Our View: Road rules


Like many areas of society today, courtesy and respect for others is becoming a lost art on the roadways.

Drivers everywhere, including Craig and Moffat County, are caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and many are driving without regard or concern for their fellow motorists, Editorial Board members contend.

This attitude of disregard wouldn't be particularly alarming if our community was a major metropolitan area like Denver, but that it's happening in the slow lane pace of Craig and Moffat County is concerning and potentially dangerous.

Arguing against people driving while talking on a cell phone is a lost cause; the numbers are so great that fighting it would be like pushing molasses up a sandy hill.

However, the same can't be said of texting while driving.

As of now, there is no law against sending text messages while driving, and the Editorial Board isn't pushing for one.

What the board is advocating for is more personal responsibility on the roadways and more thought on behalf of others.

A car or truck, no matter its speed, can be a weapon.

A split second of carelessness can cause irrevocable harm to another person - motorist or pedestrian - especially in traffic trouble areas around town.

The Editorial Board implores community residents to use common sense while driving.

Your text message or

cell phone call can wait until you're someplace other than behind the wheel.

And being responsible like you should behind the wheel means our public officials and lawmakers won't have to waste time and resources on developing a law against cell phone use while driving.

After all, do we really need to wait for a law to be implemented before we act accordingly?


als362 7 years, 6 months ago

I think it should be against the law to use any cell phone for any purpose unless you vehicle is at a complete stop. That includes talking texting and anything else a cell phone can do. They are a menace to traffic, and other drivers.


oldgezzer 7 years, 6 months ago

perhaps the CDP should look at the books, but as of july 1st the use of a cell phone in any manner while driving IS against the law. any manner, meaning texting, talking, taking pictures, etc.next year the law will state that use of any electronic device while driving will be against the law. meaning mp3s, gps', cell phones etc, etc.


bjacobson 7 years, 6 months ago

Actually, oldgezzer, you might take a look at this link to get the facts regarding laws in Colorado related to this subject.


If you have different information please let us know.

Thanks Bryce Jacobson Publisher


oldgezzer 7 years, 6 months ago

ty bryce. read it already, forgot about the handsfree part. but texting while driving is in there. cant do that either.


Ray Cartwright 7 years, 6 months ago

SECTION 3. Effective date - applicability. This act shall take effect December 1, 2009, and shall apply to offenses committed on or after said date.

Taken from Page 6 of the link that Bryce posted. I read that as the law isn't enacted or effective until December 1, 2009. It also address motor vehicle carriers of which I see semi drivers talking on cell phones all the time especially on the interstate roads.

I do hope that Law enforcement entities will start enforcing it so we won't have do write another city ordinance to address it.


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