Carol J. Sloan: Thank you for support


To the editor:

This is to those of you who know Bill and Linda Sloan, of Maybell, or those of you who might have read about Linda's heart transplant about 5 1/2 years ago.

She has done very well, really she has, and has survived miracles.

Recently, Linda got sick, and we thought she had the flu. She got a virus that transplant patients get because they have a low immune system. Linda was in the hospital in Denver for six weeks this summer.

Bill was always at her side. Linda was home a month, and her virus came back, plus she has two forms of pneumonia in her lungs and she was having difficulty breathing.

Linda was taken back to Denver a week ago. She is very weak, but recovering and just wanting to be home. She and Bill are kind of discouraged, worried and stressed.

In all this commotion, Bill's mom has become gravely ill. She has lived a beautiful 90 years, but of course, Bill being by Linda's side has meant he has not been able to be with his mom in Las Vegas.

As you can imagine, his stress level is crazy.

It's been a difficult time for them. I know, I'm one of their daughters. They also have a daughter, Diane, and a son, Randy, and all their many grandkids and great-grandbabies.

I'm writing this in hopes that we can load their mailbox with notes of encouragement and hope. They are proud people and wouldn't want me writing this letter, but I've had so many caring people ask about them that I'm providing their address: Bill and Linda Sloan, P.O. Box 12, Maybell, CO, 81640.

Thank you, everyone, for all the chores done, time spent, cards, letters, phone calls, meals brought in, etc. Your continued prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

May God's love bless you all.

Carol J. Sloan


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