Dick Prosence: Freeloaders rejoice


To the editor:

I have been riding bicycles for 76 of my 85 years. During those years, I’ve ridden hundreds of miles of city streets, county roads and bike trails, including two of the best in Colorado — Glenwood Canyon and Vail Pass. All that time, I’ve been a “freeloader,” since I’ve never contributed one thin dime toward the cost of those biking facilities.

I’ve been freeloading, like all other bicyclists, depending mostly on highway-user taxes to pay the way.

Now the Colorado Depart­ment of Transportation Commission has announced a new policy “to provide transportation infrastructure that accommodates” bicycles.

The needs of bicyclists and pedestrians shall be included in the planning, design and operation of transportation facilities, as a matter of routine.

Freeloaders rejoice!

This is in the midst of perhaps the most dire time in highway funding history.

This new policy resembles the hated “unfunded federal mandate” (added expense to a program, without the addition of more income).

What I expect to see are separated bike paths along every rural highway improvement project, when all that is needed is a fairly wide shoulder along which bikers could ride. The shoulder also would benefit the highway user who is footing the bill.

How about if us “freeloaders” supported a 10 percent tax on all new bike sales to pay for the cost of the new “policy” on highway projects?

Dick Prosence


rhammel 7 years, 5 months ago

I would support that tax. But getting around TABOR could be a problem. A registration "fee" may be easier to get implemented. I hope that there will be more comments on this vital question.



als362 7 years, 5 months ago

I would support a license or registration fee for bikes to pay for bike paths.
I do not appreciate free loaders though. One of the major problems in this world today, is too many people expecting a free ride. I believe that everyone should be man enough to pay their own way.
If they do not wish to pay thier way, then they should stay home and not attempt to use facilities they have not helped pay for!


als362 7 years, 5 months ago

I think anyone that brags about being a freeloader, should be ashamed of himself. What a shameful way to act!


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