John Kinkaid: AARP and health care


To the editor:

For the life of me, I couldn't figure out why AARP would support health care rationing to seniors under the guise of "reform."

Why would you support less medical care for your members and constituents? In the Senate bill written by Max Baccus of Montana, half a trillion dollars would be taken away from Medicare payments to health care providers of seniors to help pay for so-called health care reform. Who in their right mind would support such a thing? And then I heard an explanation.

AARP sells Medicare gap insurance to seniors. It covers the difference between Medicare payments and the cost of care. So, if Medicare pays providers half a trillion dollars less, you need more insurance to fill the gap. AARP could conceivably sell close to $500 billion more in Medicare gap insurance. It looks to me like they are selling seniors for profits.

Why can't Congress just let us buy health insurance across state lines and let competition work? Maybe they have their own agenda.

Call Senators Udall and Bennet along with Congressman Salazar this week.

Tell them how you feel. Ask them to also read the entire bill personally and post it online so that we can read it all before they vote.

After the Senate and House bills are merged for the president to sign, post that version online, too. Let the American people read it and respond. No more back room deals.

John Kinkaid


als362 7 years, 5 months ago

I have to agree with Mr. Kincaid. This whole health care reform deal is nothing more than a way for some special interest groups to stick their hands into a pot and grab money, from a pot that they have no business in. We need to impeach this Osama/Obama crook before he bankrupts this country. Every time he opens his mouth he needs another trillion dollars. Just so everyone understands, a trillion is a thousand billion, or a million million if that makes more sense to you. His spending is out of control and I don't believe that he cares about this country at all. What he cares about is getting his buddies in to places where they can steal from the citizens of the country and give half of it to him. This stupid garbage must stop!!!


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