Senior spotlight for Sept. 22


— As I was sorting through my yarn bag, which had all sorts of odds and ends tangled up, I decided to untangle some of the bigger ones, and so I dumped it all on my bed.

I was soon thinking about the mess it was.

I also thought, this yarn is what I used and what was part of my life back when. The colors brought back memories of who I had made afghans, toys, purses, etc., for, and what, when and where.

I reflected on how ironic it was that the yarn was as tangled up in spots as my life was, tied by events, big and small. Then the yarn slowly took shape, some smoothing out, some still tangled, but all around it was usable.

I thought, I'm like the yarn - still hanging in there.

Birthdays I have for this week are for Anthony Zurita, Robert Clark and Dorothy Forshee.

Get well/speedy recovery to Roy Southard, Ruth King, Rose Razzano, Peggy Lawton, Shannon Samuelson, Bill Yoast, Dan Valdez and Glenda Wenschof.

The McDonald's senior breakfast is Wednesday.

The AARP meeting is at 2 p.m. Monday in the dining room at Sunset Meadows I. The noon potluck is Friday at Sunset Meadows I. Bingo will follow.

See you there?

Mary Jo Brown


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