From left, Brothers Jarret and CJ Walt play defense for the Moffat County Bulldogs club hockey team. CJ said he knows Jarret’s style of play almost as well as Jarret does, just from watching him skate.

Photo by Ben Bulkeley

From left, Brothers Jarret and CJ Walt play defense for the Moffat County Bulldogs club hockey team. CJ said he knows Jarret’s style of play almost as well as Jarret does, just from watching him skate.

CJ and Jarret Walt share the same last name and, hopefully, the same shift



Below is the Moffat County Bulldogs club hockey schedule for today and Sunday. All games will be played at the Moffat County Ice Arena, 600 S. Ranney St.

Time Opponent


1 p.m. Rock Springs (Wyo.)

6 p.m. Rock Springs*

7:30 p.m. Kremmling*


1 p.m. Cheyenne (Wyo.)

4:30 p.m. Kremmling*

*denotes junior varsity game

Hockey is a sport of brothers.

Between the National Hockey League’s six Sutter brothers, three Staals and two Sedin brothers, hockey always has had its share of siblings on the ice.

Now Moffat County does, too.

Jarret and Colin James “CJ” Walt both play for the Moffat County Bulldogs club hockey team and hope to one day share the same shift.

CJ, 17, and Jarret, 14, together stack up to a 12-foot, three-inch wall of defense that started skating at four years old.

“I started because of CJ,” Jarret said. “I went to a few of his games and wanted to play.”

Since that time, Jarret said he has watched his brother’s skill increase considerably.

“He plays very smooth, he’s good in pressure situations and he always makes the right move,” he said. “You can always count on him in one-on-one situations. If I mess up, and CJ is my D-partner, I wouldn’t be that scared because I know he would be there to stop them for me.”

CJ said he can count on his little brother making the right play, so long as they aren’t playing against each other.

“He’s very smart — he knows what he’s doing,” CJ said. “He’s a good decision-maker, and he can lay out a big hit once in a while, unless he’s going up against me. Then he just gets knocked over.”

When it comes time to square up with one another in practice, neither brother backs down.

“If we have a chance to hit each other, we’re not letting up,” Jarret said.

“If I see him, I tend to try a little harder,” CJ added.

When game time arrives, the Walts’ style meshes completely, and they are almost the same player, Jarret said.

“I know what he’s going to do, and when because we’ve played such similar hockey,” Jarret said. “I know if I make a decision it would be the one he would make, too. What I’m thinking, he’s probably thinking.”

The similarity in style is not just from genetics, but how the two brothers were taught, CJ said.

“We’ve had the same coaches,” he said. “He’s had every coach I’ve ever had a year later.”

Because of their understanding of each other’s skills, CJ and Jarret hope they can share the same line this year.

“We haven’t played our first game yet, but we’re hoping to,” Jarret said. “If I can play with any defensemen, I would want to play with him. I have a better understanding of what’s going on, just because we’re brothers.”

That familiarity extends to CJ.

“Since I’ve watched all of his games since he started playing, I know his game,” he said. “I’m the person who knows his game second-best, second only to himself. Just from watching him play, I think we’ll be able to communicate and be better that way.”

When asked which parts of his brother’s all-around game needed fine-tuning, Jarret struggled.

“Passing the puck more, I guess,” he said. “That’s really all I could come up with.”

CJ needed even more time to pick out one fault in his brother’s game.

“He needs to work on his shot, just a little,” he said, adding his brother might have him beat in one department. “He’s probably faster than I am.”

But when speed isn’t enough, the Walts said they know they have each other when there is trouble on the ice.

“If I ever saw anyone take a cheap shot, I would try harder to get that kid,” CJ said.

Jarret isn’t as concerned.

“He can take care of himself,” he said. “But I would be there if he needed me.”


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