Joshua Roberts: Daily Press launches new pages in print product

Design, content changes begin today


We've all heard or read the stories - the newspaper industry is a relic, a dusty old dinosaur limping toward extinction.

In our case, they say the doomsday rock threatening our existence is the Internet, and the easily digestible, high-speed convenience it offers over a print product.

As someone who has made his living off newspapers for eight years, I can tell you these stories forecasting our demise are disconcerting and worrisome.

I also can tell you I don't believe them, not in the least.

Maybe that makes me naÃive, or a simpleton. Maybe that makes me, at 31, a curmudgeon resistant to change.

I hope that's not true, and I don't think it is.

I haven't ever gotten the memo about newspapers and the Internet being an odd couple that couldn't live peacefully together.

And, although the beautiful pastime of reading seems to be a lost art form to many, particularly to a younger, tech savvy generation, I believe with all my heart that it will return.

I believe people will read again, perhaps in greater numbers than ever, because a freethinking society's future depends on it.

At the Craig Daily Press, we do our best every day to embrace both mediums - print and the Internet.

Online we offer - at no cost to our readers - an outstanding Web site,, full of valuable news, information and advertising.

We're also posting breaking news stories, two to four videos per week, updated sports scores, and so on.

This, and our print product, is accomplished each day by the hardworking journalists, copy editors and designers I am blessed to work with. They work tirelessly, often times at the expense of their personal lives, to provide content to the community.

I have an unwavering faith in them and their dedication and talent, and you, the readers.

Simply put, our industry can't fail because it can't fail you, or them. That's what I believe, and I believe it so much that I'll stick with this lifelong marriage - me and community journalism - until they kick me out, or someone drags me from the building.

Until then, you'll see me in my office working.

This rant, however, has a purpose.

This is a way, perhaps long-winded, of telling you about changes to the Daily Press' print product.

The changes are important, reader friendly and further proof that your newspaper cares just as much about the print edition as it does the Internet.

You may have noticed small tweaks to today's front page. They are primarily new design elements that we believe give the paper a fresher, cleaner look.

Inside, you'll see we have moved our community calendar from page 4 to page 2, down the right rail. This is one of the most well-read and used items in our paper, and its placement on page 2 is deserving.

The biggest change comes on page 4.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the newspaper will publish milestones - wedding, engagement, anniversary and birth announcements and photographs - on this page.

Death notices also will go on page 4, though they still will appear throughout the week as they are submitted.

Information about how to submit or deliver those announcements to the newspaper also is on the page.

Overall, the Daily Press staff is pleased to bring these changes to you, which we feel make our product better for you, the readers, who give us all the reason we need to make our product as sharp and relevant as possible.

Thank you for reading the Daily Press, and please feel free to contact us with concerns or comments.


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