Tony St. John, right, congratulates Audrey Danner, left, at the Moffat County Courthouse following Tuesday’s Moffat County Republican primary election. Danner defeated St. John to win the Republican nomination for the District 2 county commission seat. She advances to November’s general election.

Photo by Shawn McHugh

Tony St. John, right, congratulates Audrey Danner, left, at the Moffat County Courthouse following Tuesday’s Moffat County Republican primary election. Danner defeated St. John to win the Republican nomination for the District 2 county commission seat. She advances to November’s general election.

Danner, Mathers win Moffat County Commission primary

Sullivan, Razzano, McKey take treasurer, assessor, coroner offices, respectively



Moffat County Commission, District 3, candidates Frank Moe, second from left, and Tom Mathers, second from right, visit with community members Tuesday evening at the Moffat County Courthouse while awaiting primary election results. Pictured, from left, are Vicki Duncan, Moe, Gene Bilodeau, Moffat County coroner candidate Larry Dalton, Mathers, and Gail Severson.


Moffat County election judges Kellie Looper, left, Brandi Meek, middle, and Cindel Nielson, wait to help voters like Robert Clayton, in back, use the electronic system Tuesday at the voting center at Centennial Mall. Area residents also had the opportunity to vote early or with mail-in ballots. Polls are open through 7 p.m. today.


Ken Bergstron, left, drops his ballot in the box with the help of election judge Oscar King on Tuesday at the voting center at Centennial Mall. King has helped with local elections for more than 10 years and said he enjoys being part of the process.


Renata Beason casts her vote in a booth Tuesday at the voting center at Centennial Mall. Moffat County residents voted for which candidates will be on their party’s ticket for the general election Nov. 2.

The voters of Moffat County have spoken, and they have said Audrey Danner, Tom Mathers, Elaine Sullivan, Robert Razzano and Kirk McKey are their candidates of choice.

Those candidates are the winners of today’s Moffat County Republican primary.

Republican nominations for office are Audrey Danner for Moffat County Commission, District 2 (defeating Tony St. John); Tom Mathers, for Moffat County Commission, District 3 (defeating Frank Moe); Elaine Sullivan for Moffat County treasurer (defeating Mike Brinks); Robert Razzano for Moffat County assessor (defeating Carol Scott); and Kirk McKey for Moffat County coroner (defeating Larry Dalton).

Tim Jantz, Moffat County incumbent sheriff; Lila Herod, Moffat County clerk and recorder candidate; and Peter Epp, Moffat County surveyor candidate, were unopposed in their efforts for the Republican nomination.

Danner will face write-in candidate Tami Barnes in the Moffat County Commission, District 2, race in the Nov. 2 general election.

The remainder of the candidates will likely take office in January, given that there are no Democratic or other write-in candidates to date.

Read complete primary election results below.

Moffat County races:

County Commissioner, District 2

• Audrey Danner — 1,193 votes

• Tony St. John — 1,101 votes

County Commissioner, District 3

• Tom Mathers — 1,188 votes

• Frank Moe — 1,133 votes

County Treasurer

• Elaine Sullivan — 1,810 votes

• Mike Brinks — 536 votes

County Assessor

• Robert Razzano — 1,286 votes

• Carol Scott — 1,035 votes

County Coroner

• Kirk McKey — 1,303 votes

• Larry Dalton — 980 votes

County Sheriff

• Tim Jantz — 2,078 votes

County Clerk & Recorder

• Lila Herod — 2,056 votes

County Surveyor

• Peter Epp — 2,073 votes

Moffat County results for state races:

United States Senator


• Ken Buck — 1,325 votes

• Jane Norton — 900 votes


• Michael F. Bennet — 187 votes

• Andrew Romanoff — 128 votes

Representative to the 112th United State Congress, District 3


• Scott R. Tipton — 1,089 votes

• Bob McConnell — 1,029 votes


• John Salazar — 266 votes



• Dan Maes — 1,148 votes

• Scott McInnis — 1,113 votes


• John Hickenlooper — 263 votes

Secretary of State


• Scott Gessler — 1,760 votes


• Bernie Buescher — 240 votes

State Treasurer


• Walker Stapleton — 1,038 votes

• J. J. Ament — 808 votes


• Cary Kennedy — 250 votes

Attorney General


• John Suthers — 1,782 votes


• Stan Garnett — 238 votes

Regent at University of Colorado — at-large


• Steve Bosley — 1,707 votes


• Melissa Hart — 241 votes

State Representative — District 57


• Randy Baumgardner — 1,923 votes


• Steve Ivancie — 232 votes

Thirty-one percent of voters turn out

Total votes received in Moffat County: 2,707

Percentage of registered voters casting their ballots: Nearly 31 percent

Those who voted at polling places today: 1,206

-1,124 at Centennial Mall

-34 at the Maybell Community Center

-28 at the Dinosaur branch of Moffat County Libraries

-20 at the Hamilton Community Center

Early voters: 455

Mail-in ballots: 1,046

A total of 2,707 voters turned out for the primary election today.

According to the Moffat County Elections Department, there are 8,822 registered voters in the county, meaning nearly 31 percent of registered voters cast their ballots today.

Of those, there are 4,613 registered Republicans, 1,388 registered Democrats and 2,790 unaffiliated voters. The number of unaffiliated voters can change throughout the day, however, considering unaffiliated voters can declare a party on election days.

A total of 2,453 Moffat County residents voted in the 2006 primary and 649 in the 2008 primary.


twin2175 6 years, 8 months ago

I am sick to think that we have 8,822 registered voters in this county, and only 31% of them voted in the primary this year. Do the remaining 69% of you not care what happens to our county? There are 4,613 registered Republicans here, and even if 99% of the voter turn-out was Republican, that would leave 4,567 Republicans that should have voted in the Republican primary. That leaves 1,934 republicans that did not show up to vote. I am really not trying to bash anyone; however, where is our community pride?


als362 6 years, 8 months ago

What this means is that there are no candidates for commissioner worth voting for.


RiverPrincess 6 years, 8 months ago

Good ole Moffat County residents didn't care enough to vote which tells us why things here never change --SSDD, same stuff different day! There were two very good leaders who walked the talk, and met with the community. Too bad for all of us --- we won't see change for a long long time in Moffat County. Just more of the same. ;-(
For the old guard, that's safe.


csualum 6 years, 8 months ago

They thought 'change' was only dems vs. repubs


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