Tanya Surbeck: A fine community


To the editor:

I have only lived in Craig for eight months, but I have to say, this community is one of the finest I have ever been in.

There are so many reasons for the excellence here, but let me focus on just three:

• The people of this area are some of the kindest, sweetest, most accepting people I have known. They have all welcomed our family in as if we had been here for years.

The most recent example has been while I have been struggling with a recurrence of cancer, and the offers for meals, calls and visits, and just the reaching out of a hand to hold when words weren't able to be spoken. I am so blessed to have found this wonderful city to call home.

• The library. What a fantastic resource we have right here in our city limits. As a professional "mover," I have lived in quite a few areas, and two of the best ways I have ever found to gauge the quality of the community is the dedication to literacy and to health care.

This library offers some wonderful opportunities, and Craig should be most proud of it. I plan to spend hours and hours just enjoying the many wonders it offers.

• Health care. Yes, the new hospital is wonderful, it is beautiful, it has state of the art everything. But when it all comes down behind the bricks, mortar and electronic equipment, it is the people providing the care in it that make the health care here in Craig the exceptional kind that it is.

Again, I have worked in a number of cities and states in the past 23 years, and the level of professionalism and knowledge that are present in this community hospital are unprecedented. The nurses, technicians, administrative staff and physicians are among some of the best I have known.

You all can rest assured that when you go to the hospital and/or clinics here for care, you are receiving top-notch, high-quality care from people who actually care about you, the patient. I would much rather be hospitalized in this facility any day, than some of the "regional medical centers" that tag you with a number and act like you don't exist.

Craig, you should be very, very proud of your health care. This new building is just the cherry on top for the quality people who support it.

I love living here, I hope to be a citizen of this community for many years to come, and I'm so glad that I was able to meet the kind of people that make Craig home.

Tanya Surbeck


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