Joanne Lighthizer: Grocery management


To the editor:

I have heard so many people complain about how a certain local grocery story is now - even the employees are complaing and with good reason.

It seems all the old managers and associates that we had become so familiar with and fond of are no longer there, through retirement and so on.

Well, the so-called new management is far from customer friendly. I have had several unfortunate encounters with this new manager and found him to be rude, cocky and not at all customer-friendly.

Perhaps it will come with age, as he is very young, but the arrogant attitude that he has will have to change quickly, as I doubt that I am the only "loyal customer" who will no longer shop there.

We need the old management back, please.

I miss how this grocery store was, and always preferred it instead of others, but will not make a point to shop there again. This young man has much to learn, starting with customer service.


srelaford6 7 years, 6 months ago

I agree with Joanne. I remember when I used to walk into a certain grocery store and the manager was just as happy to meet you as if you were a long lost friend. These days I am left feeling like I interupting something much to important for him to be bothered by a simple customer. I hope they realize what come around goes around and if the want to be impersonnal then they should expect the same treatment back.


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