Kelly Corson: Social host ordinance


To the editor:

Due to not being able to attend the Oct. 13 meeting, I would like to voice my opinion on the new social hosting ordinance some are trying to pass about supplying a place for underage drinking.

First of all, we as parents hope and pray our children will not drink anywhere and would be perfect children.

Well, unfortunately, this is not always the case. I do not care what people say; if a minor wants to drink, they will find a way or a place. It might even be in your own home without your knowledge. And why would you ever suspect or condone this?

Come on, folks. Let's get real.

When our children become a certain age and as they walk out that door, we pray they will make the right choices, but they do not always and that does not make us bad parents. When we go to bed at night, there is no guarantee they will make the right choices, either in your home or out in public, even though we wish they would. Let's be real. Unfortunately, what our children do is sometimes out of our control. This does not make us bad parents. There is no perfect human.

Another thing to think about.

Who is classified as between the ages of 18 and 21? A minor or an adult?

You are required to register for the military services to fight for your country on the frontline if called upon. You are able to register to vote and pay taxes. You are able to buy a home, get married, have children and even buy tobacco legally.

You are able to do all of these things the same as adults older than 21 can do. If you have chosen to buy a home, as a "minor adult," you would not be able to drink an alcoholic beverage in the privacy of your own home because you are still considered a minor.

Think about it.

Kelly Corson


als362 7 years, 6 months ago

I wonder if you understand what this is about. This is not about whether your teenager will or won't drink. It is about adults suppying them with alcohol. It is not about you giving a glass of wine at dinner, or a drink out of your glass or bottle. It is about an adult throwing a party where alcohol is served to anyone that wants it. It is about trying to keep someone that is of age, buying alcohol for someone that is underage.


oldsage 7 years, 6 months ago

It is also about the ability for LE to invade your castle on the pretext that there might be "something illegal" going on there because individuals entered the residence when the police arrived! I can hear it now, I suspected the there was drinking going on there because when I arrived everyone went inside. (It could not be because they have a constitutional right not to speak to the police, have freedom of association, and were avoiding me because they have had a previous experiance with Officer Johnson or another corrupt cop! Oh No, that could not be the case. There must be something going on in there so let's kick in the door and find out. It's for the children. All I can say is the people of Craig are making every other city in this state like Lake Wobegone, all above average!


dogfan 7 years, 6 months ago

There have been alot of kids around here do things that never made it to the paper. Having the right name sure does help alot...


sickandtired 7 years, 6 months ago

Congratulations Miss Corson, you're letter is hypocricy at its best! You, of all people dare to write about underage drinking? Seriously? How many MIPS have your kids both had? In and out of your house no less. Too many people in this small town know your familys history! Sounds like you want a free pass on parenting and not be held accountable for your own poor choices. But I guess you can say what you want, after all you work at the jail and nothing will ever happen to you or yours, now will it? (like your kid getting arrested and his name magically didn't appear in the paper!) People like you who have no room to talk, SHOULDN'T!


oldsage 7 years, 6 months ago

So, there are some people above the law around here. I never would have guessed that!


moconative 7 years, 6 months ago

While I too know the family and don't really care for Kelly or her kids, I think you are being too harsh. Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I used to throw words around like that until this summer. I have a son who is an awesome human being and I have raised him with morals and consequences to actions. But, kids often make poor decisions no matter how great they are raised. That doesn't make them bad kids and that doesn't make us bad parents. My son made a HUGE mistake this summer and he is paying for it. No, his name wasn't in the paper because he is a minor - not because of our name. My son received a DUI. While I would love to know who gave him the alcohol, like Kelly said, kids will find it and it was MY SON'S decision to drink. I found alcohol when I was a kid and my parents never had alcohol in the house. I was raised in church and taught to live a productive, moral life. I drank, smoked, and also got pregnant at 17. But then, I attended college in my spare time, worked full time, raised my son by myself until I found a wonderful man to marry me. I made some poor choices, but they weren't my parents fault & they didn't define me just as my son's mistake didn't define him. He is attending college, did community service & couldn't believe how he broke his parent's hearts. He said watching us cry when he told us was the worst. So, before we judge, know that kids make their own decisions. He won't tell me who provided the alcohol & he is being punished for that too. Adults need to know that they are changing a kid's future when they provide alcohol, but I don't agree with this ordinance because I see too many holes for parents to get screwed.


daybyday 7 years, 6 months ago

Kelly's letter was not hypocritical that I could see; maybe it would have been had she been in favor of the ordinance, I don't know. I agree with als for the most part, in that where Kelly went off track was confusing the proposed ordinance with present law.

As concerns the law, it doesn't matter if a minor owns a home, has two kids, a 401k, won Star Search, and may someday be President. They are still a minor and can't legally purchase alcohol or be provided alcohol by an adult. Whether we agree the law is "fair" or not, or whether minors will still drink or not, it's still the law.

Where we get into trouble, is justifying to minors when it's okay to break the law, e.g. it's okay to drive above the speed limit when..., it's okay for you to lie when..., it's okay for you to drink alcohol when..., and then the lines suddenly become blurry. Laws create order, accountability and responsibility out of what would otherwise be chaos, just as rules in a home create order.

I agree with the social host ordinance because I don't want another adult or parent providing alcohol to my children...period...and maybe if the present law isn't enough, the social ordinance will cause them to think twice.


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