Bostock: Piercing Problems


To the editor:

As the years go on, body piercing has become the new style, the new “in.” Our spouses and children have facial piercings such as nose, lips, eyebrows and ears. Both men and women.

It is a trend that is and will continue to become more popular.

Since when did these piercings hinder our hands, ability to work, ethics and/or the safety of ourselves or others?

A member of our community with such piercings walked into one of our local construction companies for employment and was told, “Not with those ears.”

People of our community should be given the chance to prove their work skills. They should not be denied work because they don’t look the way others think they should.

We have many community members without jobs and who are struggling to support their families due to the economy.

Many are being denied jobs for the way they look.

We, as a community, need to stand up and not allow denial of jobs for the way people look.

This is discrimination, no matter how you try to justify it. Allow our fellow community members the chance to provide for their families.

We are hard-working individuals and would be assets to your companies, but you will never find that out without allowing us the chance.

Thank you.

A voice for the different.

Terri Bostock


PJ Howe 5 years, 6 months ago

This was an absolutely insane letter. Next thing Terri will be telling us is that we need to let our employees come to work naked because, "that's the way they look". It's natural. Come on, its popular." Let's get it straight, Terri, you and those "discriminated against" CHOOSE to look a certain way. Business owners CHOOSE NOT to hire someone because of the way they look. It is their business. Image is everything. Pull the crap out of your head and you may be surprised on how far you can go. There are other reasons why businesses don't hire people with excessive tattoos and piercings, and it isn't just the way they look.


Cole White 5 years, 6 months ago

I think the point of the letter was to draw attention to what each of us are doing in our every day lives. We often treat people poorly or differently simply based on the fact that they don't look like us. Maybe they are a different color or differnt gender. Maybe they are short, or bald, or unattractive and because of that we don't want to hire them and not becuase they couldn't do a good job for us but because they don't fit our idea of what normal or acceptable is. I can understand that a business has a certain image that they want to portray because their image ultimately drives their profitability, and this letter is trying to draw attention to the fact that both the business owner and the customer of those businesses are making assumptions about quality and ability based on an outward appearance and that great service can come from someone who doesn't look the way "society" says they should look.

Sadly, overweight people are the most discriminated against demographic there is. People instantly judge them based on their outward appearance and they can't simply put on a long sleeve shirt to cover their tatoos or take out some ear rings.

Imagine if each of us were in that position where we couldn't hide our faults and those things that we fear people will judge us on. Now imagine if we didn't care what people thought about those imperfections or those differences because people weren't so quick to judge us based on those imperfections or differences. I can't help but think that the world would be a better place.


Anitadunnce 5 years, 6 months ago

CDP: Just when I think the articles are getting a little dull, and I lack the inspiration to read them, much less comment on them, you provide us with an entertaining, albeit ridiculous, letter like this one.

HOWEVER: Great comment! I have to wonder whether some people would rather earn a living and support themselves, or whether they would rather just gripe about inconsequential matters and make excuses and suck off the public teat.

HIGHWAY1340: What a ridiculous post for you to waste your time writing! This is not an article about physical handicaps such as the deformed limbs or missing digits of Thalidomide babies, and it is not about thick facial scar tissue on a burn victim, for Heaven's Sake!

Whether one is 16 or 76, it is indicative of just how much that person wants to find employment if he/she is unwilling to remove a diamond stud from the tongue or nose in order to get hired.

I often hang out at home on winter weekends in red flannel jammie bottoms with colorful snowmen on them, but I have never considered wearing them to a job interview, no matter how warm and comfortable (and cute!) they are.

Remember, Attention-getting Piercing Devotees: you only have to remove for your job the piercings that are visible. When you are checking out our groceries at Walmart, we just don't care that you have a 14-carat gold stud stapled into your penis.


als362 5 years, 6 months ago

These types of things can slao be safety hazards when around rotating machinery and tools. If you get hurt because of a something that you put into your body, the employer will have to pay for it. I wouldn't have hired you either.


Anitadunnce 5 years, 6 months ago

That is an excellent point, als362. Employers are already caught in a terrible predicament, and Obama is going to raise taxes on employers, in order to finance his expensive, insane ideas. People are lucky indeed if their employer can afford to keep them on the payroll. What employers do not need are Workers' Comp claims filed due to injuries that easily could have been prevented. A large ring will not be ripped out of an employee's lip on the job if the ring is not allowed on the job.

I am shocked at the tone of this letter. What has happened to American workers that causes some of them seem to believe that it is their "right" to have one of the few available jobs at this time, despite their refusal to make any effort to get hired?

I was mulling over the content of this letter today. I was reminded that it was common-place for us to go to class barefoot and braless when I was in college. I have never, however, considered going barefoot and/or braless to a job interview, or to a place of employment. There is something terribly wrong with the attitude exhibited in this letter that the employee is just exactly how she is, and it is the employer that needs to accept her or lump it. It is guaranteed that the prospective employee with that juvenile, implacable, uncooperative attitude will not get the job.

I am seeing an unhealthy trend in this country, in which Americans seem to accept hand-outs more and more... free healthcare under Obama's hideous plan that was rammed down the throats of a 75% unaccepting public; unemployment for years on end, despite the fact that it is not a living wage, and the money used to pay for the numerous extensions is borrowed money from the PRC, so that we now owe the Chinese our souls; and hand-outs of all kinds from our bankrupt government, including WIC and Section 8 Housing and food stamps..... much of this occurring because a dimwit was elected president of our country after lying to us and telling us he was a moderate. Obama knew that he would never make it to the Oval Office if we realized beforehand what a dangerous Fascist he is. There is not much hope for our country, because Obama does not know how to put Americans back to work, and he is too arrogant to accept suggestions from brilliant, experienced, and well-educated economists like Mitt Romney, who do have workable ideas.

This is just a thought, but if one cannot afford to feed one's baby without WIC dairy and vegetable products, give these two ideas some serious thought: a) get the ring out of your lip so that you CAN get hired to support yourself; and b) prevent your pregnancy until such time, if ever, that you can support your own child without government assistance. Just a thought. Step up to the responsibility, and act like an adult by caring for your OWN family.

Remember: just because you CAN have a child does not mean that you SHOULD if you cannot feed it without government help.


lonelyone 5 years, 6 months ago

There are a few things I could say about some of the letters, but I will keep most of the thoughts to myself. However, I will say, that yes it is your right to pierce every inch of your body, but it is my right not to eat in a place that has someone standing behind the counter who has a huge ring hanging out the front of their nose and wholes in their ears big enough to put a beer can in. I realize you might be a very nice person and a hard worker too, but some of that stuff just looks gross and I have a hard time getting past it. But you need to decided if you want to have a bunch of studs and rings hanging off your face or you want to put food on your table and pay your bills!


cag81625 5 years, 6 months ago

A very wise teacher of mine way back in the day used to say that we dress not for ourselves, but for those around us. I never forgot that and it has been one of those little pieces of advice that has always made my life a bit easier. I wish more people would heed such advice whether they are covered with peircings or showing up to the grocery store in freakin pajamas.


George Robertson 5 years, 6 months ago

The pajamas are alright as long as they are not those drop seat union suits.


Anitadunnce 5 years, 6 months ago

nimnod: You're too funny! Mine aren't Union Jacks, and I assure all of you that I never leave the house in my drawstring flannel jammies, although the light cotton ones with aqua fish that are for summer DO get to go out to the backyard for coffee in the mornings.

Although I am far too old to go to the store in jammie bottoms, I have to say that I think the high school and college kids do look really cute when they wear theirs in public (NOT to job interviews!!), as long as the bottoms are not so low-slung that they are slipping down off their slim little hips. The trend I can't get into are the floppy, fluffy bedroom slippers the girls wear to classes at the high school occasionally. LOL (for any students who are reading this, slippers are also NOT for job interviews..... but you all know that already).


twin2175 5 years, 6 months ago

I have had the opportunity to hire and employ many people in my career. Having said that, I would be crazy to hire someone that looks like they just came from the shooting range where it looks like someone used their body as the target. Sure, it might be fun, or even cute; however, it is inappropriate in a work environment.
The first thing I look for in an interview is that they are on time to the interview. The second thing I look for is their image. If someone shows up to the interview wearing baggy jeans, a tank top, and piercings all over their body (visible; because I don’t care about what I can’t see), I will not hire them. If they do not have the decency to dress appropriately to an interview, why should I put them on my payroll? Image is everything. So, for all of you out there that have purple or blue hair, 10 holes in each ear, or their lip pierced, there is a good chance you might not get hired. You can be unique, and have your own style; however, have it on your time, not mine.


slade72 5 years, 6 months ago

I personally do not feel this letter was off base. How many people out there color thier hair, get their nails done, grow a beard, shave or whatever it is we all do to make us feel like we want or need to feel? Who am I or any of you to judge others just based on ones looks? If you read a book by it's cover you really are not reading the book at all are you? For those tof you that do read a book by it's cover chances are you are missing out on a real good book! The way a person looks has little or nothing to do with his or her work performance! A person's work performance comes from his or her work ethic, and that comes from the inside, not the outside folks. I guess had you all read the book instead of tossing it aside based on it's cover you would know that right!


Anitadunnce 5 years, 6 months ago

slade72: I am guessing that you are a high school student. Your letter fairly screams that you are more concerned with making a "statement" by sporting a green mohawk or 8 studs in one ear or a pierced nose or tongue, than you are with conforming to the dictates of American society to some small extent. The post by cag81625 is one you should take to heart if you would like to get a job, because that comment contains the sound reasoning that we dress for others when we are on the job, rather than for ourselves. You also should review the comment by twin 2175, who has itemized the qualities that he/she looks for in a prospective employee.

When you have matured a bit, you will realize that we all are required to dress "the part" in order to get a certain position. An attorney does not wear jeans and a red flannel shirt to an interview at a law firm; a sheetrocker does not wear a suit and tie to an interview with a construction foreman; and a banking executive does not dress like a punk rocker with red spiked hair when he goes to an interview with the bank president.

If you refuse to abide by these rules, then you are destined to a life of struggle and poverty and food stamps and rented apartments with holes punched in the walls and thin, worn, filthy carpet, because that is all you will be able to afford when you work the graveyard shift at a seedy restaurant. When you have nothing, and you have achieved nothing, and your life is headed nowhere, at least you will be able to reassure yourself in the depths of midnight depression that you wandered though this life and made your ridiculous statement regarding those piercings in your face. As with most things in this life, it is your choice, and it makes no difference to 99.9% of the posters how you choose to live it.


cag81625 5 years, 6 months ago


I think you highlighted part of the issue yourself. You seem to expect the "shopper", i.e. the person browsing the "books" to read them in their entirety when that is both unrealistic and selfish. If you are intelligent and work hard, you must tailor your outward self to reflect the expectations of those who you are selling yourself to. If the "don't judge a book by it's cover" mantra held true, the entire industry of marketing would not need to exist; a ridiculous notion. Personally, I do wear a beard and reserve neckties for weddings and funerals. Yes, this is part of a lifestyle choice, but it is also with the realization that I chose a profession that accepts such as normal. I actually grew up in a world that expects a clean shaven, tie wearing norm that is simply not me. If I were to go back to that, and expect to get anywhere, I would shave in heartbeat and buy every tie I could. I chose another path, not because of this, but because my sensibilities took me to profession where this is not necessary. I looked for a life that would accept me rather than battle against norms that would not accept me and then wonder why. If you want to be a punk musician, then by all means, look like one, but for crying out loud, don't apply for a job at a bank and wonder why they don't want someone who looks like a punk musician.


terri88 5 years, 6 months ago

As I have read all the comments on the letter I have written, I have to say wow.. A lot of you went way off base for example to say next I would say it is okay to go to work naked. All I'm saying is that a place of business should look at a persons work history before coming to a quick judgement. This particular community member with such piercing that are of gaged ears and that is it. Has expierence in building Multi-million dollars homes. Why is it that people who are wealthy and build homes for the wealthy can hire such people with piercings. I am not saying that a person can come to work looking like they are ready to go to a punk rock concert. But employers still should look at a persons work history then discuss the piercings. Don't come to a quick decision. I work for the special needs, and I am not a high school student. I have learned with working with the special needs that the way people look on the outside are not who they are on the inside. I just believe people should be given the chance. And almost all of you said that you wouldn't hire someone with piercings and what not beacuse of the way they look. You are the ones that should be prepared for discrimination lawsuits....


Anitadunnce 5 years, 6 months ago

Are you seriously threatening a "discrimination lawsuit" because an employer does not want to hire someone whose outrageous jewelry will turn business away, or someone whose jewelry will get caught in machinery? Are you going to sue if you can't wear large loop earrings to your job at a restaurant or nursing home? Grow up. Before you write something so goofy again, Terri, do some legal research. Those "who wear piercings" are NOT a "protected class". I guess you can always hold out hope that Obama will appoint some far-left jurist to the U.S. Supreme Court who will buy into such an argument, but of course that person will not be confirmed, expecially not after this coming November, when Obama's dishonest little world is going to fall apart!!

Wake up, smell the coffee, look around, and you will notice that this is an EMPLOYER'S market. The employer does not "have to" do anything. It is YOU who needs to meet the standards set by the employer, and not the other way around.

Grow up, Terri, take out your (visible) piercings until the end of your shift, and stop acting like an immature kid. Wear all your silly jewelry on your OWN time. When you are on the clock, you will look like the employer wants you to look, or you will not have a job. You really sound like you need to get your priorities straight.


Craig_gal 5 years, 6 months ago

whoa terri88! I am sure your friend is a very nice person and you were mistaken as a high school student because most adults realize that I do not care what the work history is. I have no desire to look at a persons million dollar history If this person had no desire to take pride in themselves why should I take a chance on them? Your friend has already proved that they do not care about me otherwise they would have taken the time to research that I do not hire anyone that can not respect themselves. Your last comment "you should be prepared for discrimination lawsuits" what ?????? ----PS don't argue that "the person respects themselves..." you would be wrong.


twin2175 5 years, 5 months ago

Terri, Maybe it is not fair for employers to hire based upon the way a person looks. However, you forget one important detail; employers can hire whom ever they want. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 state that employers can’t base employment upon race, religion, sex, or national origin. Nowhere in the laws does it say that an employer cannot hire someone base upon the blue hair, black fingernails, or a stud in their lower lip. Sure, the candidate might be a great worker and have excellent references; however, what will my shoppers/guests/patients/visitors/other employees think. It is all of those people that I must think about when I make a decision not to hire someone that will not represent a good image of my company. Sorry folks, wake up; this is life. Show up to interviews in proper attire, remove all of your piercings, and cover-up your tattoos. I have attached a link to a website that might help those of you that are unsure of what the proper attire is.


lonelyone 5 years, 5 months ago

I think there are some piercings that are ok and "normal" and then there is the kind that some people are into today. There is nothing wrong with having a few rings in your ears, maybe even a small tattoo or one of those little studs in your nose, but there is a huge difference when it's a huge whole in your ear and a bull ring in your nose. There is tasteful and there is gross and gross will make me stay away every time I see it. And yes people dye their hair all the time and wear fake nails, but most of them do it tastefully and it's to make themselves look better, not make a statement that this is me and you had better by golly accept it or else! Also I think you need to look at where you live. Your not part of some tribe in Africa where they do this sort of thing because that is normal for them. You live in small town USA and we don't think this is normal. Nor does it look nice.


DV8 5 years, 5 months ago

When you work with the public, you need to look the part of your job. If you work in a tatoo parlor or alternative clothing store, by all means, wear your piercings to work.

I have multiple earings and facial piercings. I do not wear them to work, because I need to appear more respectable for the public's 1st opinion, so customers who will not have time or need to get to know me despite my piercings or tatoos.

I would not hire someone who came to an interview with extreme piercings or tatoos or who dressed in an unprofessional manner. I wouldn't care if they had them, they would just need to have them absent or hidden while on the clock.


terri88 5 years, 5 months ago

Yes I do agree that people should dress the part for job attire. However for those of you that might not realize when a person gages their ears to a ( not normal ) size. That they do not go back to the original size. So because this person made an "adolesent" mistake they should pay for it for their adult life? I'm lost as to why you people can not look at a job history, and or a person's work ethic before coming to a snap judgement. But I guess you did say it, we are in small town USA. It's cowboy country right?

But where is the good ol' cowboy hospitality?


Anitadunnce 5 years, 5 months ago

terri88: You are beginning to embarrass yourself with your poorly written comments. You continue to post the same information, the same "arguments", over and over again ad nauseam, and you seem not to notice that you have nothing new to say. You have made this previously fun and interesting topic into one that is dull and boring. Your final thrust is a low blow at everyone who lives in the community, as it is a general put-down to small town Craig and its residents.

I don't know you from Adam, terri88, but I suspect that this is not your "friend" about whom you write, but yourself. I also want to point out that your debate skills are not as proficient as those of a less-then-average high school student. Students know that when they draft an essay or a persuasive speech, they have to organize their thoughts and present at least three arguments. You cannot come up with three arguments at all, so you continue to repeat the same childish nonsense. We have heard it before, and we're not buying.

To respond to your question about what a person should do if he is such a nincompoop that he has holes in his earlobes large enough to drive a Toyota through, I guess he has to save his money for plastic surgery. Until he has saved the money for surgery, he will have to take jobs in which the public will not see him, i.e. night janitor at a hospital or office building, or night stocker at Home Depot, or a telephone answering job where no customer sees him. That is precisely why tattoos and piercings require parental consent until the person reaches the age of majority. If the person is still so immature that he chooses to mutiliate himself when he is 24, then I have no idea what he is going to do. Good question, terri88.

When more than 90% of the commenters disagree with you, is it really possible that you are the only one who is correct? Sadly, you sound delusional. You just don't get it, do you?


Craig_gal 5 years, 5 months ago

Thank you Anitadunnce! I too am tired and bored with this persons poor me mentality. It is rough when you have to face consequences for your mistakes, this person needs to suck it up and quit blaming it on the ones that will not hire him/her.


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