Judy Samer: Tax would harm town


To the editor:

I read the article in your paper about the Craig City Council wanting to add a tax for the city to add to the state tax on hotels/motels.

My husband and I own a small motel. We keep our rates low because most of our customers are workers from out of town. Many are laid off months at a time.

We also have hunters from out of state that save and plan all year, only to be surprised by high prices when they arrive.

It appears the City Council doesn’t even have a plan for the money. Does that mean they really don’t need it?

With the economy the way it is, shame on you for raising anything. And why would you take from people who help the economy of this town?

Judy Samer


als362 7 years ago

This tax will help the town. This is how the city can pay for things like the rec center that some people want. With money from a tax like this it will be built nearly for free without a tax on the people here that don't want, need or will never use it. This tax is only for a few dollars each nights stay. Hunters from out of state will not flinch a bit about that.


jeff corriveau 7 years ago

There should be NO SUPPORT for this change in the lodging tax until the City of Craig demonstrates exactly how they intend to use the money. Simply putting it in the General Fund, where expeditures can be hidden fairly easy, will not suffice. Show us a project or an event or SOMETHING that you have in mind for this money. Until then; no way jose!!!!


als362 7 years ago

I agree with silentman, this money should not go to the general fund. It should, must be used for special projects and special projects only!


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