLM rangers. On our mining claim the BLM visited 36 times with armed rangers . Talk about a little intimidating it was enought to drive you crazy. some times you gotta take a stand or they will run you off and steal all everything you ever did own. seize your vehicles seel your equipment and auction off your rv's and trailers


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