Dave DeRose: Good Season, Steelers


To the editor:

Those who know me know two things - I love the game of football, and I am a proud citizen of Broncos' country.

Today, however, I am a proud citizen of the Doak Walker Steelers nation.

If you read Friday's paper, you know that the Cardinals were victorious Thursday night, and my hat is off to them. It was a hard-fought game and both teams played beyond their ability and potential.

Friday morning in the shower, I was going over what we could have sent in that might have made the difference, what change we could have made on defense that would have stopped the last play?

Then my thoughts turned to the reason for this game. Tuesday night we thanked the City Council for this league, and three young men spoke to them and invited them to the game. It was a lot of fun.

Several years ago, Dave Pike asked the council to fund a youth tackle football league and we did.

The next year, we named it the Doak Walker league with the permission of the Doak Walker Foundation. A logo was designed, and we met with members of the board in Steamboat Springs and the league was off and running.

The story is far too long to tell here, but we need to remember who Doak was. To this day the best running back in college football receives the Doak Walker Award and Doak and Skeeter lived in Steamboat Springs and were very involved in activities for youth.

A year to the day of Doak's passing, the city of Craig named the league the Doak Walker Football League and it has been that since. You should know that Skeeter told Dave Pike and me that Doak always had wanted a youth football league named for him and how happy he would have been if he were still alive.

Friday morning, I put on my 9-year-old Doak Walker shirt and thought, "Doak you had to love this year."

I am so proud of all of the players on every team and the strides they made in growing up. And another note to all of those players - the word is out that you can memorize plays and remember snap counts and learn to read defenses, so now all your teachers know that you can learn anything. As for the Steelers, I expect to see a lot of straight-A report cards. Thanks for letting me be a part of the Doak Walker Steeler nation, and go Bulldogs and Broncos.

Dave DeRose


davecisar 7 years, 6 months ago

Im sure Doak is happy his legacy lives on. Youth football may be the best tool we have today to teach young kids about hard work, perseverance, committment and team work. http://winningyouthfootball.com


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