Moffat County School Board agenda for Thursday


Moffat County School Board meeting

6:30 p.m. Thursday in the Moffat County School District administration building boardroom, 775 Yampa Ave.


• Call meeting to order

• Pledge of Allegiance

• Accept canvassing of official abstract of votes

• Oath of Office

• Election of officers

• Adopt agenda

• Visitors

• Consent items

— Approve Oct. 22 meeting minutes

— Financial report as of Oct. 31

— Check registers for November 2009

— Personnel report for November 2009

• Reports

— Construction/building and grounds

— Kindergarten-All Day

• Action Items

— Second reading, policy 1511 parent involvement

— Second reading, policy 5460 weapons in school

— First reading, policy 1210 safe schools

• Discussion

— Board Member Committee Assignments

• Announcements

• Adjourn meeting

School board work session

4 p.m. Thursday


• Public hearing, policy 5460, weapons in school

• Public hearing, policy 1511, parent involvement

• AYP report

• School attendance

• School District Accountability Committee by-laws

• Break


RichardBarbosa 6 years, 4 months ago

I am posting this note on 12/16, because I have never found the October 28th MCSD board minutes!

A couple of days ago, the 9/23 minutes were still the most recent ones posted on the District's website.

Today, the 11/18 minutes suddenly appear.... so where are the 10/28 minutes that should have appeared in between?

Two questions: 1) Why were the 10/28 minutes never posted? If that is someone's job, why is that person neglecting to handle it?

2) Why doesn't the Craig Daily Press just print the minutes as they are available, so that we can go back 8-10 months online, if we wish, in order to read them?

I have never understood why the District now leaves its minutes available to the public for a matter of weeks, and then removes them. The minutes uses to be entered into a folder on the District's website, so that we could look back at various items, even occurrences from a year earlier. I would like to see that happen again.


justthefacts 6 years, 4 months ago

Fact: What is even more important than School Board minutes, is what will the School board do about the Moffat County School District failing the community?????.

Fact: The Failing grades can be found at

Fact: The Steamboat Springs School District was one of 14 schools in Colorado Accrediated With Distinction!!!

Fact:The Moffat County Schools are on performace plans.

Fact: Every other School District in N.W. Colorado rated higher.

Fact: Moffat County School District Overall 54.6 out of 100. (F), CMS: 53/100 (F), East 61.1/100 (D), MCHS 53.4/100 (F), Ridgeview 45/100 (FF), Sandrock 25.1/100 (FFFFF),Sunset 41.7/ 100. (FFF)

Fact: The School District keeps sugar coating these failing grades, and the School Board Members act as the Seven wise Monkeys: Hear no evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil.

Fact: The Pawnee School District just Recalled the entire School Board?????

Just The uneducated Facts


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