Lawrence L. Sober: Problems in politics


To the editor:

The problem in politics we have today is that lobby groups have so much money and power that they buy elected officials to get laws passed to benefit their special interests.

President Barack Obama is a perfect example as to how this works. He won the election because all people heard was the word “change.”

Soon, the bills will become due for all the money he is spending to get the changes he implemented in place.

The bailout money went to the chief executives of these companies as bonuses, and we were told that it would save jobs? More and more people are losing their jobs, in fact, and once socialized medicine is passed, more jobs will be lost.

By not voting, you allow this kind of thing to continue. The best way to change things is to vote in new people who will represent you, the voters.

Lawrence L. Sober


als362 7 years, 5 months ago

I say the no good so and so should be impeached. Then once he is no longer president, we should take him out and beat the snot out of him. He is a liar, he is dishonest, and he is selling his health care garbage to the highest bidder. AARP just got thier cut of the pie so now they are endorsing this stupidity. I hope all the executives at AARP get death counsiling just as many of us will get when this health care craziness is passed.


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