Our view: Don't let youth run wild


Craig Editorial Board, April 2009 to July 2009

  • Bryce Jacobson, newspaper representative
  • Joshua Roberts, newspaper representative
  • Amy Fontenot, newspaper representative
  • Bernie Rose, community representative
  • Bill Lawrence, community representative
  • Brenda Lyons, community representative

Friday marked the last day of the 2008-09 school year for the Moffat County School District and signaled the beginning of summer vacation for hundreds of our community's youths.

While this break is well deserved, and the Editorial Board certainly hopes students enjoy their time out of the classroom, board members are not without their concerns.

Namely, the Editorial Board contends, more free time for our children means potentially more problems.

Without bolstered enforcement of the city's curfew - by parents and police - children will be left to their own imaginations about how to fill their free time.

We've seen before how some children choose to do that: littering, graffiti and damaging property, these are just a few activities bored but imaginative youths can choose when left without adult supervision.

At times, it seems that youths can be found roaming the city streets at just about all hours, a curious occurrence given that their parents are supposed to be keeping tabs on them, and police are supposed to be watching out for them.

When it comes to being out late, there isn't much positive youths can be up to without supervision when it gets dark.

Parents allowing this to happen, and police ignoring it, is a recipe for trouble. Maybe that trouble sometimes is relatively minor, like children hanging out with their friends later than they should, or maybe it is something more serious, like children getting together to vandalize public or private property, causing financial trouble for the owners and potential legal trouble for themselves.

Either way, with school out, parents and police need to keep better tabs on youths.

But, don't consider this a message from the board that it's better for students to lead a lazy lifestyle this summer.

It's not like our community is without its opportunities for youths to stretch their legs and work off the energy stored up throughout a year of sitting in a classroom, behind a desk.

There's the Boys & Girls Club of Craig, the city's swimming complex, parks and trails, basketball and tennis courts, and ball diamonds all around us, to name a few options. Note that these are amenities best used during daylight and early evening hours, and each are healthy outlets for anyone to enjoy.

So, parents and police, do yourselves and the community's youth a favor. Keep tabs on them this summer and watch out for them. Consider it a way of saving children from themselves.


als362 7 years, 11 months ago

Keeping these kids in check and out of trouble is totally the responsibility of the parents. Not the government or their teacher, or the police, the parents PERIOD!!!


George Robertson 7 years, 11 months ago

I am certainly glad that NONE of those on the "editorial board" were EVER renegade children that managed to avoid 24/7 "parental supervision".


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