Moffat County Tourism Association board names new member



Frank Moe


Bryce Jacobson, publisher of the Craig Daily Press

The Moffat County Tourism Association replaced a member of its board Friday, a day before an organizational retreat in Steamboat Springs.

During a special meeting Friday, the Moffat County Commission approved, 3-0, appointing Craig Daily Press Publisher Bryce Jacobson to the MCTA board position once held by Frank Moe.

Moe resigned from the position July 15 in a letter written to the commission.

In his letter, Moe wrote he served on the board for more than 20 years.

Moe wrote, “It has been a privilege and a pleasure to serve the citizens of Moffat County” while working on the MCTA board.

In the letter, Moe cited his campaign for the Moffat County Commission District 3 seat as the reason he stepped away from the position. He was not available for comment Sunday.

Jacobson was the lone applicant for the MCTA board seat. He said he was approached by a member of the MCTA board and asked to apply for the position.

“Economic development is important to me and the customers that we serve,” he said. “A piece of economic development is definitely tourism, (and) that can help drive dollars to businesses’ cash registers.”

This will be the first time Jacobson has served on the board.

He said he hopes to “provide some stability and organization” to the board.

Jacobson said his background in marketing and publishing will make him a good board member.

“We publish three tourism magazines every year, and I think if that isn’t being involved in the tourism industry, I don’t know what is,” he said.

Jacobson said he had “big shoes to fill” in replacing Moe on the board.

“He worked in the lodging industry and he definitely has a different perspective than what I can bring,” he said. “But, I think when I need to, I’ll tap into his knowledge and … take that board to an improved place.”

Commissioner Tom Mathers said Jacobson would do a “fine job” on the board.

“Maybe he can pull it through,” he said. “Maybe he can bring some input that will get them doing something positive.”

Mathers said he had hoped there would be more applicants for the position in hopes of better diversifying the board.

“I didn’t want it loaded up with media-type people,” he said. “It just should be a little bit more diversified than that. It shouldn’t be made up of … all the lodging industry, nor should it be all made up of media.”

MCTA director Marilynn Hill said Jacobson “will be great on the board.”

“The way that Bryce does things is that he listens and he learns and takes in the information he has from previous boards and blends those in,” she said. “I think he’ll do fine.”

Hill said she requested the commission hold the special meeting to appoint Jacobson in order to ensure as many board members could attend the weekend retreat as possible.

The two-day retreat, which started Saturday, took place at the Vogel Haus in Steamboat Springs. Hill said the retreat cost MCTA $3,025.

However, Hill said a few residents raised the question if the retreat was “really the best use of MCTA money to go out of town.”

Hill said the goal of the retreat was “to remove yourself from the position where you have family and friends and distractions, and to be able to have the board totally focused on the mission at hand.”

When the board decided it wanted to organize a retreat, however, Hill said a subcommittee of board members was formed to determine the location.

The committee, which Hill said she was not a part of, recommended Steamboat Springs after examining locations in Moffat County. The board approved having the retreat in Steamboat Springs after a 4-0 vote at a July 20 meeting.

MCTA saved $800 by holding the retreat out of town, Hill said.

“The information that we gained and the policies and procedures that were talked about ... (were) made in such a way that it would benefit the citizens of Moffat County long-term more than the perceived harm of not participating in this retreat within Moffat County,” she said.

Mathers said he “had a real problem” with the retreat being in Steamboats Springs instead of Moffat County.

“I just felt like they could have done it here locally somewhere,” he said. “It upset me that they took tourism money out of our county.”


goodforthegoose 6 years, 7 months ago

One...Bryce may be able to bring the board organization and stability...but to avoid a conflict of interest, the Moffat County Tourism Association (MCTA) should no longer be able to spend a majority of (or any of) it's advertising budget with the Craig Daily Press (CDP) (as well as them getting MCTA dollars by way of event funds)

Two...if all they wanted to do was get away from family obligations to hold their retreat they could have gone to Maybell or Hamilton and used Moffat County Tax dollars to support Moffat County businesses.

Three...where is the same HUGE amount of interest in the MCTA board that there was when former director Michelle Perry and Commissioner Danner were making plans to restructure the board to better suit their desires? When the two of them recruited a new board there were 12 letters of interest, including several of the members up for renewal...and then after removing two board members and having four more resign in as many months they have only been able to get three letters of interest, the last go round uncontested and the one before that left what could have been a valuable board member off...yet his qualifications almost exactly mirror those of a current board member, both being downtown retail business owners who have a hand in tourism events such as Grand Olde West Days & Whittle the Wood car shows.

What a joke! Bryce may have some good ideas, but it takes it from dysfunctional to downright crooked...Chair is best buds with Bryce's wife, MCTA now has both KRAI and the CDP deciding how to spend the advertising dollars. Expect more great decisions like the one to spend over three thousand dollars on Routt County wonder our tourism sucks...even our own tourism board would rather spend OUR money in Steamboat.

Save the effort and do just what Mather's has suggested...let his daughter take over the MCTA and it's budget. The chair by her own admission has nothing to do with tourism. She's simply a chamber ambassador...then again aren't they all?


MoCo4life 6 years, 7 months ago

Hilarious. The commissioners appointed the only applicant for the job and not even one qualified for the job. Jacobson has a sales and marketing background? Hardly. He was a paperboy until he came to Craig. He does nothing but add up the dollars from the three tourism-related publications the Daily Mess produces, which I believe the newspaper was printing before he got here. Pretending to be a big dog is not a stablilizing influence.

Did you know mcta is spending $25,000 to mail out the newspaper's hunting guide for them? That'll boost distribution on someone else's dime. Add that to $3,000 spent in Routt County when there are plenty of lodging properties suffering here -- including a lot of bed and breakfasts that could easily and privately accommodate that small of a group -- and you see tax dollars hard at work.


Cole White 6 years, 7 months ago

GFTG and MoFo4Life,

The CDP has provided tens of thousands of dollars in FREE advertising to MCTA, Chamber of Commerce, and the EDP, not to mention thousands in free advertizing over the years to many non-profit and civic organizations. You won't find a better champion of tourism and promoting Craig than in Bryce Jacobsen.

GFTG - Why wasn't your name in the running for the job? Nice and easy being the Monday morning QB but the fact is if you really wanted change you would have submited your name. Bryce has served very well on numerous boards including the B&G club and the Chamber and having personally sat on a board with him have never seen him as a member do anything in the least bit illegal or unethical.

You speak of these "alterior motives" that Danner and Perry had but what "motives" did they have? To really promote Steamboat? Or to try and keep visitors away? That has to be the stupidest logic I have ever hear. All politicians try to structure a board OR a court to fit their ideals and their ideas of leadership. You have obviously never sat on a board or appointed anyone to a board.

I sincerely believe that MoFo4Life and GFTG made two of the dumbest posts ever written on the Daily Press blog. I would recommend that they have their posts removed except for the fact that I would like readers to make their own opinions as to how retarded the posts really are.


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