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Craig Editorial Board, October 2009 to January 2010

  • Bryce Jacobson, newspaper representative
  • Joshua Roberts, newspaper representative
  • Collin Smith, newspaper representative
  • Karen Knez, community representative
  • Ken Wergin, community representative
  • Kenny Wohl, community representative

Given its status as perhaps the most important of public functions, education is a topic often discussed and debated, and one most people have an opinion about.

Generally, those opinions revolve around what could be done better, both locally and statewide. On both fronts, there’s no shortage of problems.

In Moffat County, test scores are at an unacceptable level and high school graduation rates are suffering, to name two of the biggest issues.

And, it’s not as if district administrators can solve those problems with increased funding targeting those areas — the school district is routinely tasked with building the barest of operating budgets.

Quite simply, the money isn’t there.

Statewide, the problem is just as tough.

Our legislators, faced with what could only be described as a budgetary disaster, are considering ways to reduce education funding, essentially trimming fat from allocations where no extras really exist.

That leaves us with today’s abbreviated opinion piece.

For all these issues and the varying opinions on them, resident participation regarding our local public schools is atrocious.

The Editorial Board doesn’t doubt that people care — it doubts that most simply do not translate that concern into real action that could inspire real change.

If you’d like proof, take a look at how many candidates recently applied for three vacancies on the Moffat County School Board. The answer: three.

On today’s editorial page you’ll find a submitted item from the Moffat County School District and Moffat County Education Association. The two groups are asking all county residents help them defeat more possible education cuts by lobbying our local legislators.

What you, the reader and school district patron, do with this simple and reasonable request is up to you.

However, the Editorial Board doubts the educators’ pleas to the general public does even the slightest bit of good.

Let’s just see if we’re proven wrong.


als362 7 years, 5 months ago

I would have run for the school board, but IF I would have been elected, which is doubtful, I would have been recalled shortly after my first decision. Because I would have taken the responsibility away from the county and put it on the parents. Both for education and for discipline. This seems to be an unpopular way to go all over the country these days.


taxslave 7 years, 5 months ago

Throw out No child left behind and reward kids for accellerating.

The current system sure isn't working. No child left behind did nothing but turn the teachers into test givers and the kids into test takers. Get rid of government in the school and bring back the PTA and CIVICS class.

Make it a system of education, not indoctrination.


westslopeguy 7 years, 5 months ago

I told myself that I wasn't going to comment on this one. But I sometimes can't help myself.

If we "Get rid of government in the school" who will fund it? Are you proposing again, that we violate existing laws and constitutional rights and regress to the point that only those that can afford to pay for a private education are allowed to be educated?

The good part is , I am NOT incensed, and this is NOT just my 2cents, this time... I'm confused, Paul


taxslave 7 years, 5 months ago

No one is getting educated as it is. They're failing, remember?

So Ritters solution this morning to fund the schools....3% sales tax on candy and soda. Today's Denver Post.


taxslave 7 years, 5 months ago

No one is getting educated as it is. They're failing, remember?

So Ritters solution this morning to fund the schools....3% sales tax on candy and soda. Today's Denver Post.

I thought property taxes were to pay for the schools anyways. Obama announced a MAJOR cut yesterday so it's going to get much worse than you're imagining.

A government big enough to give you everything you want can also take away everything you have.....and they're doing that right now.

People only care about sports and american idol these days. The king and queen of america, sports and entertainments.

What ever happened to One Nation Under God?


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