\David Morris: Pick up your garbage


To the editor:

Did you enjoy your Sunday afternoon?

Close to 30 members of the Northwest Colorado Chapter of Parrot Heads spent theirs cleaning trash at Pebble Beach. When the project was completed, the group hauled away enough garbage to fill four pick-up trucks. That came as a bit of a shock considering the fact that the Parrot Heads cleaned up the same area just last summer.

Pebble Beach is a beautiful spot close to town. It is difficult to comprehend why people would enjoy spending time there but then leave all their garbage behind. And where did people get the idea that if they throw cans and bottles in the bushes it makes them go away?

I have learned that it is never too late to develop a conscience.

It’s time for all of us to become to caretakers of the environment we live in.

David Morris


als362 7 years ago

The reason that some people leave thier trash all over the place is because the are slobs who care about no one expect themselves. They do not care about anything except thier filthy selves.
I wish this state had a sentence of 1 year in jail for littering, perhaps then some of these slobs would think before littering.
It amazes me that a can that wasn't too heavy to carry in full, is suddenly too heavy to smash and put in thier pocket or tackle box now that it is empty.
These slobs better hope I never see them littering, I will press charges on them.
Thanks for you letter, I hope it wakes some people up.


amankra 7 years ago

Great letter David, but maybe there should be trash cans to encourage putting litter in the cans. when none are available, people see the ground as the best spot!


xrsareus 7 years ago

The only problem with trash cans is, Who would be in charge to empty them?... I'm not sure who's land is at Pebble Beach. I have seen the trash there, infact caught a person unloading a whole pick-up load one time. I wrote down his plate number, Told him I would not call the sheriff if he cleaned up his mess. Came back later, He did. Everyone need's to just be accountable for what they pack in and take it back out. By crushing your cans a person could do the right thing and even take more out than they brought in to help with the inconciderate pig's that litter. I bet if the littering dosen't stop that area might be closed. Thanks to the Parrot Heads you do alot of good


als362 7 years ago

Trash cans will not solve the problem. I have seen trash on the ground with a trash can 20 feet away. Slobs will be slobs no matter how many or how close the trash cans are.
I think another good deterent would be to make a proven litterer sweep the main streets of Craig for 6 months, chain hobbled, with a large sign on thier back that says, "I AM A LITTERER". I would gladly buy the broom.


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