Annie's Mailbox: Family labeled me a 'psycho'


Dear Annie: My husband and I have been happily married for 20 years. After the kids were grown, we decided to downsize. We put our home on the market and moved to a different state.

My husband's mother did not want us to move. She started interfering with the real estate office that was showing our house. She was given written warnings to stay away from the property. She then stripped all our perennials and trellises and took the picnic table and hoses - anything she could get off the property. She left a huge mess, and I had to pay someone to clean it up.

She wouldn't stop, so I finally called law enforcement. Now members of the family have labeled me "psycho" because I filed a complaint. What can I do to stop this woman without breeding more ill will?

- Fed-Up Psycho

Dear Fed Up: Your mother-in-law's behavior is outrageous. Where is your husband in all this? He should quite firmly inform his mother that her punitive and destructive actions must stop immediately or she risks estrangement from his family. It is obvious that she is so frightened and upset by your departure that she believes her only recourse is sabotage. You both need to reassure her that living elsewhere will not keep you from calling, writing and visiting often.

Dear Annie: I am a 15-year-old freshman. My best friend, "Ella," told me she is depressed. Ella told me she's thought about cutting herself. She is usually a bright and cheery person, so this came as a shock. I can't help thinking maybe I never knew the real girl. She absolutely refuses to talk to her parents because she dislikes them. To me, they seem like great parents, but I don't live there.

What should I do?

- Trying To Understand

Dear Trying: If Ella won't talk about this with her parents, encourage her to talk to the school counselor, a favorite teacher or other trusted adult. Suggest she get some exercise. It can make her feel better. You are a good friend to care about her. Both of you can get more information through the teens site at


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