Linda Watson: Deer help themselves


I read about the deer and the DOW that was in the Saturday Morning Press.

In that article, it was stated that deer come into town because residents feed them. We do not have to feed the deer - they help themselves.

Our backyard is fenced, but when we were gone for the Labor Day weekend, they still managed to get in to the yard.

They ate the tomato plants and the tomatoes that were on them were ripe and green. I have read in recent articles in this paper about livestock in the city limits.

All livestock are kept in pens, corrals and pastures, not allowed to roam about the city. Not true with the deer. They can roam wherever they want. They may have been here first, but there are a lot more of them now and every year produces more.

Linda Watson


lostyermarbles 7 years, 7 months ago

Well I am with you on this. Doesn't matter what you plant or do to try to keep them out, they are there. The DOW will wait until they gore someone, stomp a kid,kill your pet or something then it will be looked at but until something bad happens they won't take it serious. And that's that many less they don't have to feed.There is no prevenative measures here I don't think. It's wait till it happens. People need to send them bill's for destroyed property, if they are theirs they need to be responsible. We can't shoot them cuz they are theirs so THEY should get a bill for THEIR Deer distruction on people's property. Has anyone looked in to this?? hmmmm


selket42 7 years, 7 months ago

I know it is illegal to harrass wildlife...but I think these city deer need just that to persuade them that there is some risk in being so close to people. You don't have to kill them to get the point across, but maybe a few bean bag rounds and firecrackers would do for starts. We better have DOW and or law enforcement or both do something, especially this time of year. The bucks are beginning to get a bit short-tempered and one of these days a bunch of kids going to school are going to come across that big ol' buck up by the sandrocks and he's not going to give ground.


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