Annie's Mailbox: Wrtier warns germs live inside, too


Dear Annie: I was quite amused by the letter from “Dirty Dishes Not Dirty Hands,” who objected to a friend washing up in his kitchen sink after playing golf.

I am curious: Before this family prepares food, do they go to the bathroom to wash their hands? After they prepare the hamburger patties for grilling, do they go back to the bathroom to clean up? And after they rinse off the raw chicken, do they go back to the bathroom to wash their hands? After they clean the counter to prepare the salad, do they go into the bathroom to rinse the cleanser off their fingers?

Raw chicken residue and the miniscule bits of food left around the kitchen drain harbor as many if not more bacteria than grubby golf hands. And don’t even get me started on the germs one might find in a garbage disposal.

If one is really worried about a clean preparation area, I suggest using an antibacterial cleanser or some good old-fashioned bleach.

— Clean Hands

Dear Clean: How you choose to wash up in your own house is your business.

But one needs to be cautious about germs, particularly those tracked in from outdoors, in areas where food is prepared.

Enough said.


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