Break-in at the courthouse

Courthouse closed while investigation proceeds


Law enforcement believe someone broke into the Moffat County Courthouse on Wednesday morning while it was closed for Veterans Day.

Moffat County Sheriff Tim Jantz said the first report of the incident came today when county workers returned to work.

It appears offices for the clerk and recorder, assessor, treasurer and combined courts were all involved, he added.

Law enforcement is now taking an inventory of the scene to determine what was taken, if anything.

The courthouse is closed until further notice.

County employees spent the morning looking through their files to check for anything missing.

Several commented that all the security cameras had either been turned or had the power cables pulled out of them.

No one knew if law enforcement had been able to get a view of who broke in.

Officials from the Craig Police Department and Moffat County Sheriff’s Office said they could not comment because they were busy working on the third floor, or court level.

As of 10:30 a.m., clerk and recorder staff were still sifting through their records with rubber gloves checking for anything missing.

At least one cash register had been pried open and the money stolen.

County assessor Suzanne Brinks said her office was missing a laptop computer, two digital cameras, keys to four different county vehicles, a large box of antique cameras she intended to put on display in her office and some candy.

“Whoever was here, they knew what they were doing,” Brinks said. “They knew they had time.”

The box of antique cameras alone was large enough to take some time to carry out of the building, she added.

“I almost came to work yesterday because I had some stuff to do, but my husband said, ‘Oh relax, take a day off,’” Brinks said. “Of course, I don’t know if I’d want to be here while all that was going on.”

The treasurer’s office wasn’t hit as hard as other places, Treasurer Robert Razzano said.

The office safe was not damaged, but some of his locked desk drawers had been pulled open.

Although there were several files strewn across the floor when he came into work about 7 a.m. today, he said there did not appear to be any missing.

Whoever did it, however, did take a checkbook and some cash belonging to the local Amateur Athletic Union basketball chapter, Razzano said.

“It’s just weird,” he said. “You feel a little violated. I had desk drawers here on the floor. Everything was wrong.”

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als362 7 years, 4 months ago

After the city council allows people to sell pot on the street, more of this type of thing will happen.


westslopeguy 7 years, 4 months ago

But it's a good thing the CPD and our elected officials are trying to find ways around the constitution of the state of colorado, (lower case c intentional), instead of providing law ENFORCEment, ie: ENFORCING laws on the books, not just trying to make new laws or sitting back waiting 'til they're broken and grabbing a collar, but PREVENTING (enforcing), the laws already on the books from being broken. If it weren't as negative as I project, maybe vandalism, breaking and entering, burglary, and criminal mischief wouldn't be a problem in our community. What do I know, It's just

my 2 cents, Paul


lonelyone 7 years, 4 months ago

why in the world are you blaming the police and sheriff's office for this?


sparky 7 years, 4 months ago

Wow I wonder if any of Ken Johnsons information was tampered with or if it could have been a fact finding mission??????


norights 7 years, 4 months ago

I wonder why a building like this with all of our information on our cars . houses and court records does not have an alarm system


sparky 7 years, 4 months ago

Thats a really good ??? I have never heard of a couthouse being broken into before that seems very risky and foolish almost like they were wanting to send a message.


daybyday 7 years, 4 months ago

als, I agree. Foolish people say that legalizing pot on the streets will decrease crime. What a joke. I'm not talking about the VERY SMALL minority of people in debilitating pain and suffering who have tried ALL OTHER OPTIONS and find no relief. Excuse the pun but it is a major "cop-out" to blame this mess on the PD. Drug dealers are loving the issues with LE right now, because it's their red herring. Yes, there are some obvious problems there, but if anyone's been paying attention to this marijuana issue on the news, they know that the PD cannot be blamed for the marijuana mess. All I can say is arm yourselves and hold on for the ride.


westslopeguy 7 years, 4 months ago

Addressed primarily to daybyday and lonelyone: With regard to why blame the police for this one. I wasn't blaming the police. I referenced their and "our elected officials" treatment of existing laws and pursuance of new laws to contradict the constitution of the state of colorado. My references are based on previous quotes in the Craig Daily Press, (I realize are not always accurate, but it's the only information I have with which to work), from Chief Vanetta, (presumed spokesman for the CPD), and Councilor Willems, an agent of our "elected officials" with regard to developing city ordinances to bias, prejudice or otherwise block constitutionally legal activities from occurring in Craig. I was merely stating that if our law ENFORCEment teams were ENFORCing existing laws instead of trying to obstruct our constitutional RIGHTS, perhaps we'd have a better handle on criminal activity in the community. I know I'm getting wordy now, so I'll sign off. After all, it's just

my 2cents Paul


daybyday 7 years, 4 months ago

No big mystery in this inability to see eye to eye, Paul, when you as a liberal and me as a conservative just do not think alike. What you see as freedom, I see as lawlessness. What you see as a solution to lawlessness, I see as compounding existing problems. States and communities have always politically divided and always will; why would you expect that Craig should be any different. As you stated somewhere, you are glad you moved; some use the same reasons you left for staying.


westslopeguy 7 years, 4 months ago

I'd like to correct your perception of me as a liberal. All I have proposed in these pages is that we follow the laws that have been enacted, either legislatively or constitutionally I don't see how abiding by the laws makes me a liberal. I prefer to see myself as a Constitutionalist, moreso than a liberal.

For the record, I do not use marijuana, medically or recreationally. I do however believe that if the populace has authorized it, and the Constitution allows it, then the good ol' bois of Craig aren't empowered to prohibit it.

Unfortunalely, at times, (constitutionally), the majority does tend to rule. Our founding fathers, (I refer to the United States of America when speaking of our founding fathers, NOT the councilors of Craig who think themselves above the laws of our nation or state), even built the representative government with a bicameral congress to restrict or limit the mass rule of a true democracy. We of opposing views must adhere to the rules of the majority UNTIL we have garnered enough support to effect changes that we believe are more conducive to public growth and development, (I'm not referring to EDC's or any of that sort, I mean the development of us -(yeah, you AND me) - as a society.

I believe if an individual is suspected of committing a crime, he should be investigated, charged, prosecuted and punished according to the findings. I believe if the State Constitution allows a particular activity, then it should be allowed in that state. I believe If a law, enacted by LOCAL ordinance is found to be in violation of the Constitution of the United States of America, it should be stricken.

If those views mark me as a "liberal" in the views of the typical Craiger, then yeah, I'll reiterate: I am glad I've moved from that community and hope to find a more open minded sort in other parts of the country.



daybyday 7 years, 4 months ago

You are still missing local government in the form of city ordinances, which is still in accordance with federal and state law, and still majority vote, but as I said before divides states and communities generally according to liberalism vs. conservatism.


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