Bryce Jacobson: In support of my paper's coverage



Bryce Jacobson, publisher of the Craig Daily Press

Much has been said in the past couple of days regarding the manner in which the Craig Daily Press handled the reporting of Kathie Johnson's death earlier this week.

Some who have been critical of the coverage think the paper should apologize for the way the story was handled.

As a human being, I can sympathize with those who found elements of the story, which included an explanation of the situation with her husband, distasteful or disrespectful.

But nothing that we reported should be construed as a slight to Kathie's reputation.

I knew Kathie, as did several of my employees, and we all thought highly of her as a person, peace officer and someone who loved animals.

I always was impressed with how she handled herself with compassion and consideration in all situations.

As publisher of this newspaper, I want to state unequivocally that the story we published was correctly presented, and I fully support the editorial decisions that we made.

It is our job to present news and information in its entirety, including the context of a story.

I insist that my staff remains unbiased and professional in doing this job.

This was a difficult story for my staff to write, and before publication, we discussed the story with professionals outside of Craig to ensure that it was handled correctly.

The regret that I want to convey to readers and the community is that I am deeply saddened that this community has lost a great person - a person who exemplified kindness and compassion.

She will be missed, and we feel that great loss just as our community does.


missrose 7 years, 5 months ago

The Daily Press reports the news. As sad as it was it was still the news.


ranchmama 7 years, 5 months ago

You most certainly did not need to present the story in the manner in which you did. It is a miniscule part of her story and should have received miniscule coverage. If it was that important to put in black and white then it should have read; Kathie was Ken Johnson's soon to be ex wife.


xrsareus 7 years, 5 months ago

"One, shock, and two, extreme sadness," Vanatta said of his officers' reaction to the news. "They were all devastated. She was a really, really nice lady."

This is where the story of Kathy's passing should have ended. Anyone who had been reading your paper for the last few weeks knew the rest. It did not need to be included with the new's of Kathy. "we discussed the story with professionals outside of Craig to ensure that it was handled correctly." The paper needs to find some better "professionals" !!!


John Kinkaid 7 years, 5 months ago

It's a sad series of events.

I thought that the paper was professional in it's coverage.


cag81625 7 years, 5 months ago

Had the Daily Press not wrote about the connection, oh the howls of protest there would have been about the paper's "sloppy" work and it's inability to put two and two together. Like anything else anymore, you're damned if you do.


native_craig_guy 7 years, 5 months ago

I disagree with the fact that the paper thought that the circumstances surrounding her husband's indiscretions had any relevancy to her death. The Craig Daily Press used to be good stewards of the community and presented the news in a fair and ethical manner. Recently I have noticed a trend of what I would call "Shock Journalism" that I do not feel is necessary or warranted in this community. We are a small town with strong morals and convictions. I feel that the Craig Daily Press needs to revisit their morals and convictions and present the facts in an ethical manner. Sensationalizing stories is not going to sell any more papers in the valley, it will just serve to alienate the members of the community. I hope that the Craig Daily Press begins to appreciate their role in the community and the importance of how they convey the facts.


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