Ken Rice: Deer were here 1st


To the editor:

This is to the people who want to rid Craig of deer:

Deer do not know where the city limits are. They do know where the grass is green and lush, and not dry and brown. I like the deer in town; after all, they were here first.

Now for your problem, as I see it. You can take away the flowers, shrubs, green grass and put in deer-proof items. If all else fails, dig into your pockets and fence your property.

This is an individual problem that taxpayers should not have to pay for. Don't like these suggestions? You always can move where the deer don't play.

Ken Rice


melonie barrett 7 years, 7 months ago

the people here in craig are not smart enough to realize the history of animal planet ?????


wickedstepmother 7 years, 7 months ago

Just the other day I saw a 5x4 buck eating a pile of tree trimmings stacked on the roadside on Rose Street. It enjoyed the nice fresh green leaves someone so consideratly placed there for him. The beautiful animal still in velvet allowed my husband and I to park and watch him for about 15 minutes before he just strolled across the street in front of us and went about his way. If I had my camera with me I would have submitted a photo. I moved here from Florida for the sole reason that I could see the wildlife in and around town. My brother visited last winter and was able to see a small heard of elk at the east end of town, the first time he had seen elk. Yes I too enjoy a nice elk steak as does my brother, but I much more enjoy seeing the deer in my backyard. If you don't want deer in your yard, same thing goes for the alligators and lizards in Florida, move where they don't live.


lostyermarbles 7 years, 7 months ago

Yes I agree, it is great living here with all the critters. But why do you think the DOW has hunting season?? To control the OVERPOPULATION!!! You can't hunt in town. They are just stacking up. It is not smart to have this many. They know where to go to not be dinner. If you have ever hunted you know they will hop a ranch fence knowing you can't go there. they know. And like mentioned rutting season is here. They get agressive and we have alot of deer AND kids having to walk these streets together. Not what will it take before some kid or a dog or you gets charged,gored or something before someone sits up and pays attention?? What are ya gonna do, get your fly swatter out?? DOW wake up before you have another problem on your hands!!!!


lostyermarbles 7 years, 7 months ago

as far as the deer were here first, jee, ya think?? They were just here on god's green earth forever too but now they are the DOW's. And someone built a town here and someone put rules into effect about animals being contained to be safe and it is a ticking time bomb with all this game in town. Just wait and see. The bears were here first too but they are being put down cuz of getting in to town. A 5x4 buck is no different under the right cirumtance, they are a animal and if they consider something a predator they will react. They are not pet's people. They are a wild animal. Even domestic horses have a built in predator reaction. They will get ya too but we like them. When it gets to the point THEY are being the boss of your yards, streets etc. it is over population and not safe.


caressofsteel7 7 years, 7 months ago

As a 4th generation resident, I have never seen or heard of the deer population being what it is now within city limits. When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s there were vitually no deer, no squirrels, and none of these smokey colored big doves in town so the argument that the deer have always been here is a partial truth. Sure they've always been in the area, but they have not always been in town in the numbers there are now. Growing up a mile north of town the deer didn't even come around our house not to mention our yard. Yes, deer do attack people and pets. Sure they are either bucks being territorial or in rut or does protecting their young but when the time comes, and I guarantee it's coming, I pray it's not your young child or elderly parent/grandparent that is hurt or killed. Any person that has spent any time around deer know that they are completely capabile of causing pretty substantial damage. The population is not just high, the deer are loosing their fear of human and to much extent, dogs. This can only end in disaster, mark my words. I say we hand pick about a dozen or more of our local bow hunters and issue each an area of town with a permit for multiple deer, put them directly under a law enforcement officer from either the local PD or sheriff department who would work with a DOW officer to ensure safety and a quick retreval of all culled animals. The meat could be processed by a few of our local processors as charity and be donated to any number of local food assistant organizations. Heck, I remember as a kid, the Sheriffs possee members getting together for the annual in town skunk hunt! Course, they didn't donate the meat, it got pitched in the back of a pickup and hauled to the dump!


David Moore 7 years, 7 months ago

I grew up right in the middle of town, and we had squirrels in every huge cottonwood tree out front along with doves cooing in the morning and cats yowling all night...and yes, the occasional deer would stroll through. That was around 1968-1980, nowadays in the same area I am sure they see bigger numbers of deer and squirrels, but they have always been there. The bow hunting idea is a very doable solution that I could agree with, keep it safe and professional, I also like the idea of donating the meat. I would hope to see rigorous testing of the "hunters" to assure competency and high skill, not just anyone should be allowed to do this, pro's only.


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