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2010 National Western Stock Show results

Diane Prather
Makayla Goodnow, center, shows "Maverick" in the heavy weight market lamb class at the National Western Stock Show.

This is the second part of a two-part story about local exhibitors and their placing at the 2010 National Western Stock Show in Denver in January.

Nate Moon, a 4-H and FFA member from Craig, said the annual National Western Open Prospect Show is "open to anyone from anywhere."

The Prospect Show is divided into Prospect Feeder Heifers, Prospect Breeding Heifers, and Prospect Steers. All animals in the Prospect Show were born Jan. 1, 2009, and after.

Nate's Prospect breeding heifer, "SMR Blackcap," placed 22nd in the class of 827- to 897-pound animals.

Cody Coupe, of Craig, showed his breeding heifer, Georgia, in the 706- to 749-pound class, where she received eighth place. And Bryanne Runnion, of Craig, showed "Akasha," a Prospect feeder heifer, in a class of 743- to 1,069-pound animals and placed 10th.

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Bryanne also showed two Prospect steers. "Strut" received 13th place in the 767- to 791–pound class, and "Roku" was 15th in the 827- to 862-pound class.

Reflecting on the Stock Show experience, Bryanne said, "Stock Show is nerve-wracking, it's crazy, and you have to get up early and go to bed late, but it's more fun than anyone could ever imagine and an amazing learning experience.

"It's one of the most rewarding things I've ever done."

Lacie Coup, of Craig, received fifth place in the class of 684- to 718-pounds with Prospect steer "Petey," and 15th in the 902- to 1,115-pound class with "KW."

Moon also showed two Prospect steers. "Smoke" placed 19th in the class for 723- to 745-pound animals. "Diesle" was 14th in the 902- to 1,115- pound class.

Call, Chelsee and Mackenzie Camblin, of Maybell, also showed Prospect steers. Chelsee received an 11th place with "Alf" (827- to 862- pound class), Call's "Ringo" was ninth (806- to 824-pound class), and Mackenzie's steer, "George," was 18th (867- to 898-pound class).

With the help of Ian and Taylor Duzik, of Craig, their young cousins, Kelli and Tate Kerchal, of Calahan, showed their Prospect steers, too. It was big kids helping little kids as Kelli placed eighth and Tate placed 10th in the contest. (Kelli and Tate are the children of RJ and Andi Kerchal; Andi is a former Craig resident.)

Two other former Craig residents, Kenny and Megan Prather (now of Bailey) showed their steers in the Catch-It-Calf Contest. Megan placed seventh in Junior Showmanship, fifth in "live" placing, first in sponsor relationship, seventh in record book, and ninth overall.

Kenny was eighth in Junior Showmanship, seventh in "live" placing, eighth in interview, seventh in record book, and fourth overall. He also received the Herdmanship Award.

The annual FFA Heifer Wrangle was held during Stock Show. Similar to the Catch-It-Calf contest, each participant tries to catch a calf. This year, Taylor Duzik, daughter of Glenn and Paula Duzik, of Craig, was successful in catching a calf.

This entitled her to a $1,000 cash award to be used to purchase a heifer of her own. The program involves a sponsor, record-keeping, and showing the heifer.

Congratulations to all of the exhibitors at this year's Stock Show. Congratulations also go to five 4-H/FFA members who traveled to Phoenix the week after Christmas to participate in the 2010 Arizona National Livestock Show.

For Alexi Goodnow, of Craig, who participated in the Arizona National for the first time this year, "It was cool going to another state, and I met a lot of new people. It was a fun experience."

Bringing home Reserve Champion banners for the Junior Market Swine Show were Nathan Chapman and Karissa Maneotis.

Nathan's winning swine was a 270-pound Yorkshire, an animal that he raised from his own swine herd.

Karissa showed a 258-pound "Other Light Purebred" swine. Both animals qualified to sell in the show's Junior Livestock Sale.

Other Market Swine results were: Andrea Maneotis in fifth (Yorkshire) and seventh (Duroc), and Nathan Chapman in fifth (Crossbred).

Receiving third in Junior Goat Showmanship was Andrea Maneotis. Karissa Maneotis placed fifth in Senior Goat Showmanship.

In the Junior Market Goat Show, Makayla Goodnow received fourth and fifth place. Her sister, Alexi, placed fourth and sixth. Karissa Maneotis placed sixth and ninth with her goats, and her sister, Andrea, placed fourth and 12th.

In the Junior Market Lamb Show, Makayla Goodnow was 10th in Black Face Class 7, Andrea Maneotis was 11th in Black face Class 8, and Karissa Maneotis was seventh in Natural Color Class 3.

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