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Monday, November 30

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Your community snapshots for Nov. 30

Here are some of the October entries for fall and open categories in the Craig Daily Press Your Community Snapshots photo contest.

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Speed to serve as a replacement for height for MCHS girls varsity basketball

Sometimes, the best way to negate a size disadvantage is to run around it. That’s the plan with the Moffat County High School girls varsity basketball for this season. The team’s defense will need to focus on clamping down other team’s outside shooting to make the size disadvantage moot.

Craig briefs: Colorado Meth Awareness is today

Gov. Bill Ritter has proclaimed today as Colorado Meth Awareness Day, according to a proclamation signed earlier this month.

Horoscope for Nov. 30

Horoscope for Nov. 30

Agenda for Moffat County Commission

Moffat County Commission agenda

Agenda for Moffat County Tourism Association

Moffat County Tourism Association board agenda

‘The gift of Cory Pike’

Community turns out to remember MCHS graduate

During a weekend memorial service for Cory Pike, a close family member took a moment to thank Cory’s parents, Dave and J.J. “They gave him a wonderful life,” said Daniel Pike, Cory’s cousin. “And they gave us the gift of Cory Pike.”

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Parade of Lights takes place in downtown Craig

Sixteen floats entered this year’s annual Downtown Business Association/Craig Lions Club Parade of Lights event, which took place Saturday in downtown Craig. “Christmas Dreams” was the theme of the parade.

Sports briefs: Company trying to solicit local businesses

Richard Wildenhaus, Moffat County High School athletic director, is warning the community about a company soliciting local businesses.

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Steamboat senior teaching about diabetes

Skyler Barry’s senior project expands understanding

When Skyler Barry was in middle school, she didn’t have boyfriends. Boys wouldn’t hold her hand because they feared catching her diabetes. That, of course, is not possible. “I don’t want kids to have to grow up dealing with what I dealt with,” Barry said. “I want them to know what it is, to understand.”

H. Neal Glanville: Glanvilles in the 1969 blizzard

At the time, nobody had ever seen it snow as much so fast. The nurses were whispering about being snowed in and how they should shuffle new patients around, and candy stripers were all a flutter about missing their boyfriends.

Carol Wilson: Happy holidays

On behalf of the Craig Downtown Business Association, I would like to wish everyone a joyous holiday season and send a special thank you.

Aging Well: Respite a necessity for caregivers

Caring for a family member with a disability or chronic condition does not come with a road map. Individuals often assume caregiving responsibilities without knowing what tomorrow or the next day will bring.

Datebook for Nov. 30

Datebook for Nov. 30

Annie's Mailbox: Teens medication has bad side effects

Dear Annie: I am a 16-year-old girl who still wets the bed. I have tried everything from wearing an alarm to taking medication.

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Beautification Committee raises $11,000 in raffle

What started as a gimmick to keep people’s interest in tough economic times ended up attracting more attention to the Craig Beautification Committee’s annual fundraiser than ever before. The Beautification Com­mittee raised about $11,000 in raffle ticket sales for a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado.

Saturday, November 28

Over A Cup of Coffee: Lola’s ‘Fruit Cocktail Cake’ an old favorite

Around holiday time, I think about friends, both past and present. This week, while I was going through my recipe file, I found the recipe for “Fruit Cocktail Cake.” It’s in Lola Downs’ handwriting.

Parade of Lights kicks off today

There was no Parade of Lights when Kristi Shepherd was a young girl growing up in Craig, but she’s doing her best to give today’s youth memories of the holiday parade she never had. Shepherd is the chairman for this year’s Parade of Lights, an annual holiday season march through town that heralds the coming of the new year.

Government update for Nov. 24

Government update for Nov. 24

Agenda for Moffat County Ttourism Association

Agenda for Moffat County Ttourism Association

Bill Cook: Be thankful to God

Everyone can be thankful for this day with God in America.

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Small and fast is the plan of attack for MCHS girls basketball team

The fleet-footed frontcour

There isn’t one player more than six-feet tall among Moffat County High School girls varsity basketball forwards. There isn’t a starter left from last year’s team. And, most importantly, there isn’t a problem with that. The team knows it won’t tower over its opponents. Instead, they plan on running around them.

Sports briefs: Big Dogs win big in Eagle Valley

Craig Bad Dogs youth wrestling results from Nov. 21 in Eagle Valley.

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MCHS and FFA to contribute to holiday food drive

Moffat County High School students will have only a week to reach their goal of filling a horse trailer full of canned food. It’s a lofty goal, student council president Slade Gurr said, but he thinks the school can collect more than 4,000 cans in the spirit of giving during the holiday season.

Governor declares Monday Meth Awareness Day

Gov. Bill Ritter has proclaimed Monday as Colorado Meth Awareness Day, according to a proclamation signed earlier this month.

Andy Bockelman: Appropriateness of ‘New Moon’ wanes

Who could forget their senior year of high school? With the friendships, the prospect of the future, the love triangle with two different creatures of the night. … Or was that last example just in “New Moon?”

Annie's Mailbox: Husband puts wife low on priority list

Dear Annie: I have been married more than 10 years. “Chet” is a great father to our kids but not such a terrific husband. For the past five years, I have been emotionally neglected and put at the bottom of his priority list. When I beg him to pay more attention to me, things will change for a couple of weeks and then I’m back to being neglected again.

Craig briefs: Kmart offers free gift-wrapping today

Kmart plans to offer a free gift-wrapping service from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. today and Sunday to benefit the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Datebook for Nov. 28

Datebook for Nov. 28

Horoscopes for Nov. 28, 2009

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) — There are few other signs that enjoy games as much as Sagittarians, and activities that contain elements of chance could be lucky for you. This does not include taking a foolish gamble, though.

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Craig residents flood stores during Black Friday

Downtown businesses not as busy as large retailers

Chris Pierce, 30, and Jess McQuay, 22, arrived at Wal-Mart at about 2:30 a.m. Friday. Three hours and $800 later, the couple filled their truck bed with two shopping carts full of kitchenware, toys and electronics.

Commission considers green energy rebates

Washer, refrigerator purchases included in deal

The Moffat County Comm­ission has until Tuesday to decide whether it wants to partner with the Governor’s Energy Office to provide rebate incentives for new purchases that improve energy efficiency or use renewable resources.

Friday, November 27

Janet Sheridan: Retirement and Herb's pig

In third grade, a classmate, Herbert Peterson, claimed to have seen a two-headed pig. I didn’t doubt him. In our rural area, such an oddity seemed possible. He further asserted one head was good — pleasing oink, rosy color, ate from his hand. The other was evil. It shrieked, slobbered, and nearly ate his left thumb.

Andy Bockelman: Blitz your theater to see ‘The Blind Side’

Imagine a movie viewer as a quarterback and the director as a lineman. As “The Blind Side” will tell you, having the right person looking out for your interests makes all the difference.

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MCHS boys varsity basketball will find strength in guards

Some basketball teams have speed. Some have ball control; some have three-point shooting, and others have lock-down defenders. This year, Moffat County High School boys varsity basketball has all of the above.

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Dale Secules to be promoted to detective

When Craig Police Depart­ment Officer Dale Secules interacts with someone in the community while patrolling, he doesn’t see it as an opportunity to put someone in handcuffs or write them a ticket. He sees it as a chance to teach.

Ed Wilkinson: VA, private sector partner to improve vet services

The Department of Veterans Affairs and Kaiser Pemanente have announced a new program designed to improve care and services to our nation’s heroes.

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Jail cooks, inmates make Thanksgiving dinner for 77 people

For anyone who thinks cooking Thanksgiving dinner is hard, try making turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce for 77 people. That was the task set in front of Mary Buchanan, Patti Disch and their staff, who made a traditional feast Wednesday and Thursday for the guards and inmates at the Moffat County Jail.

Watching over the water tanks

During the winter and spring months, when we’re feeding cows at the house, I have to keep two large water tanks filled. It’s not such a bad job, just monotonous. So, I’ve tried starting the hose and going off to do something else while the tank fills.

Craig briefs: Christmas for Seniors forms due Dec. 10

Applications for Christmas for Seniors may be picked up at Sunset Meadows I and II, Moffat County Social Services, the United Way office and the Maybell store.

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Steamboat Springs man takes first steps toward recovery

After stroke, paralysis, brain surgery, Clayton Huyser is walking

At first, it was one step. Leaving the Craig Hospital rehabilitation center near Denver, Clayton Huyser began to walk on his own for the first time since he suffered a major stroke nearly eight months before.

Jane (Brown) Glanville: Art, music need to stay

What a great way to install a feeling of pride and accomplishment in a student and their school. How appropriate that a tradition is carried on, and old meets the new. In the old middle school once hung a mosaic, also made and donated by students of the then-Moffat County High School.

Fuel gauge report for Nov. 27, 2009

Regular unleaded and diesel prices around Craig as of Thursday afternoon.

Annie's Mailbox: Wife no longer seems interested

Dear Annie: My wife and I have been married 16 years and have two teenage kids. When we were first married, we were regularly intimate.

Horoscopes for Nov. 27, 2009

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) — Because of your cooperative attitude, associates will be supportive of causes or issues you espouse. Once you receive their cooperation, continue to be proactive.

Datebook for Nov. 27, 2009


Police Blotter for Nov. 25, 2009

Craig Fire/Rescue

Thursday, November 26

Police Blotter for Nov. 24, 2009

Moffat County Jail

Deb Roberts, Liane Davis-Kling, Joy Tegtman, Jeff Simon and Eric Hansen: Memorable ceremonies

On behalf of the students and staff of Moffat County High School, we would like to thank the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4265 and American Legion Post 62 for participating in the Veterans Day celebration.

Parade of Lights on Saturday

There was no Parade of Lights when Kristi Shepherd was a young girl growing up in Craig, but she’s doing her best to give today’s youths memories of the holiday parade she never had.

Craig briefs: Governor extends holiday wishes

Gov. Bill Ritter extended all Coloradans warm wishes for a safe, happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday with friends and family, his office announced Wednesday in a news release.

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MCHS boys varsity basketball will rely on speed instead of height

The Western Slope is a big place. With some of the post players roaming the high school division 4A basketball courts, it can feel a lot smaller. From Delta to Steamboat Springs, Moffat County High School boys varsity basketball will have its hands full.

Andy Bockelman: Swank’s charm saves ‘Amelia’ from sputtering

One of the biggest mysteries of the past 100 years pertains to the disappearance of a certain pilot in a flight around the globe. An even bigger mystery is how the makers of the movie “Amelia” could make the subject matter so frustratingly uninteresting. The world is meant to be explored.

County shows staff how this year’s spending decisions affect future

With revenue shortfalls looming, Moffat County officials took a different approach to their budget this year to show department directors how decisions made this year could affect the next five.

Cathy Hamilton: Dog’s business becomes draining

I am standing in the backyard, shivering beneath an umbrella, watching my puppy experience her first snow. “C’mon, girl. Hurry up,” I say in my most encouraging cheerleader voice. “Go pee!”

Wesley Counts: The rest of the story

I read your article about the grant to provide handicap access for voters at the Hamilton Hall.

Datebook for Nov. 26, 2009


Horoscopes for Nov. 26, 2009

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) — You could learn a painful lesson from something that takes place, but it’ll be worth it. The knowledge you acquire will be extremely valuable.

Annie's Mailbox: Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers

Dear Readers: Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. We hope you are fortunate enough to be spending the holiday with loving family and friends. We also hope you have remembered those who are alone today and would love to be part of your family on this occasion.

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Moffat County residents explain what they're thankful for this holiday season.

Wednesday, November 25

DOLA denies county road request

Agency has limited funds; county preparing for year without grants

Moffat County received confirmation Friday that it will not receive any of the $17 million in severance tax grant funding made available this year by the state Legislature. The county applied for almost $5 million to repave 28 1/4 miles of Moffat County Road 4, which officials said is in disrepair because of increased energy industry traffic between Wyoming and the Piceance Basin.

MCTA director resigns

Board to seek replacement

The Moffat County Tourism Association Board called a special meeting Tuesday to discuss the resignation of its director, Michelle Balleck. Balleck, who has worked for MCTA since January, turned in a letter of resignation to Moffat County on Monday.

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Volleyball awards dinner reflects accomplishments on, off the court

Senior Kelly Edington needed only two words to sum up the Moffat County High School girls volleyball awards dinner. “It’s sad,” she said. “I didn’t cry, but it’s sad.” The whole team met for the last time Tuesday at the high school for the awards dinner.

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Students, faculty remember MCHS secretary Tanya Bohrer

The last time Moffat County High School Principal Thom Schnellinger saw his secretary, Tanya Bohrer, all he got was a wave from her hospital room: A simple ack­nowledgement from a friend, co-worker and caring mentor.

Gene Counts: Making too big a deal

I have read a couple of letters to the editor from the Friends of Northwest Colorado, and I am sure they are not speaking for all of us. They are making too big of a deal about oil and gas drilling in Northwest Colorado.

Annie's Mailbox: Husband's sister's kids keep getting us sick

Dear Annie: My husband’s sister refuses to cancel her plans even if her children are sick — which happens all the time. She will drop the kids off at my mother-in-law’s and, as she’s leaving, say, “Oh, by the way, ‘Suzy’ has a cold.”

Horoscopes for Nov. 25, 2009

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) — Today might not start out so well, but it is likely to be a day where you will turn around several failing endeavors, producing a number of happy endings.

Craig sports briefs: Company trying to solicit local businesses

Richard Wildenhaus, Moffat County High School athletic director, is warning the community about a company soliciting local businesses.

Datebook for Nov. 25, 2009


Kathy Bassett: Memories and rural one-room schools

My kids are not going to forget that they went to a tiny one-room school in Brown’s Park. They made lots of memories. Of course, there were no school buses, so we parents drove the kids to school. For some, it was a 20- or 30-mile trip, and others were six to 10 miles. I remember one morning in particular, we pulled into the schoolyard, but the kids couldn’t get into the school.

Craig briefs: State offices closed Thursday, Friday

State government offices will be closed Thursday for Thanksgiving, and many state offices will be closed Friday, the third furlough day this year as part of ongoing efforts to keep the state budget balanced.

Police Blotter for Nov. 23, 2009

Moffat County Jail

Our View: Help for the holidays

Alcoholism has jokingly been referred to as a three-step disease — Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. However, there’s truth behind the humor, enough to lead the Editorial Board to believe the next several weeks could be particularly difficult for some people who find the holidays a difficult time of year.

Tuesday, November 24

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Council passes medical marijuana ordinance

ATVs approved on 1st reading

Although there have been heated discussions in recent months, the Craig City Council’s final vote Tuesday on an ordinance regulating medical marijuana dispensaries within city limits was relatively calm and quick. The council approved the ordinance, 6-1, at its regular meeting Tuesday

Craig briefs: Blue Ribbon chefs hosting next mixer

The Craig Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors are offering a business after-hours mixer from 5 to 7 p.m. Dec. 3, hosted by Blue Ribbon Kitchens.

Coreen McClellan: Focus on fundamentals

I found it ironic that you published an article praising the Moffat County High School musical in Saturday’s paper right next to an article where Mr. Allen suggested the arts programs in our schools be cut in order to meet next year’s budget cuts.

Byron Willems: Voice your opinion

Our state senator, Al White, said: “We don’t allow people to simply open up a shop and sell controlled substances like Valium or Oxycontin — that’s why they call them ‘controlled substances.’ So, why are we allowing that to happen with medical marijuana?”

Horoscope for Nov. 24

Horoscope for Nov. 24

Police Blotter for Nov .22

Police Blotter for Nov. 22

Datebook for Nov. 24

Datebook for Nov. 24

Senior spotlight for Nov. 24

Christmas movies are in full swing and they are the usual Hallmark stories, full of people and how they think of Christmas.

Agenda for Moffat County Tourism Association

Moffat County Tourism Association

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Your community snapshots for Nov. 24

Here are some of the October entries for Fall and Open in the Craig Daily Press Your Community Snapshots photo contest.

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Grad hopes to give back through wrestling

Travis Linsacum’s love of wrestling started as soon as he could walk. That love carried him through four years of high school, a state title and two years of college. Now at age 25, the 2002 Moffat County High School graduate wants to help other youngsters learn the fundamentals of the sport he loves.

Maren Schmidt: Where do the night owls play?

A few months ago after reading John Medina’s book, “12 Brain Rules,” I started thinking about the implications of Medina’s brain rule and other information about sleep. Medina tells us that people fall into three kinds of sleepers: Larks, hummingbirds and night owls.

Study shows possible coalbed methane effects

Research reports potential water impacts

An ongoing study into the possible effects of coalbed methane production in the Sand Wash Basin now shows the area has deep faults potentially connecting coal seams and near-surface water reservoirs.

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Andy Bockelman: Appropriateness of ‘New Moon’ story wanes

Who could forget their senior year of high school? With the friendships, the prospect of the future, the love triangle with two different creatures of the night … Or was that last example just in “New Moon?”

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MCHS football awards dinner recognizes past, present athletes

Quarterback Matt Linsacum knew if he worked hard enough, it would pay off. On Monday, Linsacum was told his work had been rewarded with an all-conference first team selection during the Moffat County High School varsity football team awards dinner.

TMH board approves 2010 budget

Brian Chalmers started work as The Memorial Hospital’s chief financial officer in late September. In under two months, he was expected to get up to speed on procedures, move into a new, $42.6 million building and start almost from scratch on a 2010 budget that accounts for an economic recession and the looming reality of a $2 million loan payment.

Annie's Mailbox: Woman feels dumped by her college friend

Dear Annie: I was close to “Bob” in college. Four years ago, when he married “Sue,” whom I vaguely knew, I was the only one of his friends to attend her bachelorette party. A few years after their wedding, I flew across the country and stayed with them for a while. I had fun and sent a nice gift afterward.

Lee appears in court

Craig resident James Lee, who has three ongoing assault cases against him in the Moffat County Combined Courts, appeared last week for a preliminary hearing on all charges.

Monday, November 23

Horoscope for Nov. 23

Horoscope for Nov. 23

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Craig Middle School art students create unique mural for new building

At the bottom of the blue and white bulldog mural, there were 11 tiles glazed in blue, and 11 names carved in white. The extended studies class at Craig Middle School, called “mural painting,” was a four-week class that took place the last 30 minutes of the school day.

Craig briefs: VNA hosting 2nd Celebration of Life

The Northwest Colo­rado Visiting Nurse Association and Hospice will host the 2nd annual Celebration of Life from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Dec. 1 in the VNA lobby at 745 Russell St.

Datebook for Nov. 23

Datebook for Nov. 23

Annie's Mailbox: Recovering addict wants to get her life on track

Dear Annie: I am an addict in recovery. I moved out of state three years ago when I was seeking treatment and completed my program 15 months ago. I have successfully maintained employment for more than a year now.

Sports briefs: Craig Puck Ewes fall to Vail

laying Sunday at the Moffat County Ice Arena, the Craig Puck Ewes fell to the Vail Twin Peaks, 4-1. The Puck Ewes’ Jamie Eckroth scored Craig’s lone goal with two minutes remaining.

Aging Well: Adult day programs offer ‘good day’ opportunities

Adult day programs provide older adults with dementia and other chronic conditions a comfortable and safe place to enjoy hobbies, exercise, social activities and almost anything else that catches their interest. Operated by the VNA’s Aging Well division, an adult day program is open and available at The Haven in Hayden.

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Relay For Life fundraising under way for 2010 event

If you wake up to find a neon green toilet sitting in your front yard, don’t be alarmed. It’s not a prank or an insult, and it’s all in good fun, said Shannon Samuelson, Craig Relay For Life committee co-chair.

Bryce Jacobson: Changes under way at Holistic Health

Holistic Health & Fitness is bringing you the services of Neil O’Keeffe, a licensed acupuncturist who is available Wednesdays.

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Hockey club team has split weekend

Eighteen seconds into the first Moffat County varsity hockey game of the year, the Bulldogs let one get by. Playing Saturday at the Moffat County Ice Arena, the Bulldogs got the puck deep into Rock Springs (Wyo.) territory, but a deflected pass put the Miners on the attack, and they were able to slip the puck into the goal.

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Local girl collects shoes for Rwandan orphans

Boxes will be placed at schools, grocery stores, banks and at Bud Werner Memorial Library today in Steamboat Springs. If all goes as planned, the boxes will be filled with new and used Crocs and other shoes that will be sent around Christmastime by 11-year-old Reagan Mertz to an orphanage in northern Rwanda.

Moffat County School Board: Thanks to Durham

The Moffat County School Board would like to thank Rod Durham for his eight years of service. Because of term limits, Rod has resigned his seat.

H. Neal Glanville: Grateful for the right reasons

Each year, it seems more and more people are removing themselves from the simple joys regarding the holiday season.

Sunday, November 22

The Record for Nov. 20

The Record for Nov. 20

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Blee family observes anniversary of daughter’s disappearance

Paul and Mona Blee like to keep out photos of family vacations, and the homemade art projects made by their children. All of it is a memento of happy times, when Marie was Paul and Mona’s little girl. Marie vanished Nov. 22, 1979, from a party in the Shadow Mountain subdivision outside Craig. The 30th anniversary of her disappearance is Sunday.

Saturday, November 21

Daily horoscope for Nov. 21

Daily horoscope for Nov. 21

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CMS basketball team rattling off points

Playing Friday in Craig, the Craig Middle School Bulldogs basketball team got off to an impressive start and never looked back, beating the Little Snake River Valley School Rattlers, 60-16, in front of a packed house.

Andy Bockelman: ‘2012’ an emotional drama

A good action movie will suck you in to its story with absorbing visual effects that make you forget just how outlandish it is. How fitting that the big-budget tale

Kathy Bassett: A cow’s point of view

Did you ever wonder what a cow is thinking when it tips its head to one side and stares at you with those big eyes? Is it good or bad? Well, after working with them this week, I think I have a pretty good idea of what a cow is thinking, so I thought I’d just share some thoughts with you.

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City donates $50,000 to college’s new campus project

In 2011, Colorado North­western Community College will have finished its first building on the site of its new campus, a 14,000-square-foot career and technical building that will house a new and upgraded cosmetology center.

Annie's Mailbox: Wife of 16 years making life stressful

Dear Annie: “Audrey” and I have been together for 21 years, married for 16. The past couple of years, however, have been stressful.

Craig briefs: Holiday food orders can be picked up

RE Craig’s Thanks­giving Food Distribution Day is today.

Police Blotter for Nov. 20

Police Blotter for Nov. 20

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Education cuts being brainstormed

State Sen. Al White, R-Hayden, met with school board members and administrators from around Northwest Colorado Friday at the Moffat County School District administration building for the Kids First Forum.

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CJ and Jarret Walt share the same last name and, hopefully, the same shift

Jarret and Colin James “CJ” Walt both play for the Moffat County Bulldogs club hockey team and hope to one day share the same shift. CJ, 17, and Jarret, 14, together stack up to a 12-foot, three-inch wall of defense that started skating at four years old.

Datebook for Nov. 21

Datebook for Nov. 21

4-H Achievment Night Awards — Part 2

Awards and recognition — it’s what 4-H Achievement is all about. This year’s Achievement Night was held Oct. 29 at the Moffat County High School Auditorium, and this week’s story is Part 2 of the award results.

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Moffat County History: Martin Lukas: A Bohemian homesteader

The sight of crumbling homestead remains in lonely spots across Northwest Colorado conjures up questions and imaginings about the people who lived there.

Government update for Nov. 17

Government update for Nov. 17

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Moffat County High School’s fall musical gives last performance tonight

Thursday night, an hour before the curtain rose on Moffat County High School’s “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” the dressing room was sweltering.

Our View: Red herrings

For a while, it seemed the local medical marijuana issue would come and go without much attention. That changed Nov. 10, the most recent Craig City Council meeting, when several residents made it clear they did not want marijuana use condoned in town.

Friday, November 20

Fuel gauge for Nov. 19

Regular unleaded and diesel prices around Craig as of Thursday afternoon. Numbers correspond to the numbers on the photo.

Annie's Mailbox: I have trust issues with my boyfriend

Dear Annie: I was with “Barry” for two years. After the first eight months of an amazing relationship, things started going downhill. Out of the blue, I felt I couldn’t trust him. He didn’t do anything in particular. For no reason, I just started checking his phone and becoming clingy and controlling. We fought over stupid things because of me.

Horoscope for Nov. 20

In the year ahead, it could be your good luck to experience a vast improvement in your financial affairs. Once your ways and means start to improve, you will finally get to buy some of the nice things you’ve always wanted but couldn’t afford.

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Brian Ivy signs letter of intent to Concordia University

When Brian Ivy signed his letter of intent to triple- and long-jump with the track team at Concordia University next year, it completed an improbable run.

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Diane Prather: ‘The Memory Cupboard: A Thanksgiving Story’

Traditionally, family members always have traveled to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving. Katie, the main character in this week’s book for children, thinks there’s nothing like Thanksgiving at her grandma’s house.

Group collecting donations to send to overseas troops

Marci Valicenti does not want soldiers fighting overseas or their families to feel alone, like the wars are their burden to carry alone. For the past seven years, Valicenti and other Steamboat Springs residents have run Support the Troops, a donation and delivery service for American soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, which is run through the Yampa Valley Community Foundation.

Kindergartners show ‘spectacular’ progress

Teachers sing praises of new all-day program

Sara Linsacum’s kindergartners have had plenty of time this year to learn about activating their “schemas.”

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2009 hunting season slower than usual

Leland Reinier, owner of Big Cat Taxidermy in Craig, said business has suffered this year because the number of hunters has dropped. When there aren’t large numbers of out-of-town hunters, the community suffers, Reinier said.

Datebook for Nov. 20

8:30 to 10 a.m. Senior swimnastics takes place at the American Legion Post 62 pool, 1055 Moffat County Road 7. Call 824-3625.

Craig briefs: Books & Beads prepping for class

Downtown Books & Beads, 543 Yampa Ave., is hosting a beading class at noon Saturday.

Janet Sheridan: Overeating, pie and Aunt Mary

I love Thanksgiving. Growing up, I looked forward to the quiet holiday tucked between my birthday and Christmas, because I could eat all I wanted — an unusual occurrence when competing on a daily basis with six siblings, hungry and mean.

Rev. Karen Gibson: God’s providence is still present

I love the Thanksgiving season. For me, it starts around Oct. 31 when those fall festivals start being advertised.

The police blotter for Nov. 18

Angela Kristen Budge, 21, of Fort Collins, was booked into Moffat County Jail on a warrant.

AAA: Holiday travel to increase 1.4 percent

Mountain states show 0.3 percent increase

With Wall Street seemingly growing stronger, some are predicting a rise in holiday activity that could bode well for the national economy.

Thursday, November 19

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Phillies pitcher Cliff Lee stops in Craig

World Series game winner talks to MCHS baseball team

Cliff Lee, the 2008 American League Cy Young winner and ace of the Philadelphia Phillies, took a detour from his Northwest Colorado hunting trip Wednesday and appeared at Auto Parts of Craig, signing autographs for the Moffat County High School baseball team.

Tease photo

MCHS athletic director said 1st season exceeded expectations

Richard Wildenhaus, who became Moffat County High School’s athletic director in July, said his first season on the job netted nothing but positive impressions.

Tease photo

Ed Wilkinson: Con artist looking for veteran mark

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4265 and American Legion Post 62 members need to be aware of a possible scam involving a person claiming to be a veteran and needing assistance to get back to his home in Arizona.

School Board to discuss past and future goals

Policy changes, attendance and state standards on the agenda today

Beginning with a work session at 4 p.m., the Moffat County School Board will meet to discuss a multitude of issues, from all-day kindergarten to truancy.

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Diane Prather: ‘Pumpkin Cake’ a Thanksgiving favorite

Thanksgiving is the time to cook up old favorites, and one of my all-time favorites is “Pumpkin Cake.” I may have featured the recipe in this column previously, but it’s worth repeating.

Annie's Mailbox: My wife hugs and kisses everyone she meets

Dear Annie: My wife of 27 years hugs and kisses everyone she meets, no matter how often she sees them. I have spoken to her about this, stating that not everyone is comfortable being hugged and kissed all the time.

Shannan Koucherik: Every penny donated can help someone

Your recent story about the Grand Junction Salvation Army Service Unit (11/16/09) being flooded with applicants to ring collection bells for minimal pay this holiday season emphasizes the need many people have for help as the current national depression floods into Western Colorado.

Police blotter for Nov. 17

Officers responded to a report of assault.

Ritter honors Fort Carson soldiers

Gov. Bill Ritter issued a statement Wednesday honoring the 15 Fort Carson soldiers killed in action in Afghanistan last month, the deadliest month of combat for the post since the Vietnam War.

Craig briefs: Thanksgiving Dinner today

Integrated Community is hosting a free Thanks­giving Community Dinner from 2 to 6 p.m. today at St. Michael Catholic Church, 678 School St. There also will be a winter coat giveaway and health screenings.

Sports briefs: Weekend club hockey schedule

Starting at 7:15 p.m. Friday, there will be a hockey tournament featuring the Moffat County Bulldogs club hockey varsity and junior varsity teams.

Hayden Town Council to review budget

The Hayden Town Council will decide whether to approve the first reading of the proposed 2010 budget when it meets at 7:30 p.m. today. The town must adopt the nearly $2.2 million budget by Dec. 15. It’s due to the state by Jan. 31.

David and Gina Andujo: Thanks to Craig and Parks and Recreation

I want to say a huge thank you to the Craig Parks and Recreation Department and the city of Craig. We are so lucky to live in a city that provides so many opportunities for our children.

Datebook for Nov. 19

10 and 11:30 a.m. Story-time takes place in the children’s room at the Craig branch of the Moffat County Libraries, 570 Green St.

Horoscope for Nov. 19

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — Take command of your destiny, and don’t become depressed over things that may never happen. Maintain a positive, hopeful attitude at all times.

South Routt board preps for cuts

The first estimate from the Colorado Department of Education indicates the South Routt School Board could face cuts of about $221,000, a little more than 6 percent. At a meeting tonight, the board will take the first steps in preparing for the hit.

Helen Baysinger: Thanks to TMH staff, my family and friends

I want to thank Dr. Sisk, the nursing staff and dietary staff at our new The Memorial Hospital.

Cathy Hamilton: Girl Scouts could end crisis

I am hunkered down over my keyboard, working feverishly (OK, tepidly) on my weekly column. The topic? Something about how I’ve sacrificed my lunch hour with people for a daily tete-a-tete with the dog.

MCTA board votes to expand to 11 members

Board appointments up to County Commission

After some unrest regarding recent appointments to the Moffat County Tourism Association board, a unanimous decision was made to possibly expand the board to 11 members.

Wednesday, November 18

Sales tax drop hits Craig, Moffat County

County collections $93K less than expected

City and county sales taxes took what local officials called a “major drop” in September, darkening hopes that the holiday season will buoy revenue.

Police blotter for Nov. 16

Jessica Renee Phillips, 22, of Craig, was booked into Moffat County Jail on a warrant.

Judy Laib: Send troops, Obama

Thank you for allowing those concerned about our country to voice their opinions. I especially want to thank John Kinkaid for his recent “letter to the president.”

Jay and Dotty Oxley: CNCC betters Craig

As a local businessperson, I know that the healthiest towns in America are college towns, and with very good reason.

Tease photo

Pomeroy is just 1 of the guys

She doesn’t care what gender her teammates are — so long as they pass the puck

Kelsie Pomeroy doesn’t skip drills because she’s a girl. She doesn’t ask for special treatment because a ponytail sticks out underneath her helmet. All she asks is that her teammates give her the puck when she’s poised to score. Pomeroy, 15, is the sole girl on the Moffat County Bulldog Club Hockey team.

Sports briefs: Lifeguard certification offered

Anyone interested in becoming a lifeguard must take a certification class. Participants must be at least 15-years-old and pass a swim test.

Hayden School Board to review Hagins firing

Former transportation director alleges board took illegal action

The Hayden School Board will decide tonight whether to accept the termination of former Transportation Director Richard “Festus” Hagins. Hagins was told he was fired via an Oct. 26 letter from Superintendent Greg Rockhold. Hagins has alleged that the School Board acted illegally by voting to terminate his contract in executive session during its Oct. 21 meeting.

Moffat County School Board agenda for Thursday

6:30 p.m. Thursday in the Moffat County School District administration building boardroom, 775 Yampa Ave.

Amy Busby: Gas prices high

I am writing in response to a reader’s aggravation over the gas prices being too high in Craig.

Tease photo

MCHS students travel to Aspen for honor band

John Bolton, Moffat County High School band director took 11 band students to Aspen on Friday to participate in the Colorado Music Educators Association honor band for Northwest Colorado.

Datebook for Nov. 18

9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The Aging Well Program sponsors Wellness Wednesdays for adults ages 50 and older. Options include art, writing, and exercise classes. Lunch is served at each week’s lunchtime presentation. Register for activities before Wednesday. This event takes place at American Legion Post 62, 1055 Moffat County Road 7. Call 871-7676 for more information.

Our View: Singing praises

The Editorial Board took a certain amount of pride away from a former local resident’s recent and well-deserved reception of a prestigious state award. The community should share the same sense of pride.

County considers proposed 2010 budget

Declining revenues are, and will continue to be, a major issue for Moffat County officials for the foreseeable future, Budget Analyst Tinneal Gerber said.

Tease photo

Andy Bockelman: ‘The Box’ a disappointing story

"The Box" screenplay is the weak point of writer/director Richard Kelly’s third feature. Reworking the structure of Richard Matheson’s short story “Button, Button” — also made into an episode of the 1980s redo of “The Twilight Zone” — Kelly expands it with an unfortunate outcome.

Annie's Mailbox: My son’s teacher belittles her students

Dear Annie: I have two children who attend public school in California. We were relatively happy with our children’s education until our oldest started fifth grade. We had heard rumors for many years that one particular fifth-grade teacher was absolutely awful, and of course, our son got her. This woman is mean and degrading and belittles the children on a daily basis. What’s worse, she seems to get pleasure from her horrible treatment of these poor kids.

Friends of Northwest Colorado: NWCOS didn’t reach drilling consensus

This letter is in response to Moffat County’s Oct. 6 letter to the Bureau of Land Management regarding the BLM’s Resource Management Plan Revision for the Little Snake Field Office (Government Update for Oct. 6, Daily Press).

Tease photo

MCHS grad loses battle with cancer

Cory Pike succumbs to lymphoma at 20

With his parents and brother by his side, 20-year-old Cory Pike died Monday night of Burkitt’s lymphoma after fighting the cancer for six months.

Horoscope for Nov. 18

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — You have wonderful possibilities for material acquisition. The problem is that you also have great possibilities for the misuse of funds. Enjoy yourself, but know when to stop spending.

Craig briefs: H1N1 shots available for priority groups

A public drop-in clinic for H1N1 vaccinations is scheduled to take place from 3:30 to 7 p.m. today at Moffat County High School, 900 Finley Lane.

Tuesday, November 17

Tease photo

Copper Mountain to sell

Intrawest enters deal with Utah-based Powdr Corp., passes will be honored

Powdr Corp., based in Park City, Utah, will take over the I-70 corridor mountain. The company says it will honor all passes for this season.

Western Slope League all-conference boys soccer team released

The Division 4A Western Slope League boys soccer all-conference selections have been released, and Moffat County High School had three selections. Senior Cole DuBois, junior Tracy Mendoza and freshman Alex Perez all made the honorable-mention team to represent the Bulldogs.

Tease photo

A look at how MCHS teams finished the season

With cross-country and football seasons coming to an end, the Moffat County High School fall sports season came to a close. Although no teams took home state titles, almost every Moffat County team was in contention entering the final month of play.

Tease photo

Residents hope city passes ordinance for ATVs on public streets

Bruce White, DeLaine Brown and other proponents of allowing all-terrain and off-highway vehicles on city streets never second-guessed the openness of local officials, they said.

Former Craig resident wins volunteerism award

When Pres Askew moved to Craig in the 1990s, it was to help take care of his grandchildren after retirement, not to help take care of the entire community’s children. Soon, however, he found himself doing exactly that

Craig briefs: Dinner tonight for vets and families

American Legion Post 62 hosts a free chili dinner for veterans and their families from 5 to 7 p.m. today at the post headquarters, 1055 Moffat County Road 7. For more information, call 824-3625.

Annie's Mailbox: Unsure if partner is remaining faithful

Dear Annie: How can a 62-year-old woman be so confused at this stage of life? My domestic partner and I have been together 12 years, and our relationship has recently become shaky.

Horoscopes for Nov. 17, 2009

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — Be careful not to go to extremes: Don’t hold back something you should be sharing, and don’t be overly generous. In both cases, you could hurt the situation at hand, not help it.

Student news: Stayton Mosbey

Stayton Mosbey, a 2009 Moffat County High School graduate, was named to the Dean’s List at Westwood College Denver North for the August 2009 term, according to a news release.

Datebook for Nov. 17, 2009


Maren Schmidt: What social style is your child?

In ancient Greece, Hippo­crates defined four personality types: sanguine, melancholic, choleric and phlegmatic. These were based on body fluids, or humors.

Humane Society of Moffat County: We appreciate the help

The Humane Society of Moffat County would like to thank the following:

Police Blotter for Nov. 15, 2009

Moffat County Jail

Senior Spotlight for Nov. 17, 2009

As I got in the car yesterday to go shopping with my daughter, Jane, and great-granddaughter, I looked out and what a beautiful sight.

Monday, November 16

Tease photo

1st baby born Friday at new The Memorial Hospital facility

Bethany Lou Martin’s nose was slightly crooked, but was becoming straighter by the hour. She weighed exactly 6 pounds and wore a lavender cap, which was knit by hospital volunteers. Bethany was born at 2:09 p.m. Friday and was the first baby delivered at The Memorial Hospital’s new facility.

Craig briefs: Stark remembrance Thursday at Mathers

A remembrance for Stan Stark is scheduled to take place at 4 p.m. Thursday at Mathers Lounge & Café, 420 Yampa Ave.

Bryce Jacobson: Groups improve downtown visitor kiosk

The Moffat County Tourism Association and Downtown Business Association have made improvements to the visitor kiosk located in Alice Pleasant Park in downtown Craig.

Police: Beware of scam involving map sales

The Craig Chamber of Commerce and the Craig Police Department are warning local businesses of a scam involving map sales related to the Chamber, according to a news release.

Power outage hits Craig

A power outage lasting about an hour affected parts of Craig on Sunday, Yampa Valley Electric officials said.

Tease photo

Your commmunity snapshots

Here are some of the October entries for the fall and open categories in the Craig Daily Press Your Community Snapshots photo contest.

Tease photo

CMS basketball tames Meeker, wins 42-25

On Saturday, the Craig Middle School eighth-grade boys basketball team was able to avenge an earlier season loss to Meeker by topping the Cowboys, 42-25.

Annie's Mailbox: Husband having bad impact on children

Dear Annie: I am so frustrated with my husband. We have four children under the age of 8. He actually encourages them to watch scary movies and play violent video games.

Horoscope for Nov. 16

Horoscope for Nov. 16

Aging Well: H1N1 vaccine will be available to everyone — just not yet

Many older adults are confused about flu vaccination guidelines, often because they are urged to get a seasonal flu vaccination, but the H1N1 vaccine isn’t available to most people in their age group.

Tease photo

Cougars youth hockey team falls to Blades

After having already won its first game of the day against Grand Valley, the Craig Youth Hockey bantam Cougars weren’t able to capitalize on the momentum against the Gunnison Blades. Playing Saturday night at the Moffat County Ice Arena, the Cougars fell, 4-0, to the Blades.

Datebook for Nov. 16

Datebook for Nov. 16

Tease photo

Local crafters show off wares at annual holiday fair

In the crowded corridors Saturday at the Centennial Mall, a sweet, piney scent of the holiday gift-giving season permeated the air. At the 2009 Holiday Craft Show, 80 vendors of art, crafts, trinkets and gifts were squeezed into the mall hallways, offering samples, specials and smiles to the local crowd.

H. Neal Glanville: Where life isn’t interrupted

Hiding places. We all have them, the secret spots in our brain where we can slip away from the crud of adulthood and enjoy life as we imagine it should be.

Tease photo

Andy Bockelman: Not too early for ‘Christmas Carol’

The Christmas season starts earlier and earlier every year, usually eclipsing Thanksgiving. One thing you can give thanks for is that the 2009’s interpretation of “A Christmas Carol” didn’t come out before Halloween.

Saturday, November 14

‘Baby and Me’ program provides incentives for mothers to quit smoking

This fall, six women graduated from “Baby and Me — Tobacco Free,” a program to keep women from smoking during and after pregnancy. Funded by a grant and led locally by Hope Cook, the prenatal coordinator for the North­west Colorado Visiting Nurse Association, the program gives expecting and new moms incentive and motivation to quit smoking and stay smoke-free.

Craig woman gets 60 days in jail for attempted theft

Craig woman Lori Wagner on Friday pleaded guilty to attempted theft and criminal mischief after she was accused of stealing more than $30,000 from a Steamboat Springs real estate company.

Craig briefs: Gov. Ritter orders flags be lowered

On Friday, Gov. Bill Ritter ordered United States and Colorado state flags be lowered on all public buildings Monday in honor of U.S. Army Specialist Jonathon M. Sylvestre, 21, of Colorado Springs.

Datebook for Nov. 14

Datebook for Nov. 14

Government update for Nov. 10

Government update for Nov. 10

Request from school district

The Moffat County School District and Moffat County Education Association are partnering to oppose the rescission, or cut to public education funding, scheduled to occur in January 2010 and again in the budget year 2010-2011.

Bad Dogs youth wrestling succeeds

Team comes away with 8 1st-place finishes

After facing tough competition in the first national meet of the year, the Bad Dogs youth wrestling team got back to its winning ways in Granby. Wrestling in the Wild West match Nov. 7, the Bad Dogs were in midseason form, coach Rodney Klimper said.

Ed Wilkinson: A fitting, enlightening Veterans Day tribute

Many veterans attended the Veterans Day activities Wednesday at Moffat County High School.

Daily horoscope for Nov. 14

Daily horoscope for Nov. 14

Police Blotter for Nov. 12

Police Blotter for Nov. 12

Former detective’s case continued to Dec. 8

Ken Johnson’s charges stem from reported misconduct

The case against former Craig Police Detective Ken Johnson was continued Friday until 11 a.m. Dec. 8 in Moffat County District Court.

Our view: Prove it

Given its status as perhaps the most important of public functions, education is a topic often discussed and debated, and one most people have an opinion about. Generally, those opinions revolve around what could be done better, both locally and statewide. On both fronts, there’s no shortage of problems.

Tease photo

Midnight Madness brings out support for MCHS basketball

Even with the first Moffat County High School home basketball game not scheduled before the new year, there was no problem packing the gym. During the first Midnight Madness, the boys and girls teams scrimmaged with more than 100 people in attendance at Moffat County High School.

Diane Prather: Cranberry salad worth menu consideration

To make “Cranberry Salad,” you’ll need: a small package of raspberry gelatin, 1 cup boiling water, a small, flat can of crushed pineapple, a 16-ounce can whole cranberry sauce, two bananas (sliced), and 1/2 cup chopped pecans.

Andy Bockelman: ‘Men Who Stare’ mostly a goat chase

“The Men Who Stare at Goats” shows just what you can do with enough concentration and determination.

Kathy Bassett: Lovin’ Maybell

Maybell is a ranching community 30 miles west of Craig. We love our teensy town!

Tease photo

October student count reveals enrollment rise

First increase in 10 years a bright spot for school district

Official numbers of fundable students in the Moffat County School District have remained steady since preliminary estimates released earlier this year, school officials said.

Tease photo

Decorated veteran relives stories from World War II

At age 85 and a Craig resident, Ray Wagner still has strong feelings about World War II and the atrocities he said he faced and committed while overseas.

Friday, November 13

Connell Resources suing county for breaches of contract

More than $100,000 being sought in YVRA contract dispute

Connell Resources has filed a lawsuit against Routt County seeking more than $100,000 in damages for allegations related to work at Yampa Valley Regional Airport in 2005 and 2006. The lawsuit, filed Oct. 23 in Routt County District Court, claims numerous breaches of contract by Routt County through its engineering firm.

Steamboat runners see mountain lion on Emerald

Big cat not aggressive toward Winter Sports Club athletes

Two teenage Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club athletes had a close brush with a big cat during a workout Wednesday. The cat was not aggressive, and no one was injured.

Annie's Mailbox: Ex-husband left to feel like an outsider

Dear Annie: Five years ago, my wife had an affair with my best friend, left me and married him. She now has total custody of our two kids. She lied to the court and to our friends and said I was an abusive husband.

Horoscope for Nov. 13

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — Not only will everything start out to your liking; things will end up that way. Your positive thoughts will attract good things all day long.

Tease photo

Craig youth basketball team faces off against Hayden, wins 30-12

Kody Fief’s height and Korten Hathhorn’s speed led the Craig Hoosiers to a 30-12 win Thursday night against Hayden in Craig Parks and Recreation youth basketball.

Janet Sheridan: Fossils don't use Facebook

I sat in the top row of an arena during the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament, baffled by the timeout behavior of the crowd. When action on the court stopped, fans occupied themselves by visiting the Internet or sending texts on cell phones that glowed like fireflies throughout the stadium.

John Kinkaid: We deserve leadership

Dear Mr. President, You are a disgrace to the office of the president of the United States. You disgrace the office at multiple levels. I shall discuss only one today.

Craig briefs: Library board meets at 5:30 p.m. Monday

The monthly meeting of the Moffat County Libraries board is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Monday at the Craig branch, 570 Green St.

Datebook for Nov. 13

Datebook for Nov. 13

Police Blotter for Nov. 12

Police blotter for Nov. 12

Fuel Gauge report for Nov. 12

Local fuel gauge for Craig

DA investigating former officer, ACET member

The 14th Judicial District Attorney’s Office is investigating a former Craig Police Dep­artment officer and All Crimes Enforcement Team task force member for an incident regarding $500 in lost ACET funds. Craig Police Chief Walt Vanatta said officer Bob Brabo resigned Nov. 5 after an internal investigation revealed he violated internal department policies.

Break-in at courts, offices on Veterans Day

Law enforcement investigates burglary at Courthouse

Law enforcement is investigating a burglary that occurred Wednesday morning at the Moffat County Courthouse, while it was closed for Veterans Day.

Tease photo

Move to The Memorial Hospital’s new location is bittersweet for staff

Just before 6 a.m. Thursday, Amanda Dieter, 21, was wheeled down the hallway of The Memorial Hospital with her newborn son, Branson, in her arms. Branson was placed in a small car seat and kept close to his mother. He was about to make his first journey, a historic one for not only him, but also TMH.

Sports briefs: Area hockey starts at Moffat County Ice Arena

Starting at 6 p.m. tonight, hockey returns to the Moffat County Ice Arena. The Bulldogs hockey team will have its silver vs. blue scrimmage at 6 p.m. today.

David Pressgrove: Heartwarming letters from camp

When somebody asks me, “So what do you do?” I typically explain that my job, in a nutshell, is to hang out with teenagers. That usually doesn’t help clear up the question. The asker might not tell me, but I can see that in their head they’re thinking, “That’s a job?”

Esteban Saldivar: Child speech problems

I read your article “Miss Yampa Valley Pageant features nine local girls” with great interest.

Thursday, November 12

Break-in at the courthouse

Courthouse closed while investigation proceeds

Law enforcement officers believe someone broke into the Moffat County Courthouse Wednesday morning while it was closed for Veterans Day.

Tease photo

Pink team wins against green in Craig Youth Basketball

Compared to rodeo, basketball is easy. Just ask Kinlie Brennise. Playing Wednesday during the Craig Parks and Recreation third- and fourth-grade girls youth basketball at Sunset Elementary, Kinlie helped lead the pink team to victory against the green team, 23-18.

MCHS basketball season kicks off Friday

For those who can’t wait until Dec. 5 for Moffat County High School basketball, there is a solution. At 7:30 p.m. Friday, the boys and girls teams will be squaring-off in a series of scrimmages in the first Moffat County Bull­dog Basket­ball Midnight Madness.

Kathy Bassett: Lovin' Maybell

Maybell is a ranching community 30 miles west of Craig. The population is less than 100. It is an unincorporated community governed by the Moffat County Commissioners, who provide the streets and roads and have a county shop located in Maybell, along with law enforcement, library, ambulance services, and a small all-volunteer fire department.

Tease photo

MCHS students learn lessons of a fallen soldier

In 1999, Moffat County High School teacher Paula Duzik taught English to a bright, outgoing sophomore with a memorable smile. He eventually would be known as Pri­vate First Class Chance Phelps.

Tease photo

Community remembers, honors and supports local veterans

Every year, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4265 performs a flag-raising ceremony and a 21-gun salute at 11:11 a.m. Nov. 11 on the Moffat County High School football field.

Council acts on ACET budget, college funding

Actions taken by the Craig City Council at its Tuesday meeting.

Crews to start on Little Snake community center soon

With funding secured for a new community center, Little Snake River Valley residents can soon see the building rise from the dirt.

Datebook for Nov. 12, 2009


Police Blotter for Nov. 10, 2009

Craig Police Department

Parks and Recreation youth basketball schedules

Boys fifth- and sixth-grade basketball schedule

Craig briefs: Walmart gives out “Teacher Rewards”

On Oct. 30, Walmart store manger Lou Groff presented 10 Sandrock Elementary School teachers with a $100 gift card and a framed plaque.

Lawrence L. Sober: Problems in politics

The problem in politics we have today is that lobby groups have so much money and power that they buy elected officials to get laws passed to benefit their special interests.

Cathy Hamilton: Extra hour’s sleep insufficient

Today, gentle friends and readers, I’d like to discuss the convergence of the end of daylight saving time with the beginning of the holiday season and how it’s become too freaking much for me to bear!

Annie's Mailbox: ‘Helen’ won’t stop talking about herself

Dear Annie: My husband and I are retired. A year ago, we moved in order to be within driving distance of our three married children.

Horoscopes for Nov. 12, 2009

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — Don’t make a commitment unless you intend to give it your all. Once you give others your word, they will be depending on you to follow through, even if you run into a problem.

Wednesday, November 11

City, law enforcement bring in outside investigators

2 probes will look at Police Department investigation, ACET policies

The Craig City Council has hired an independent investigator to examine the Craig Police Department’s internal investigation in March of a former detective now charged with three felonies in Moffat County District Court.

Tease photo

Tipton intends to challenge Salazar in 3rd CD

Cortez Republican confirms intent to campaign for Congress in 2010

Republican state Rep. Scott Tipton announced today that he intends to challenge Democratic U.S. Rep. John Salazar for the 3rd Congressional District seat, The Denver Post reports.

Police Blotter for Nov. 9, 2009

Moffat County Jail

Our View: Our veterans, our honor

Today is Veterans Day, a time in which Americans everywhere should do their part to thank someone who has been, or is currently, a participant in the U.S. Armed Forces for their sacrifice and dedication to our country.

Frank M. Sadvar: Why windshields?

My question is, what is the idea of a windshield on an ATV? We do not have to have one on a motorcycle, or one when we are running off road.

Annie's Mailbox: Please thank, care for veterans

Dear Annie: Shortly after Thanksgiving last year, my husband was hospitalized at the San Francisco VA Medical Center. We live 250 miles from the hospital and spent the week with friends nearby. We visited my husband daily and did the same a few months later when he needed a second surgery.

Tease photo

CMS basketball 7th- and 8th-grade teams win against Colts

Despite a 40-27 victory against the Rawlins (Wyo.) Middle School Colts on Tuesday, Craig Middle School’s Taft Cleverly said the Bulldogs still have room to grow.

Craig briefs: Hampton Inn hosts Chamber mixer

The Craig Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors is offering its next Business After-Hours Mixer from 5 to 7 p.m. Nov. 20 at the Hampton Inn and Suites, 377 Cedar Court.

Datebook for Nov. 11, 2009


Tease photo

Fall musical cast and crew smooth out the edges

Backstage in the Moffat Coun­ty High School auditorium, the make-up lights radiated heat while cast members of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” milled around in the chaos of the dressing room.

County appoints new MCTA board members

Commission votes to close swinging bridge through May 2010

The Moffat County Com­mission said it made one of its hardest decisions Tuesday: the appointment of new board members to the Moffat County Tourism Association.

Residents angry about marijuana ordinance

Council approves 1st reading, 6-1

The Craig City Council spent far less time discussing its medical marijuana ordinance Tuesday than in the past few months, but it heard far more voices.

Tease photo

Colorado secretary of state presents $18,450 grant to Hamilton

The old hardwood floors of the Hamilton Community Center are stained with history. Over by the front window, which looks across Colorado Highway 13, a dark patch marks the spot where oil cans once were stacked in the corner of the Hamilton General Store before it closed 1976.

1 vehicle involved in Colorado Highway 13 rollover

At 8:30 p.m. Monday, law enforcement and emergency agencies responded to a report of a vehicle that had gone off the road at mile post 87 on Colorado Highway 13.

Horoscopes for Nov. 11, 2009

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — Getting involved in something another is mishandling might not be the answer if you know little about handling it. Seek out a trusted person who has the wherewithal to take charge.

Tuesday, November 10

Man pleads guilty to drug charges

A local man charged in two separate drug distribution cases pleaded guilty to reduced charges Nov. 3 in Moffat County District Court. Jerry David Flannery, 46, was first arrested in February at the Holiday Inn of Craig, where Craig Police officers reported they found him in a room along with $4,840 in cash, as well as meth crystals and various other drug paraphernalia.

Police Blotter for Nov. 8

Police Blotter for Nov. 8

Senior spotlight for Nov. 10

The holiday season is here, and people are shopping for Thanksgiving and some for Christmas. Let’s not forget Veterans Day on Wednesday.

Byron Willems: Medical marijuana

All I know is that this entire medical marijuana situation has been twisted and distorted to allow literally thousands of Coloradans who use marijuana for “recreational usage” to now obtain it legally.

Sports briefs: CMS basketball to face Rawlins

The Craig Middle School boys seventh- and eighth-grade basketball teams will square off against the Rawlins (Wyo.) Middle School Colts at 4 p.m. today at CMS, 915 Yampa Ave.

Missouri man killed in Friday rollover near Baggs

35-year-old passenger was later treated and released at The Memorial Hospital in Craig

A Missouri man was killed Friday in a vehicle rollover near Baggs, Wyo., according to a Wyoming Highway Patrol news release. A passenger — Bradley S. Shain, 35, of Glenwood, Iowa — was treated and released from the hospital.

Blue Star Mothers offer support for military moms

A year ago, Anna Klenda discovered the Blue Star Mothers, a national service organization for mothers with children serving in the military. The nearest chapter is located in Grand Junction, however through the network of military mothers, Klenda met two other women in a similar position in her own town.

Datebook for Nov. 10

Datebook for Nov. 10

Annie's Mailbox: Daughter concerned about mom

My parents have been married 25 years when my father died at age 45. Mom began drinking and she has become an alcoholic.

Horoscope for Nov. 10

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — Unless your aims and objectives are clearly defined, it will be difficult to get anything accomplished.

Craig briefs: DAR to host its monthly meeting

The Augusta Wallihan chapter of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution will host its monthly meeting at 2 p.m. Saturday, at the Museum of Northwest Colorado, 590 Yampa Ave.

High school plans daylong Veterans Day celebration

Moffat County High School wanted to do more for Veterans Day this Wednesday. Deborah Roberts, head of the high school social studies department, said the experience left a profound impression on everyone who went, and there was an immediate push upon their return to do something special for Veterans Day from then on.

Tease photo

Home of ‘South Park’ creators blends East and West

Design features Japanese teahouse, Western styles

A tour of the local house owned by “South Park” creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone turns up not a single Emmy, Eric Cartman doll or half-drawn cartoon panel. Instead, the timber-frame home near the base of the Steamboat Ski Area is filled with a Zen-like calm and a love of nature.

Tease photo

MCHS football falls short of playoffs by thin margin

Zero point four. That is the margin at which the Moffat County High School boys varsity football team missed the playoffs. Less than one percentage point separated Moffat County and Palisade High School, the 16th ranked team in Division 3A.

Bill and Linda Sloan: Thank you

To our daughter, Carol, our grandson, Randy, and his classmates.

Monday, November 9

Dick Prosence: Freeloaders rejoice

I have been riding bicycles for 76 of my 85 years. During those years, I’ve ridden hundreds of miles of city streets, county roads and bike trails, including two of the best in Colorado.

John Morgan: Equal rights

In 29 states, it’s legal to fire otherwise-qualified employees because they are lesbian, gay or bisexual.

Secretary of State to stop in Moffat County

Colorado Secretary of State Bernie Buescher plans to make his first official visit to Moffat County on Tuesday. Buescher will appear at 10 a.m. at Hamilton Community Hall in Hami­lton for a special presentation commemorating the building’s reopening as an annual vote center.

Datebook for Nov. 9

Datebook for Nov. 9

Craig briefs: Chamber seminar to advise businesses

The Craig Chamber of Commerce is hosting a seminar, “Business Survival in Tough Economic Times,” next week.

Bryce Jacobson: 4 years and counting

Nov. 15 will mark four years of business for Honey Rock Dogs in Craig. Shannan and Ed Koucherik own and operate the dog-boarding business at 1202 Rose St.

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Your community snapshots

Here are some of the October entries for fall and open in the Craig Daily Press Your Community Snapshots photo contest.

Aging Well: Education, positive attitude are keys to diabetes management

Information from diabetes education programs, support groups, cookbooks and magazines for people with diabetes has been a powerful tool in helping people tackle these challenges.

Tease photo

Miss Yampa Valley Pageant features 9 local girls

Throughout the day Saturday, the girls were judged on their poise, confidence and dedication to their community during the first Miss Yampa Valley Pageant.

Police Blotter for Nov. 7

Police Blotter for Nov. 7

H. Neal Glanville: Down goes the elk

Long, long ago, in a land just south of Steele Street, there lived a young couple starting to understand the fine line between lunacy and spending the rest of their lives together in harmonious “what-cha-call-it.”

Horoscope for Nov. 9

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) —It’s one of those days when you will have to put your full weight behind any goal you hope to accomplish; unless you are committed to going all out, it’s extremely likely you won’t make it.

Annie's Mailbox: Mother’s will leaves behind confusion

Dear Annie: When my ex-husband died three years ago, we found a copy of his mother’s will, which stated that her entire estate would go to him, and if he died before her, to our son.

Tease photo

MCHS cross-country teams finish 9th at state meet

Running Saturday at the state cross-country meet, Alfredo Lebron wanted to outrun teammate Alex McCoy. Lebron, who had expected to finish near the middle of the pack, wound up with an 18th place finish as Moffat County High School boys and girls teams finished ninth.

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Runaway youth art entries still welcome

On Saturday, outside the Community Budget Center on Yampa Avenue, several volunteers from the Youth Leadership Team displayed artwork and posters relating to the issue of homelessness in Moffat County.

Sunday, November 8

MCHS cross-country teams finish 9th at state meet

Running at the state cross-country meet Saturday at Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Collins, both Moffat County High School teams finished ninth.

Saturday, November 7

Craig briefs: Food distribution schedule released

United States Depart­ment of Agriculture food commodities will be distributed by the Moffat County Department of Social Services from 9 to 11 a.m. Nov. 17 in Craig at 595 Breeze St., the northeast alley entrance only.

Flags lowered until Veterans Day

Gov. Ritter issues statement to honor those who died at Fort Hood

Following Friday’s presidential directive, Gov. Bill Ritter ordered United States and Colorado state flags be lowered on all public buildings throughout Colorado immediately and to stay lowered until sunset Tuesday.

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Communities at work: Public health nurses ration H1N1 inoculation

long with the hockey, basketball, wrestling, skiing and holiday seasons that come with winter, it also is the time of year for the not so popular flu season.

Sexually violent predator registers in Craig

A sexually violent predator registered with local law enforcement Wednesday, according to a news release from the Craig Police Department and the Moffat County Sheriff’s Office.

Kathy Bassett: Blind in one eye, can't see in the other

Several years ago, we had permission to hunt north of Hayden. We were told we would be the only ones hunting on the property, so if we saw anyone else there, to run them off.

Police Blotter for Nov. 5

Police Blotter for Nov. 5

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Todd Trapp guiding MCHS cross-country teams to state meet

For Moffat County High School cross-country coach Todd Trapp, running has been life. When it came time for him to graduate from Augustana College in Sioux Falls, S.D., he wasn’t prepared to leave one of his passions in the dust.

Government update for Nov. 3

Government update for Nov. 3

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Diane Prather: Fredonne’s Apple Crunch is a delicious treat

Several weeks ago, some readers requested recipes for “Apple Crisp,” and this week I received two of them from Fredonne Chapman, of Craig. Fredonne has submitted recipes to the column previously.

Architect turned homesteader — L.A. Heard

A third generation architect by trade, Lucas Allen Heard grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where he was born on Aug. 22, 1846.

Horoscope for Nov. 7

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — If too much routine is getting you down, do something new and totally different.

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Bulldogs football take out Panthers

MCHS wins, 57-20, against Montezuma-Cortez

If it was the last game for Moffat County High School varsity football, the Bulldogs made the most of it. Playing against Montezuma-Cortez High School, the Bulldogs won, 57-20, to finish the regular season with a 6-4 mark.

Louis J. Hahn: Gas prices are too high

On Nov. 4, I went to Denver. I needed to gas up, but I knew it would be cheaper in Hayden or Steamboat Springs.

Datebook for Nov. 7

Datebook for Nov. 7

Annie's Mailbox: Children losing time with dying father

Dear Annie: My parents divorced 18 years ago, and Dad has had numerous partners and wives since.

Youths recognized during 4-H event

The annual 4-H Achievement Night was Oct. 29 at the Moffat County High School Auditorium. An inspirational talk by Sam Glenn was followed by an awards program. The event marked the end of the 2009 4-H year.

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Business owner creates fracturing fluid machine

Around April, Jay Forbes decided to reinvent his business by inventing something new. One night this spring, as Forbes sat at his dinner table mulling the future of his business and how to put people back to work, his mind settled on one idea. Hydraulic fracturing fluid.

Our view: Voting matters

The votes are in from Tuesday’s general election in Craig and Moffat County, and it didn’t take long to count them. All told, 1,005 of the county’s 8,730 total voters cast a ballot, translating into an 11.5 percent overall turnout.

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Pink Ladies uncertain about role at new hospital

Since 1968, Shirley Murphy has seen her share of changes at The Memorial Hospital. Now, she and her fellow Pink Ladies face the most drastic change of all. A new location, a new building and an uncertain future await the group at 750 Hospital Loop.

Friday, November 6

Tease photo

’Dogs hope to tame Panthers

MCHS varsity football plays Montezuma-Cortez tonight

With the season ticking down to the final minute, the Moffat County High School boys varsity football team will need a few breaks to reach the playoffs.

Tease photo

CMS splits against West Grand

Bulldogs win 1, lose 1 against Colts

Craig Middle School was able to split a Thursday hoops doubleheader against West Grand Middle School at CMS.

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City, ACLU reflect on campaign spending limit provision

The Craig City Council was an even split on a ballot question in Tuesday’s election that asked voters whether they wanted to delete a city charter provision on campaign spending.

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Craig resident reworks climbing wall, hopes to offer lessons

Rob Byrnes’ first time climbing was the most memorable. He was 12 years old and staring up at a wall of floor tiles that were stacked horizontally with spaces in between. The only instruction he was given was how to tie the knots on his rock climbing harness.

City ATV, OHV proposal has county support

Moffat County Commissioner Tom Gray, for one, hopes the Craig City Council passes a proposed ordinance to allow all-terrain and off-highway vehicles on public roads.

Duane Laabs: Do our votes count?

I’m confused. We are told that our vote counts from the time we are in school to every time that we vote. The voice of the people seems to me that it doesn’t count for a thing.

Datebook for Nov. 6, 2009


Police Blotter for Nov. 4, 2009

Craig Police Department

Pavilion project hits potential permit snag

Recent renovations at the Moffat County Fairgrounds Pavilion hit a snag this week, though the work largely is finished.

Linda Taylor: Song of the Lord produces joy in the heart

Recently, my husband asked me if I would like to take a ride with him in the gator. The weather was somewhat cool, so I bundled myself into four layers of clothes, crawled into my seat, buckled up and we were off.

Annie's Mailbox: Mother who hit child needs counseling

Dear Annie: Last weekend, my daughter, my grandchildren and I attended an exhibition at a well-known museum in Chicago. While waiting to enter, I saw a boy around 8 years old trying to comfort his toddler sister, who was crying. The mother was not present. However, when she returned, she snatched the little girl away and slapped the boy viciously on his ear. He cried out in obvious pain and ran to a nearby wall, sobbing.

Craig briefs: Pageant to take place Saturday

The Miss Yampa Valley Pageant is an all-natural pa­­geant for girls ages 3 to 18. Registration begins at 9 a.m. Saturday at Ridgeview Elementary School.

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Soup dinner to benefit Hayden girl

Ella Mosciaro has been diagnosed with focal cortical dysplasia

Cindy Mosciaro said her 20-month-old daughter, Ella, would choose a bowl of green beans instead of a bowl of candy if given the option. The Mosciaros call her EllaBeans. Ella was diagnosed Oct. 9 with focal cortical dysplasia. Mosciaro said Ella has a lesion on her brain, which causes seizures.

Horoscopes for Nov. 6, 2009

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — Normally, it’s not a good idea to offer advice when it isn’t solicited. However, if you have a good suggestion that will help a confused friend, don’t hesitate to speak up.

Fuel gauge report for Nov. 6, 2009

Regular unleaded and diesel prices around Craig as of Thursday afternoon.

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Moffat County schools may see 4 to 8 percent of funding cut in 2010

With an already tight budget, Moffat County School District administrators and School Board members were informed by the state to ready themselves for the possibility of a 4 to 8 percent cut. for 2010.

Janet Sheridan: Before using, read all instructions

I don’t know if you’ve noticed an I-70 sign posted for westbound traffic shortly before the off-ramp to Silverthorne. It instructs truckers not to exit if they’ve lost their brakes.

Thursday, November 5

Jody M. Brown: Thank you for aid

I would like to thank everyone who came to my aid Oct. 30, 2009, when I had a car accident. A special thanks to Barb and Patrick for picking me up.

Datebook for Nov. 5, 2009


Police: Beware of scams

Area residents have lost thousands in recent weeks

In the past two weeks, Craig residents have lost almost $25,000 to mail and Internet scams. A Craig Police Department news release described three of the most common scams that recently have hit close to home.

Mike Flannery: Marijuana questions

I have been watching the whole debate about medical marijuana with interest. My main problem with the drug, marijuana, is how it is retained in the system.

Craig briefs: 'Edgar Mint' up next for book club

The Craig Book Club is scheduled to meet at 9:30 a.m. Nov. 12 at First Congregational Church, 630 Green St. Veda Wyman will review Brady Udall's "The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint."

Local golfers finish 26th at national tournament

Although a local team didn't return with the prestigious McGladrey golf championship, team member Brett Etzler said the experience was one he would never forget.

Police Blotter for Nov. 3, 2009

Moffat County Sheriff's Office

Ed Wilkinson: Assortment of local activities planned for Veterans Day

Wednesday is Veterans Day. Moffat County High School, 900 Finley Lane, is hosting Veterans Day activities. A ceremony will start at 8 a.m. in the high school auditorium.

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Bad Dogs put up a fight against tough competition in Denver

In the first national meet of the year, the Bad Dogs Youth Wrestling team was able to hang in with tough competition. Coach Rodney Klimper said the Oct. 31 Monster Match in Denver brought out some of the best wrestlers Moffat County's young grapplers would see in the early season.

Tease photo

Mary Lou Allen leading Preserving the Last Frontier

As a girl, Mary Lou Allen had trouble learning to tell time. Her teacher at the Lower Big Gulch School in the late 1940s became frustrated with turning the hands of the wooden clock and trying to teach a young Mary Lou how to read it, so she gave up and sent the clock home with her to practice.

City, county discuss medical marijuana

City officials said they were under no delusions that any ordinance they pass regarding medical marijuana would be perfect.

Annie's Mailbox: Age casts a shadow on our marriage

Dear Annie: My husband is an amazing man. He is selfless and has uncompromising integrity. He is well-known and well-respected in our small community. I am proud to be his wife.

Dan Maes visits Craig

Gubernatorial candidate preaches old conservative values

Dan Maes freely admits he's not among the better-known names in the 2010 governor's race, but that's a good thing, he told a crowd of about 25 people Wednesday at the Holiday Inn of Craig.

Mary Jane Alexander: Thanks to my angel

My angel wore a tool belt. I do believe in angels. I came face to face with one of mine Monday morning at the Kinder Family Clinic parking lot.

Horoscopes for Nov. 5, 2009

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) - Deal immediately with a person who is concerned about getting short shrift; don't expect him or her to calm down in time. The sooner you alleviate this person's fears, the less time you'll lose.

Andy Bockelman: ‘Astro Boy’ flies low along the horizon of fun

Prepare for a shockingly mediocre animated feature with the pointy-haired protagonist of “Astro Boy.”

Cathy Hamilton: Gift bestows pearls before swine (flu)

This week, my husband gave me a gorgeous strand of pearls for our 30th wedding anniversary. They came in a velvet-lined, black leather box with a fancy clasp, and I cried like a baby when I opened them.

Wednesday, November 4

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Voter turnout among lowest ever

Just 11.5 percent cast a ballot in Tuesday's general election

The general election Tuesday tied the lowest voter turnout in Moffat County for any election since 1990, other than two primaries in 2000 and 2008.

Craig sports briefs: Winter sports practices start Nov. 12

The first official day for Moffat County High School winter sports practice will be Nov. 12.

City, county hosting workshop tonight

Marijuana, ATV ordinances on meeting agenda

City of Craig and Moffat County officials plan to meet at 5:30 p.m. today to discuss two draft ordinances the City Council is reviewing.

New Moffat County School Board set

All 3 open seats were uncontested in Tuesday's election

Three open but uncontested seats on the Moffat County School Board were officially filled during Tuesday's election. Incumbents Karen Stillion and Sandie Johns retained their seats in districts 2 and 4, respectively.

Craig voters have their say

Residents keep campaign spending limit despite constitutional concerns

Craig voters defied a U.S. Supreme Court ruling and a recent Moffat County District Court settlement Tuesday when they voted to keep a controversial campaign spending limit in the city charter.

Fantasy Fix: A fantasy sports addict's favorite time of the year

This is always a very interesting time of the year for fantasy sports addicts like me. You have football in full swing while basketball is entering its second week.

Tease photo

MCHS boys cross-country hopes to replicate regional success at state meet

Sometimes, too much snow is a good thing. With the Colorado state cross-country championships postponed from Oct. 31 to Saturday, the Moffat County High School boys varsity cross-country team used the extra week to get healthy.

School lunch program numbers increase

One-third of school district students receiving free or reduced-price lunch

If Karma Willbanks had her way, all students in the Moffat County School District would eat lunch for free. As it is, the food service secretary said one third of the students receive free or reduced-price lunches through the National School Lunch Program based on household size and income.

Officials review CNCC funding request

If construction at the new Colorado Northwestern Community College campus in Craig has the effect college president John Boyd thinks, the project may become a milestone in Moffat County's history.

Love INC announces coat distribution details

Below are times, dates and locations for the distribution of coats acquired through the annual Love INC winter coat drive.

Craig briefs: Library announces closure dates

The Moffat County Library has announced upcoming dates that the library will be closed. Those dates are Nov. 11, Nov. 26 through 29, and Dec. 8.

Datebook for Nov. 4, 2009


Police Blotter for Nov. 2, 2009

Moffat County Jail

Tanya Surbeck: A fine community

I have only lived in Craig for eight months, but I have to say, this community is one of the finest I have ever been in.

Our View: Commending COMA

It's no revelation to state that methamphetamine use and distribution has been nothing short of a plague on the Craig and Moffat County community.

Annie's Mailbox: How can I help dad with gambling problem?

Dear Annie: I'm 13 years old and have a younger brother. My dad is addicted to gambling. To make matters worse, he doesn't work much, either. Not that it matters. Even when he worked hard, he lost all of the money gambling.

Horoscopes for Nov. 4, 2009

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) - Even if change is not on the radar screen, you might benefit from an unexpected and uninitiated adjustment. Go with the flow, and advantages will find you.

Tuesday, November 3

Vance Fulton keeps Hayden District B seat

Incumbent tops challenger Laurie Hallenbeck for School Board

Hayden School Board member Vance Fulton will retain his seat and get his first full term as a board member. Fulton received 341 votes to opponent Laurie Hallenbeck's 206 in the District B School Board race.

Frentress wins Hayden District A seat

4th-generation Hayden resident beats Zehner for School Board

A former member of the Hayden Town Board, now Hayden Town Council, will represent District A on the Hayden School Board. Tim Frentress received 356 votes to the 192 received by opponent Darren Zehner, a 65 percent to 35 percent victory.

Hayden OKs car rental, lodging tax hikes

Hayden voters passed a referendum Tuesday that will increase sales tax for car rentals at Yampa Valley Regional Airport. Based on 2008 rental car figures, Referendum 2B would generate $143,500 next year for the town of Hayden.

Voters keep spending provision, elect school board members

Results announced for Tuesday's general election

Moffat County election officials finalized results from Tuesday's general election, which produced 1,005 voters, or 11.5 percent of the county's 8,730 registered voters.

Governor's race comes to Craig

Candidates start statewide tours

Although the Colorado governor's race is about a year away, candidates have started statewide tours to get their information out to voters early. Dan Maes, Republican candidate for Colorado governor in the 2010 general election, plans to appear from 3 to 5 p.m. Wednesday at the Holiday Inn of Craig, 300 Colorado Highway 13.

Mark Parchman: Memorial Hospital tour

We have a new hospital because of people working hard for the vote to fund our new hospital in Moffat County at voting time.

Craig briefs: Registration for SHARE is today

Registration for SHARE Craig food orders and Thanksgiving Packages will be at 10:30 a.m. and 11 a.m. today at Sunset Meadows II and I, respectively.

Datebook for Nov. 3

Datebook for Nov. 3

Senior Spotlight for Nov. 3

This time I told myself the change from daylight saving time back to Mountain Standard Time won't catch me, so I went to my bedroom Saturday night and changed my clock.

Moffat County Tourism Association agenda

Moffat County Tourism Association meeting

Police blotter for Nov. 3

Police blotter for Nov. 3

Annie's Mailbox: Sibling feeling burnt out as caregiver

Dear Annie: Seven years ago, my mother had a stroke. She recovered quite well physically but has never been the same mentally. My aunts wanted to put her in a nursing home, but my sister and I decided to assume responsibility for her. The plan was that Mom would spend six months with me and six months with my sister.

Tease photo

Local residents gather to kick off National Runaway Prevention Month

A crowd of about 30 gathered in front of the Moffat County Courthouse to celebrate the kick off to National Runaway Youth Prevention Month in Moffat County.

ACET suspect pleads guilty, will be deported to Mexico

Ernesto Sanluis-Espinoza, one of three men arrested in an All Crimes Enforcement Team drug raid Aug. 31, pleaded guilty to a lesser charge during a hearing Monday and will be deported.

Sports briefs: Men's pickup basketball offered

Craig Parks and Recreation is offering pick-up basketball games for men ages 15 and older.

Donna Reishus: TMH video tour

Thank you for the delightful video tour of "the new and improved" The Memorial Hospital.

DA's personnel budget cut by 5 percent

3 counties in 14th Judicial District agree to reduction

Commissioners for Routt, Grand and Moffat counties agreed Monday to trim the 14th Judicial District Attorney's personnel budget by 5 percent in 2010, to make up for lost revenue.

Ron Schaeffer: Event a great success

This is it: The 17th annual Downtown Business Trick-or-Treat Street on Halloween evening was a great success. More than 1,250 children and parents made this a very memorable event.

Maren Schmidt: The missing element

In his book, "The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything," Ken Robinson, Ph.D., tells us that we each need to find that place where the things we love to do intersect with the things we know how to do well.

Tease photo

MCHS girls varsity cross-country team hopes to shine at state meet

With an extra week to prepare for the state meet, both the boys and girls cross-country teams have been able to recover from injuries and squeeze in another week of practice.

Polls open today for general election

The November 2009 general election will be today, with vote centers in Craig, Maybell and Dinosaur. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. in Craig at Centennial Mall, 1111 W. Victory Way; in Maybell at the Maybell Community Center, 103 Ellis St.; and in Dinosaur at the county library, 400 W. School St.

Monday, November 2

Tease photo

Moffat County High School volleyball comes back against Battle Mountain

With her team's season hanging in the balance during the Colorado 4A District 7 volleyball tournament Saturday in Gypsum, senior Lindsey Yoast said her team decided to play tough. Although the team would fall to Rock Canyon High School and fail to qualify for the district championships, the battle with Battle Mountain High School would be the highlight of the day.

Daily horoscope for Nov. 3

Daily horoscope for Nov. 3

Datebook for Nov. 2

Datebook for Nov. 2

H. Neal Glanville: Light bulb gets shot off

We've all known them; most likely someone like them interrupts a portion of your life's quest for a normal day. Yes, I'm speaking of that creature who walks among us, the dreaded all knowing all seeing, "know it all."

Tease photo

Impromptu show made possible by snow

Delayed musicians from Uncle Kracker, residents gather Friday for concert in Rawlins

Kevin Wilson, lead guitarist and backup vocalist for the group Uncle Kracker, is touring with the group Train until November, and they were on their way to a show in Denver on Friday when Interstate 80 closures changed their plans. By about 7:30 p.m. Friday, Hoot & Howl at the Quality Inn in Rawlins - their chosen venue - was packed.

Craig briefs: General election day is Tuesday

The 2009 November general election will be held Tuesday, with vote centers in Craig, Maybell and Dinosaur.

Annie's Mailbox: Girlfriend can't get past man's affair

My boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship because he's at college, 2,000 miles away. We've been together for two years.

Tease photo

Community turns out for downtown Halloween event

Trick-or-Treat Street, an annual public Halloween event, packed the sidewalks for two hours Saturday evening as children of all ages and their families moved from business to business.

Government update for Oct. 27

Moffat County Commission

Aging Well: Aging field offers growing career options

While there is an increasing need for health care professionals skilled in aging issues, the growing number of adults 50 and older also is fueling demand for people to work with, or on behalf of, older adults in many other settings and roles.

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Your community snapshots

Here are some of the October entries for Fall and Open in the Craig Daily Press Your Community Snapshots photo contest.

Tease photo

Family hopes to open Ciao Gelato this month

Lynne Romeo gets passionate when talking about panini. Romeo and her family, including husband Massimo Erspamer and sons Mirko and Gabri Erspamer, are preparing to open an Italian-themed family restaurant, Ciao Gelato, later this month at Seventh and Yampa streets in Howelsen Place.

Horoscope for Nov. 2

SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) - Know the difference between persistence and just plain stubbornness. If you keep butting your head against a brick wall, you'll only end up with a headache.

Tease photo

The Memorial Hospital gets its first look

2,000 people walk through new hospital during public tour

In 1949, Al Shepherd, of Craig, had his tonsils out at the newly opened The Memorial Hospital. On Saturday, he walked through the medical surgery wing of The Memorial Hospital during a public tour of the new facility, built during the last year off of Moffat County Road 7 west of Craig.