Editorial: Time for change


At the end of March, a prominent southeast Arizona rancher who worked the ground his family has owned since 1907 was found slain, an apparent gunshot victim.

Reports indicate Robert Krentz was working in the area of a known smuggling corridor and that tracks leading away from the scene were followed 20 miles south to the Mexico border.

This murder, the Editorial Board contends, is another example of why resolving long-time problematic issues like border security and illegal immigration are so vitally important today.

Had our country’s border security been tighter, and entrance into and from the United States not been so lax, we might not be discussing Krentz today in such a sad and sobering manner. Chances are, his life warranted something much more than that, board members believe.

Before this opinion piece can be misconstrued, particularly given that border security and illegal immigration are two issues that can become emotional very quickly, the Editorial Board would like to note a couple of important details.

One, our stance is not one of anti-immigration, does not resemble the absurd notion of building a fence to keep immigrants out, and is not a veiled bit of racism.

Many immigrants come to America from impoverished or dangerous circumstances, seeking a better life for themselves and their families. They do so at any cost, and sometimes that means avoiding the bureaucratic red tape.

Who can argue with that? Who can tell them that they’re wrong for doing so, particularly when faced with violence or crippling poverty?

Wouldn’t most of us do the same?

And two, the reality is that many people coming here illegally aren’t putting Americans out of work.

Rather, they’re taking jobs that Americans, perhaps a bit spoiled by our country’s success, aren’t willing to take. In many ways, our country and our economy depend on illegal immigrants and the workforce they provide.

That’s important to consider.

However, the reality is that immigrants who are here illegally are breaking the law. They are costing our state and federal governments money.

And, our borders have become a conduit for not only illegal immigrants, but other illegal activity, as well.

We’ve seen the effects of that in our community, where narcotics coming up from Mexico have found their way into Craig and Moffat County.

The Editorial Board is advocating for reasonable change as it relates to our borders, a solid plan that keeps America stocked with necessary workers while also giving refuge to those needing it. This plan also needs to address the flow of illegal materials coming in and out of our country.

With one of the biggest, most important elections on the horizon, border security and controlled, regulated immigration needs to take a place near the economy as one of our country’s most pressing issues.

A family in Arizona, the Editorial Board contends, most likely agrees with us on at least that point.


onewhocares 7 years ago

 Maybe it's just me, but I think the papers most pressing issue (as well as all of Moffat Countys)  should be coming up with productive ideas to keep our economy alive after Bill Ritter's passing of the coal bill vs. illegal immigration.  The illegal Hispanics are not going to make us lose our livelihood & homes here,  putting our heads in the sand & pretending the inevitable  lose of coal jobs will.
 Our government & our citizens have failed miserably at dealing with all drug dealers in all of society (with very lax laws & a slap on the wrist, I believe due to the money the officials make by them & their rotten defense attorneys)  regardless of race and color. 
 I would bet  the majority of Hispanics here would love to be legal citizens & maybe we need to make that easier for them, as well as having tougher laws (like the death penalty) for all drug dealers, period due to their horribly destructive effect on the individual, the family & society as a whole .
 Personally, I dearly love our Hispanic community in Moffat County, regardless of their legal status, and thank them for bringing so much joy & fun into our white family.  Both of my white kids have such wonderful Hispanic friends that have brought us so much fun & excitement (esp. in sports) that I can't imagine our life here in Craig without them. To all our Hispanic friends & neighbors, regardless of what the paper writes & how people use this issue as a scapegoat for problems we created ourselves, we love you & are so happy you are in our lives.

missrose 7 years ago

Technically if you would like to discuss it, we are all illegal immigrants, we came from our home lands and claimed this as our own even though technically speaking it never belonged to us in the first place. The only true Americans are the ones we murdered and wiped out! So why dont you all stop being hypocrites and go back to your own countries.


Cat 7 years ago

Well, Missrose that would mean you would have to move too. What a silly argument. I agree 100 percent with this editorial. This problem has got to be corrected, and the best way is the power of the people. So get out there and make your voice heard this November.


Anitadunnce 7 years ago

onewhocares: You are missing the point. The editorial and the ongoing debates in our country have nothing at all to do with whether any of us have wonderful Hispanics in our community. The point is the existence of illegal aliens in our country, no matter where these people come from. No one I know, and no author whom I have ever read, is arguing that there is a problem with Americans who happen to be of Hispanic descent. Off-topic responses like yours serve only to derail the discussion.


Anitadunnce 7 years ago

missrose: You, just like onewhocares, also are missing the point, although you are off on a whole different tangent. Pick up a newspaper, and you will see that the year is 2010. You are not in Kansas any more, Dorothy, and the year is not 1850. The United States has federal immigration laws, and whether your ancestors arrived in the United States at a time when there was no immigration policy is entirely irrelevant to any discussion.

A discussion of "amnesty" for 40 million illegal aliens who are Mexican, Guatemalan, and Honduran nationals is unfair to foreign applicants from all over the globe who do follow our laws, who make proper application for honest, lawful, respectful entrance to the United States, and who wait patiently for sometimes six years to hear that their travel to the United States is permitted. The United States is a nation of laws, and we do not reward lawbreakers by letting them step ahead of lawful folks for a place in line.

It is a federal misdemeanor to be here illegally.... and a federal felony to return to the United States following deportation. 100% of illegals aliens, therefore, are criminals.

In addition, it is illogical to import mass illiteracy, poverty, and unskilled labor into our highly industrialized society when we know in advance that they cannot possibly support themselves by any honest, lawful means. When illegals turn to crime as a means of supporting their families, whether they are dealing drugs or committing armed robberies or stealing the identities and credit card information of American citizens, we are the victims. We owe our children a future that is better than that.

I disagree with the statement that a fence on the American/Mexican border is ridiculous. The Berlin Wall was extremely effective. Ask Israelis and Palestinians whether any of them would feel safe without a wall protecting each from the other, and you will hear a resounding "NO! Our wall keeps us safer than we would be without it." The only people who benefit from the absence of a wall on our southern border are the lawbreakers who want to be in the United States for the purpose of stealing from our social welfare systems, to which illegal aliens have no lawful access. Look around, people, and tell me whether you see unskilled labor jobs available for the adult portion of the 40 million illegals who are in our country at present. Do we really have that much lettuce to pick, or that many strawberries to harvest, or that many swimming pools to clean, that our country can support these illegals? Do we actually find the lettuce and strawberries and swimming pools in Moffat County?

I submit that we are doing a grave disservice to our American children when we spend our dwindling resources for the education, "free" E.R. medical care, and "free" school breakfasts and lunches for illegals. Our children deserve better than to be put in second place behind criminals.


onewhocares 7 years ago


 The only United States citizens that have ONE right to say anything about illegals & are true American citizens are the Native Americans in this country.  They were here thousands of years prior to the arrival of a white foot on this continent & this land was raped, stolen & pilfered from them, so it's seems to me we are all here illegally.  If your grandpa stole a possession & you happen to have it now, doesn't that mean you are "in possession of stolen property?" A CRIME......wait, that makes you a criminal too........
 The best thing for this country would be for everybody to just disappear & give the land back to those that lived on it for years & years without destroying everything in their path, but since that is unlikely, I think  the illegals who want to be here legally should be able to do so.  (As for the lettuce pickers, are you willing to go out  in the fields & pick lettuce for low wages, sprayed with chemicals so your fellow Americans can have lettuce on their table?  I seriously doubt it, nor will your American children who feel they are above the task)
  As for insinuating all illegals are unskilled, that is ridiculous & insulting.  Many work hours & hours each day, making beautiful things that our spoiled kids can't & don't know how to do.  
STOP blaming the illegals regardless of race for  all of Americas problems & start blaming the CEO's of the banks that run America, blame Bush & Cheney for throwing us into a war we do not belong into  draining America of its financial resources, cushioning their own pockets from the blood of beautiful American kids, blame yourself if you don't own everything you possess (thus giving the bankers the power to make us financial slaves) & blame yourself for living in a society that nature can not possibly sustain over a period of time & for falling for the illusion of Capitalism like the rest of us.

Anitadunnce 7 years ago

onewhocares: Boy-oh-boy, I really hate to see silly comments like your recent one. I hope that there are no children reading these posts, as your comment is full of misinformation and will serve only to confuse the kids.

You posted the following in pertinent part: "The only United States citizens that have ONE right to say anything about illegals & are true American citizens are the Native Americans in this country. They were here thousands of years prior to the arrival of a white foot on this continent & this land was raped, stolen & pilfered from them, so it's seems to me we are all here illegally."

Wrong again. To follow your illogical train of thought, the only ones who have any say about the laws in our country are the dinosaurs. If you go far enough back, the Native people, including the forebears of the Mayans and Aztecs and Incas, all walked over from Asia across the Bering Strait on a strip of land that then existed.

Your comment is just off-target. This is not a discussion about the pro's and con's of capitalism, or the evils of greedy banking executives. If that is what you thought, perhaps you meant to post on a different thread. We are what we are. We are a democratic republic with an economy based on capitalism. Whether you agree with that or not is beside the point in this thread, because the topic is whether federal immigration laws should be enforced. I submit that they must be enforced, because they are the law of the land until they are changed by proper methods.

By the way, onewhocares, if you are truly wracked with guilt about how you do not belong here, and if you want to whip yourself mercilessly because you believe that you also are an illegal alien, then get out already. Head on down to Mexico, and take a van load of illegals with you. Pick up some of the clever ones who make the handicrafts that you claim your own children are not capable of making, and practice capitalism on the sands of Puerto Vallarta selling that stuff to the tourists. But wait: where are the tourists? Oh, that's right: they are not in Mexico, because they do not want to be machine-gunned down in the streets by those peaceful and law-abiding, drug-dealing, teen prostituting, white slave-trading people you so admire.


McGruber 7 years ago

Legalize drugs in this country and the violence in Mexico and our border goes away practically overnight.

Anita Dunce: The dinosaurs went extinct about 250 million years ago. Native Americans only came on the scene (12-50 thousand years ago). The Flintstones are cartoons not science.


Anitadunnce 7 years ago

McGruber: Ya don't say! And here I thought we were actually discussing the possibility of giving the dinosaurs the vote. It has been a long time coming, after all.... first black men, then women of all colors, and now finally the dinosaur. Isn't that just the way of the world, though? The dinosaurs finally get the vote in America, and there is nary a one left to enjoy the privilege :) :)

onewhocares: Do you mind if I just call you "J"? You sound so passionate and defensive. Could it be that the younger man you keep in your home is illegal, so it makes you feel a tad bit better and as though you and he are in the same boat, so to speak, when you announce that everyone is illegal? I wonder if you somehow imagine that you are not committing a crime if everyone in America except the dinosaurs is here illegally. Remember that it is criminal for you to harbor an illegal alien, J, even if he is your boyfriend. Ah, ya gotta love it: "Harper Valley P.T.A."


onewhocares 7 years ago

Ms. Anitadunnce,

Your last post makes me sad for people like you, since your close minded ideas will keep you from learning so much from people of other nationalities (regardless of legal status) & from enjoying amazing cultural differences.  And for what it's worth, I am a born & bred white, married American who just happens to have zero tolerance for racism & ignorance & will not stand by while it occurs.

Just out of curiosity, why was it okay for your great grandparents to come to America to start their life over, but not our neighbors on the south if they are trying to better their lives?


Anitadunnce 7 years ago

Reply to J/onewhocares(not so much): I only have about four minutes to respond to your non-message, since I am one of the 53% of Americans who pay taxes and have employment to attend to. In addition, I do not find it very interesting to communicate with people as rude and ignorant as you. Your non-message is rife with the following fallacies:

a) It is possible to learn from people and other nationalities although they do not live illegally as criminals in our country; learning from them and harboring the criminals do not go hand in hand;

b) I am suspicious of anyone, i.e. you, when you feel the need to crow about how you have no tolerance for racism and ignorance. Apparently it makes you feel saint-like, which allows you to put-down anyone who upholds our laws. I also do not tolerate racism, and address it wherever I see it. You are not a saint; you are ignorant of our laws and the glue that holds us together as a nation of laws. There is nothing suspicious or racist or ignorant about expecting people who are in our country to be here legally, and for our government to refuse admittance to a number greater than the quota from each foreign country, as specified in our federal immigration law. Ask your brother, because although he does not practice immigration law, he nevertheless understands this;

c) When you feel the need to pull the race-card from the bottom of the deck, it means that you know that you have lost the argument already. You have nothing further to say, and cannot win with your weak arguments, and therefore you scream, "Racist!" at anyone who upholds our laws;

d) It is fine for anyone to come to our country to "start their life over", as you so weirdly phrase it, as long as they follow proper legal channels. Sneaking in, committing federal crimes here, is never... never... never.... okay. If you did not understand this, then read again... s-l-o-w-l-y;

e) Since you want to allow some criminal laws to be violated, and not others, why not just accept mayhem and murder, home burglaries, arson, bank robberies, aggravated assault, credit card and I.D. fraud, kidnapping, armed robbery, rape, incest of minors, abuse of corpses, etc. I'm sure that a person as delusional as you can find some excuse to allow all of the above to slide right by without prosecution.... after all, maybe they have been poor, maybe they are unskilled and illterate like the criminals who are our neighbors to the south, or maybe they just want to "start their life over".

Gee, what a truly awesome idea you have presented: maybe we should just get rid of District Attorneys and jails and prisons altogether. While we're at it, let's stop paying local police, County Sheriffs, federal law enforcement, municipal and county and state district court and federal judges!! Sounds great, J/onewhocare(not so much)... you sound as thoughtful and intelligent as a dill pickle. Keep thinking.


Walter 7 years ago

China has been erecting a barbed wire fence between it and North Korea since North Korea's nuke test in 2009. The Chinese thought it prudent to build a patrolled fence to keep refugees from North Korea from coming into China. It is an interesting case study because it is very similar to our situation. I doubt many Chinese people would like to visit North Korea but there are many North Koreans who would like to take refuge in China. It is a one way fence. North Korean are not well known for their ingenuity and resourcefulness. When was the last time a North Korean earned a Nobel Prize? North Korea is better known for its military first principle, mass starvation, dictatorship and the list goes on. It is hard to say whether the Chinese are doing the morally right thing by keeping illegal North Koreans out. However, by erecting the fence, they are protecting their economic wellbeing, political interests, and security.

On another note, it is a slippery slope to generalize and say that all illegal aliens will participate in other illegal activities. However, it would be interesting to see if there is a high correlation between crime and illegal immigration. There have been quite a few high profile crimes that were committed by illegal immigrants.


Anitadunnce 7 years ago

Reply to Walter, who posted the following in pertinent part: " . . . it is a slippery slope to generalize and say that all illegal aliens will participate in other illegal activities. However, it would be interesting to see if there is a high correlation between crime and illegal immigration. There have been quite a few high profile crimes that were committed by illegal immigrants."

Walter, I want to clarify. I referred to the fact that illegals have violated federal law by breaking into the country, or by overstaying a legitimate visa, and therefore are 100% criminals. What percentage of them commit addtional crimes while they are here illegally, no one knows.

Part of the reason that we do not have those figures is that Gov. Bill Ritter and other law makers from Colorado and other states have turned American cities and states into sanctuaries through their refusal to detain for deportation by ICE. Ritter offered "agricultural trespass" pleas like M'n'M's when he was Denver District Attorney, because "ag trespass" was a non-deportable offense, and never mind the fact that Denver has no agricultural land! It was a sham, a lie, a fraud by Ritter. There are many documented cases in which illegal Mexican Nationals committed violent crimes, including sex assaults on minors, were released by District Attorney Ritter, assumed a new name, and moved on into Los Angeles and elsewhere to victimize anew.

Thank God that Ritter will not run again for governor. Please beware of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, who hired illegals in his Denver restaurants and encourages Denver;s existence as a sanctuary city. He will destroy our state if he is elected governor in November. We must clean up Colorado by electing a governor who insists upon enforcing the law.... all the laws.... against all people within our state.

Walter, I googled and found no information about the fence erected by the PRC to protect itself from invasion by illiterate, poverty-stricken, unskilled North Koreans Could you please provide a reference so that I can read up?

You are correct about the many high-profile crimes committed recently by illegals from Mexico, to-wit: the death by dragging behind the pickup of a woman in Arapahoe County; and the death of the little boy in the Baskin-Robbins in Aurora, Arapahoe County.

I do not know whether everyone is yet aware, but the parents of the tot killed in the Baskin-Robbins have filed a 30-count civil case against the 19 jurisdictions, including municipalities and counties, and police in various Colorado locations, who all had this killer in custody and chose to release him in violation of immigration law, in addition to the car dealers who sold this illegal Mexican killer the vehicle. If our elected lawmakers, including Barack Obama, will not enforce existing immigration laws to protect us, then civil judgments should obtain the desired results.


lonelyone 7 years ago

As far as I know the people in my family came here through the proper channels and so did my husbands. I do believe that our country was founded on those who wanted a better life for themselves and their families. And for many of them it meant working hard for someone else to pay back boat passage or getting just enough money for one person to come here first, work hard for a few years and then being able to pay for the rest of the family to come here too. I have no problem with anyone from any country coming here to have a better life, I just think they should do it through the proper LEGAL channels. As far as the Native Americans being the only ones to have a real say in this country....well I get pretty tired of having that thrown out when these issues are brought up. Not everyone who lives in the USA have family that go back far enough to be blamed for what was taken from the Indians. And if they were here all those many long years ago, doesn't mean that we took part in the process. So stop throwing that out there.


Frank Estey 7 years ago

Wow !!! Scotty, beam me up, lets get back to earth.


peasandcues 7 years ago

Poor AnitaDUNCE just went off the deep end with all that rambling! Two posts removed! Pace yourself dear, we don't want to have to send an ambulance.


Anitadunnce 7 years ago

peasandcues: Don't worry, Dear... I'm fine. I have only had my comments deleted on two threads. That speaks volumes. I was only about 50% certain of the identity of the "anonymous" poster until she took such offense at my factual statements and had my comments scrubbed. Now I am 100% certain that I was right all along :) :) LOLOLOL

Today is a red banner day! The Arizona State Legislature and the female governor should take a bow for their courage in enacting the law that is the first important step in ridding us of sanctuary cities. Now when Phoenix police or Arizona highway patrol stops ARMANDO, and he has no proof of legal right to be in the U.S., that fact alone will provide sufficient basis for law enforcement to turn him over to ICE for deportation. Having a taiI light out should be sufficient to provide reasonable suspicion. I hope that California and Texas will enact identical laws, although New Mexico most decidedly will not, because Democratic Gov. Bill Richardson himself is an anchor baby. Ugh. They will catch a whole slew of illegals as they run back and forth for Christmas and Mexican Presidential Election Day.

Sleep well tonight, peasandcues, in the full knowledge that warmer weather is coming to Craig, school will be out soon for the summer, and American citizens will effectuate through states' rights that which our limp noodle president and his spineless federal government will not.


George Robertson 7 years ago

This forum is so cool. For a really good laugh, I can skip the cartoons and go directly to the Anitadunnce section LOL LOL LOL!


Anitadunnce 7 years ago

Hey, nimnod: Glad to do what I can to help people find humor in this world. Except for all the rain and hail last night on I-70 near Bennett, it is supposed to be a beautiful weekend, so enjoy!


McGruber 7 years ago

Heres some facts for you AD, Ill let you connect your own dots

Arizona faces a budget deficit of more than $3 billion dollars

Arizona's housing market is one of the worst in the country with most homes worth half of what people paid for them.

The total economic output attributable (very likely underestimated) to Arizona's immigrant workers: $44 Billion which sustained approximately 400,000 full-time jobs

If all the illegal immigrants were removed from Arizona the state would lose 26.4 billion in economic activity, 11.7 billion in gross state product, and approximately 140,324 jobs, even accounting for adequate market adjustment time.

Putting economic contributions of this magnitude at risk during a time of recession would not serve Arizona well.

This bill=Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale=Detroit


Anitadunnce 7 years ago

Reply to McGruber: Although you have pulled out some statistics, I submit that your final analysis is incorrect. Please add these facts to the mix for a more honest and correct result:

1) Illegal aliens cost the U.S. $22 Billion per year in education, E.R. medical care, criminal justice system expenses, and welfare monies that we all know they should not be receiving at all;

2) If the current problem with illegal aliens inside our borders continues unchecked, they will cost us more than $1 Trillion over the next ten (10) years;

3) For every $1 that an illegal alien pays in taxes (sales tax, property tax, etc.), he/she costs American citizens $2. If one illegal alien who holds a job, which not all of them do, pays $10,000 per year in taxes, we are spending another $20,000 for having him here.

At the above rate, several states already face bankruptcy (California, Texas, Arizona), and the rest are not far behind.

Now, McGruber, please tell me again how it benefits the United States to feed, clothe, shelter, medicate, and educate some 40 Million illegal aliens in exchange for their largely unskilled labor? If an illegal is paid only $3 per hour, still it is no smokin' deal for American citizens.


McGruber 7 years ago

I would question your statistics but I am sure you would question mine.

You just can't convince some people that the moon is not made out of cheese and the world is not flat. Enjoy


Anitadunnce 7 years ago

Well, McGruber, that was a rather rude and snarkey comment from you. It indicates clearly that no matter what the facts may be, you certainly have made up your mind and just don't want to be bothered with facts. That is a disappointing attitude coming from you, because I had thought you were better than that.

For anyone else who is interested, however, here are two web addresses:



The first is a fascinating list of digital counters that track such things as the dollars being moved into Mexico every few minutes.

The second provides a lot of good information about just how much it costs each of us to allow illegals to be kept in our country.


PatrickHenrysRevenge 7 years ago

Wow! If you think about it, our politicians really DO represent their constituents, since we never really solve any problems either.

Hang on, we're going into the ditch.


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