Don and Judy Laib: Teaching of the Quran


To the editor:

We really like the town and area of Craig. The people, as a whole, are friendly and willing to do anything for you. It definitely has a small-town feel. Therefore, we are very proud of this community.

Craig already has plenty of trouble with drinking and drugs. We don’t need to be inviting more difficulties.

Pastor Bob Woods, you admit there is a lot you don’t know about Islam.

Here are some truths you can stand on.

We heard an ex-Muslim, from the Middle East, who has become a true believer of Jesus Christ, say there is more to the Islamic religion than is being revealed to the general public. He also said there are two Qurans, yes two. One that Islams follow and another that they reveal to the general public, which is very different.

This latter one is written to lead you to believe they love everyone, whereas the one they go by teaches hatred toward Jews and Christians. This is the one the jihad groups also follow.

This same ex-Muslim said there is no comparison between the religion of Islam and being a true Christian. He added that Islam is full of bondage, unrest and hatred. And, since he became a follower of Jesus, he is no longer under any more bondage, but walks in freedom.  

The unrest has been replaced with peace and he now loves all mankind.

We also heard an American missionary doctor, who spent 17 years in Pakistan, say most Muslims will say anything they think you want to hear to get what they want and try to win you over.

We can and should love these people, but that doesn’t mean we need to join ranks with them.

The only thing that would ever, and could ever, lead to a knowledgeable and peaceful world would be through people realizing they need a savior, and then acting on it by asking Jesus Christ into their lives and asking Him to forgive their sins and go on and grow in Him.  

It’s a personal relationship with Jesus that brings peace, fulfillment and joy. When troubles come, you have a loving and caring redeemer who walks you through it if we trust Him.

This is what true Christianity is all about.

Islam and Christianity are not just alike. Nothing could be further from the truth. Christianity is based on a personal relationship with a loving and living Lord. Islamic beliefs are based on a relationship with a dead leader and man-made rules and regulations.

Not all are trying to find salvation. Some are not interested. Others of us have already found it in Jesus Christ. In our home, we have a total of 74 years walking with our Savior. We wouldn’t trade a day of it for a religion that has no life or hope.

Salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ and not of works as stated in Ephesians 2:8-9.

Don and Judy Laib


onewhocares 6 years, 8 months ago

Don & Judy, Let me get this straight. You follow a book that was written 200 years or so after Jesus Christ apparently existed. A book rewritten how many times, in how many languages changing its meaning that many more times from its original intent? A book that talks about killing a first born son to prove allegiances to God, a book that instills a "fear" of God & of dying, when in reality dying is natural as living. A book that has been used to justify how many crusades causing millions to die horrible violent deaths, a book that justified the genocide of aboriginal tribes all over the world, includ. our Native Americans? A book that makes its followers terrified of natural earthly events, such as earthquakes, floods, and fires saying "God is angry,""it's a sign of the end times"-when in reality all those events occurred millions of years before man walked the earth.
How can you say ONE thing against Muslims or any other religion when you follow one of the most, destructive religions man has ever seen? If man & women would live honorably & with courage every day, the religious wouldn't need a saviour, especially one that couldn't even save himself. Your hypocrisies & cowardness toward facing the reality of nature & life kills me. How is believing in a man that was probably a simple humble, kind man (more like Mother Teresa IF he even existed) helping anyone or "saving" your soul? What happened to your God that loves all? If that is the case why do you NEED saving? When are the blinded religious followers going to wake up & realize you don't need a book (that has been altered over & over by MAN) or a church or fear to have a connection to God? If you'd just silence yourself, and walk out into his creation -nature- you'd have Gods ear any time you need it. What is so hard & scary about that? Wait, religion isn't about love & God, it's about fear and control of the masses and a total disconnection from the earth (although it's the earth and its animals that gives you life), funny isn't it?

Kerrie C


missrose 6 years, 8 months ago

You need to question your own book and stop being so ignorant to others.The whole notion that all Muslims are terrorists really goes to show your fear of not understanding and the fact that you have spent too much time in Craig and not in reality. I feel there is a lot to learn from someone of a different arena. I agree with onewhocares in that people use the bible to justify acts of terror all the time and yet you seem to be a pretty devout Christian. How does that work? The finger pointing method and blame game has been such a popular tactic used by Christians. Not only Christians but Catholics and Mormons and whoever else. Please I urge you to utilize the god given gift of free will and think outside the box and take a good look at your religion's acts before screaming and yelling at someone else's. You would be very surprised and perhaps disgusted at what you might learn has happened even in this very own country from reading a good book. Besides wasn't this country founded on religious freedom? Isnt it a person's right to be muslim and practice Islam without people like you saying they will blow up the nearest state building? Don't be ignorant and offensive.


onewhocares 6 years, 8 months ago

One last question and please correct me if I am wrong:

If Christ were to once again walk the earth in his original form, (given the fact he came from the Middle East, and his name would actually be Mohammed or another name given in the Middle East and he would have dark skin,), how many of you practicing Christians and Catholics would "see" him for who he really is, and how many of you would make jokes about him being a "terrorist?" Ask yourself honestly.


nikobesti 6 years, 8 months ago

This might be the most ignorant letter to the editor I have ever read. Yes, that’s quite a feat considering some letters we’ve seen in this paper. Here we have two people who don’t know the FIRST THING about Islam actually having the audacity to lecture Pastor Bob Woods on the topic? What a complete and utter joke.

Two Qurans? Yes, a second Quran which over a billion Muslims have managed to keep secret from absolutely everybody over several millennia! Bwahahahahahaha!!!! Sure, no problem! That’s the most ludicrous thing I’ve heard in years. And you know this because a Christian missionary told you? Bwahahahahahaha!! It must be true then. The “9/11 was an inside job” conspiracy theory pales in comparison to the stupidity of this theory.

I would recommend you go to Pastor Wood’s discussions about the Quran and actually learn something. However, I’m quite certain that would do no good. You are way too ignorant to listen to any facts that might challenge your uninformed and intolerant world view.


Frank Estey 6 years, 8 months ago

And the Crusades, a series of religiously sanctioned military campaigns, were just a bunch of good old boys out on a road trip to beach in the holy land seeking to understand their Muslim brothers….


McGruber 6 years, 8 months ago

There is no God, no Santa Claus, no Easter Bunny, no Tooth Fairy and no Big Foot. Sorry to break it to you.


jhubers 6 years, 8 months ago

Don and Judy,

I spent 13 years in the MIddle East as a missionary. I have also done extensive studies in Islam, including PhD studies. While I respect your desire to uphold the singularity of Christianity, I challenge some of the simplistic, misleading information you have written to achieve this purpose. I'm not sure who this converted Muslim was. But what he said is not true. There are not two Qur'ans. There is only one Qur'an held to be so holy by Muslims that no one would dare to even suggest that there is more than one. I have a feeling this was Walid Shoebat who has gotten rich peddling what is essentially a phony story about being a "former terrorist." His agenda is not to help people understand the truth about our Muslim neighbors. It is to spew out poison hoping that Christians will hate Muslims as much as he does.

I'm also sad to hear this missionary doctor from Pakistan speaking ill of people Christ has asked him to serve with compassion. Actually I have a feeling you are quoting him selectively, as any missionary worth his salt will also let you know what many of us who have been privileged to live and work in the Muslim world know, that there are qualities of life that many Muslims exhibit that put many Christians to shame. Hospitality is the highest virtue in many Muslim countries. To experience this hospitality is to know something that very few Americans know - true friendship.

Yes, there are differences between Islam and Christianity. Major differences. But there is no need to use slander and half truths and misinformation to make this point. To do so is to break one of the ten commandments: "thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."


cag81625 6 years, 8 months ago

Don't forget that there are those afoot who want another Bible. Ol' Andrew Schafly, of "Conservapedia" fame, started a project to rewrite the Bible because the current one has too much, and I quote, "liberal bias." So, if the two Quran notion is true, and I doubt it is, it sounds to me like at least some Christians would like this concept to be true of their religion.


als362 6 years, 8 months ago

I feel very sorry for McGruber.
Anyone that has no belief in any God, no matter what you choose to call him must be a sad and lonely person indeed. I know there is a God. I really don't care what you call him, or what religion you choose to honor him with.
I am just sick of people using what they call God to kill and terrorize other people and other counties.
That is not honoring God, that is murder.


Frank Estey 6 years, 8 months ago


Good point, also consider the motivation behind the Crusades, and the colonization of the American West, the systematic extermination of the godless heathens living there in the name of... what?


McGruber 6 years, 8 months ago

als362, You do not have to feel sorry for me. I have a wonderful life and enjoy every day. I just put away childish things a long time ago.



newspaper 6 years, 8 months ago

Don and Judy- Thank you for stating the truths. There will always be non-believers out there who want to intrepret things for their own benefits. Thanks for not being offended by their ridicule and taking a stand for Jesus!


Frank Estey 6 years, 7 months ago

Fact Jesus was only a prophet, not the son of god.


David Carrick 6 years, 7 months ago


GreyStone is mistaken...but one day GreyStone, along with all mankind, will see, bow, and confess that Jesus Christ is indeed Lord, to the glory of God. We will just pray that it happens by personal choice, rather than under the irresistable submission to the judgment of Christ at His return in glory.


Frank Estey 6 years, 7 months ago

With all these gods placed before us, no wonder we have so much hate and discontent in this world. Wish one of you people would make a choice and the rest of us might see the light and follow the right god. Deep down we all want to be sheep in some flock.


als362 6 years, 7 months ago

To GreyStone; I am not a preacher, nor am I a theologian, I do not go to church on a regular basis. But I do believe in God. And I have many opinions about my beliefs. One opinion I have is that it does not matter which God you choose to believe in.
What matters is that you do believe that he is indeed there looking over everything that happens in this world, and is in control of everything that happens.
I believe that it is important to believe that there is a life after death, that there is a heaven and hell, and that if you don't believe in God, (whoever you might choose him to be) you will have no chance of getting to heaven and enjoying eternal life. I believe that everyones God no matter what they call him are the same God.
Unless the God you choose tells you to kill and terrorize people. That God is not God and cannot lead you to the path of eternal life, just to hell and eternal suffering. So in short what I believe is that you just believe. I am certain there are people that will tell me I have no idea what I am talking about, but I believe that I am correct.


onewhocares 6 years, 7 months ago

I, too agree there are many paths to God. How can anyone human say which way "is the only way to God?" (How can a Christian say they are going to heaven, yet the beautifully, kind Muslim woman who cherishes her family & environment, isn't? ) Why would I want to be in a heaven with only Christians when there are billions of beautiful humans, and animals that are amazing souls unto themselves, regardless of belief systems ?

And isn't it true, God aspects and Evil aspects are within us all? The question is, which path do you decide to follow.

As for needing to believe in Jesus to get into heaven, I am in heaven every time I hug & kiss my children or look into their eyes, or stand on the top of the majestic mountain tops, or on the magnificent canyon rims in So.Colorado & Utah surrounded in silence & purity?
Who needs to physically pass to be in heaven, when heaven & hell are here everyday. (And I also believe, there is no such thing as death. When one physically passes, you are reborn into the spiritual, and soon there after you will come back again to finish soul's lesson, being reborn into the physical.) Just as energy never dies, neither does the spirit, making us all eternal.


native_craig_guy 6 years, 7 months ago

I personally do not believe in God. I was raised by a Catholic Father and a Non-Denominational Mother who taught me the ways of Christianity but encouraged me to make my own decisions on what I believe. It is not that I think that I am better than anyone else I simply do not subscribe to any traditional religious views. Does this make me a bad person? Does this mean that I act in an unethical or amoral manner? No it does not. Not believing in God and being a productive member of society are not mutually exclusive. I have no qualms with organized religion, I have issues with zealotry and fundamentalism. People become so ingrained in their beliefs that they become close minded and cannot see that there are other beliefs out there that way very well be just as accurate (or inaccurate) as their own. Religion alone does not make a person inherently better than anyone else. Ethics and Morality can be learned from many different avenues than just organized religion. Regarding the issue of "Two Qurans" how many different versions of the bible are there? I can think of quite a few variations (revisions) since Emperor Constantine complied the bible for the Roman Empire in the 2nd Century Anno Domini. Does that mean that there is one Christian Bible that is inherently more accurate than another? Men will pervert the word of "God" to suit their needs and the fact that there are different versions of religious texts from all religions should be evidence of that. It has been a while since I have attended Mass or a Church Service but I remember that the whole premise of the Christian Faith was to believe that Jesus was your Savior and that God was the almighty. I don't remember reading anything in the bible that stated "Bible Revision 0". I thought that even a sinner could get into heaven by simply asking for forgiveness and taking the lord into their hearts? Don't tell that to many of the Preachers I have seen or have read their posts in the comment section of the paper. They believe that it is their personal goal to convert everyone who does not believe in their God or they will face persecution and an eternity in Hell (Hmmm.... Sounds alot like what the Islamic Fundamentalists are saying "Convert or DIe"). No body is perfect, we are all sinners, we all are affected by that awful condition called "Human Nature" and that is why the Christians believe that Jesus died for their sins, so even religious zealots who spend their lives putting others down can get forgiveness when they pass over.


TMHNOWAY 3 years, 10 months ago

Just wanted to say it's great to live in a town where the majority of people are educated and compassionate!

I believe it is the height of Blasphemy to to say that you KNOW what God's wishes are or even if he.she exists.

Nobody knows what happens when we die except perhaps those who have already died.

If you think all Muslims are terrorists you have never had the privilege to spend time winy any as I have.


Jason Phillips 3 years, 10 months ago

It's funny to me that people willingly attach their name to such nonsense - AND seek to get it printed publicly. At least I know to steer clear of the crazy Laibs now.


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