Louis J. Hahn: Gas prices are too high


To the editor:

On Nov. 4, I went to Denver.

I needed to gas up, but I knew it would be cheaper in Hayden or Steamboat Springs. The prices in Craig were pretty much locked in at $2.79 per gallon. As I went through Hayden, the prices were $2.61.

I passed that up and went on to Steamboat. Sure enough, I stopped and gassed up at 7-Eleven for $2.54.

That gave me enough gas to get to Denver and back to Steamboat, where I filled up again before coming to Craig.

I know you gas vendors in Craig have tried to explain the reason for higher prices in Craig, but could you try one more time? I just can’t seem to understand it.

I appreciate the posting of gas prices the city of Craig and the Daily Press does here in Craig. Would it be possible to include at least the lowest prices of surrounding cities?

Thank you.

Louis J. Hahn


David Moore 7 years, 5 months ago

Beating your head against a rock will be much less painful than arguing prices with the fuel vendors in Craig, they just don't care and will give you the moldy excuse of transport costs due to our "unique location". I imagine they are raising prices because the hunters will pay regardless, we just get to suffer alongside of them. Why can't someone open up a station here and charge .20 cents less per gallon? What is preventing that from happening? I realize the power of money but could you imagine the corner of the market that would gain someone? More customers, more profit, less cost to the consumer...makes sense to me.


Ray Cartwright 7 years, 5 months ago

This web site will tell you the gas prices around the nation,


you just enter the zip code and it will give the prices of the city that you want


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