Our View: Take time to remember


Today marks the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, a day representing one of the darkest and saddest chapters in American history.

And yet even that brief summary cannot accurately describe the full extent of the horror and atrocities committed by America's enemies - cold, calculating men, all of them, who thought nothing of taking thousands of innocent lives.

Perhaps it's better for people to recognize and grieve on today's anniversary on their own terms, in their own personal ways.

The newspaper's message regarding 9/11 is this: We remember.

We remember suffering with millions of other Americans as we watched helplessly and with horrified eyes the images over and over that day - the planes used as guided missiles; frightened and hopeless people jumping from buildings to their death; brave police officers and firefighters rushing into the towers that later collapsed on top of them.

We remember the victims who were unjustly taken from us.

We remember the uncertainty and fear the attacks generated. We remember the injuries inflicted on our country, and the all-too brief sense of American unity that resulted from it.

And we will keep remembering. We will remember that day and our people lost when we think of our young sons and daughters who are fighting our wars - wars whose seeds were laid in the attacks.

We will remember each and every time when those sons and daughters lose their lives on behalf of us back home.

We will remember all of this and much, much more, on this day and every other.

No one has forgotten 9/11 and what transpired, and they shouldn't. It changed our country, shaped it even, at least to some degree, and continues to do so.

Our hearts and prayers remain with the victims, their families and our soldiers overseas, and we await the day the architect of the attacks - whose name we shall not use because it isn't worth the price of the ink - is held answerable to the crimes he committed.

Until then, we all are left with our own feelings of 9/11 and the memories of that sad, terrible day that are worth recalling largely in hopes that they never happen again.


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