Our View: Help wanted


Craig Editorial Board, July 2009 to September 2009

  • Bryce Jacobson, newspaper representative
  • Joshua Roberts, newspaper representative
  • Collin Smith, newspaper representative
  • Kim McMurtrey, community representative
  • Doris Zimmerman, community representative
  • Nancy Hettinger, community representative

If we know one thing about Craig and Moffat County, it's that there's generally no shortage of volunteers willing to pick up the slack to help with a good community cause.

It's to the credit of these civic-minded and kind-hearted individuals that problems in our community get fixed, rather than be continually complained about, or worse, ignored.

However, to the Editorial Board, it seems that many of the same faces are the ones volunteering on the multitude of boards and community agencies.

And these people are typically from an older generation, a generation that won't be around forever to contribute to their community.

Questions such as what happens to our community agencies when that generation is no longer around to pick up the slack, and what happens in that void between the older generation and a younger population less in tune to volunteerism, were a concern for the Editorial Board during its Monday conversation.

Editorial Board members urge residents who aren't involved in a community group to sacrifice a little bit of their time and join an agency. Your contribution doesn't have to be great, just enough to make a small difference in the community.

The list of agencies that need help is as long as the list of agencies that we have in town.

There's certainly no shortage of nonprofits that contribute to a good cause, and the more diverse talents, opinions and expertise these groups get from new members will only benefit the community as a whole.

And the case can be made that everyone in the community benefits from at least one community group in some manner.

Editorial Board members recognize that today's high-speed pace of life makes time less abundant and more valuable.

There are also more distractions for younger generations - distractions that perhaps keep them from volunteering to help their fellow human being.

But there are worthy causes out there that need attention, too.

Most of the things that distract us from volunteering can wait. In many cases, the worthy causes that need people cannot.


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