H. Neal Glanville: Just a theory, folks


H. Neal Glanville

H. Neal Glanville's column appears in the Craig Daily Press on Mondays.

It's the little things I like most about Craig. People smile and speak directly to you when you pass on the sidewalk, while nonresidents usually have heads bowed as they kick sidewalk cracks on their way to wherever they're going.

The conversations you might overhear cover everything from rain to the lack of interest the local and regional politicos pay our small community.

Oh, sure, we have a fault or two, maybe during a bad week or three or four, but let an ill wind befall any of our citizens and we band together in service.

Those of us who enjoy this land far, far away :

Also, see the humor in people scraping the first frost off their windshields (in shorts and a T-shirt) with everything from a CD case to a pancake turner, all the while demanding to know where summer went.

"Is it always this cold?" someone asked me last week.

"Nope," I replied walking by, "according to the skunk brush up on Sage Creek, it's going to get a lot colder, and the snow will be here in two weeks."

"How would a bush or a skunk know about winter?"

The lady who asked me obviously was from somewhere east of Hayden.

Pulling my bill-cap over to the weak side of my brain, I smiled and said "Way of the West ma'am, way of the West."

Last Saturday, my son-in-law, Jaceson VanGrandt, and I were returning from a combo county day of fishing and exploring when we noticed a resident herd of deer peacefully eating the surrounding grounds of the new hospital.

The weak side of my brain started thinking the type of healing experience it would be for bed-ridden patients to see deer feeding and playing outside their windows.

Then, the other side kicked in and reminded me of the movement afoot to slim down our local population of mule ears, and that one of the ideas brought forth was a town hunt. I'm not sure if the new hospital is in city limits, but it sure ruins the healing experience idea.

"J" hopes they eat everything the hospital plants. I might be jumping the gun here, but I think that was just a loud hint for the landscapers, before they get to carried away planting deer chow.

During our multi-county trip, we also noticed the difference in gas prices.

I've got a theory about Craig's higher-than-most gas prices.

Let's suppose that one or the other of our gas outlets checks the price of the other, say once a week, and then maintains that same price, give or take a penny or two of the competition. Actually there is no competition, because no one wants to lower their price and ruin the exploding profit margin.

If my theory is true, that would explain why the prices in Hayden, between Kum and Go and the co-op outlet, are cheaper than ours yet the same between the two of them.

Just a theory folks, just a theory.

Now for something completely different

Fishing at Hahn's Peak and Freeman Reservoir was slow but very good.

The lack of crowds made even the nonstriking periods enjoyable.


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