State government closure day is today


Many state government offices will be closed today, the second of four closure days this year to help keep the state budget balanced during the economic recession.

State offices also will be closed Monday for Columbus Day.

State driver's license offices, the Department of Public Health and Environment's vital records office, state history museums and administrative offices for executive branch departments will be among the facilities closed today, with about 15,500 employees on unpaid furlough.

State parks will be open today (except for visitor centers), as will Division of Wildlife service centers. State troopers will be patrolling the highways. The Department of Transportation's Traffic Operations Center will be operating, and the state unemployment benefits office, state nursing homes, hospitals and care centers will be open.

The state Judicial Branch and courts, Treasurer's Office, Attorney General's Office, Secretary of State's Office and state colleges and universities also will be open.


taxslave 7 years, 6 months ago

"Unpaid" leave. Wake up and smell the coffee people. It's going to get worse. The rejection of the us dollar is on the horizon and this paper says nothing.

Obama wins the noble peace prize....for what? What a scam. We live in a sea of lies and secrecy....brought to us by worthless reporting and spin like the worthless poll on the broncos. Sports and entertainment... this nations' King and Queen. Day of reckoning is looming.

Protect and inform yourself. Godzilla could be down the street and this paper wouldn't tell you. For info on rejection of us dollar go to or is not much time before we're looking at 20 dollar/gal. gas. Question your commissioners too and demand answers.


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