Our View: A Great and Grand celebration


Our view

Although reputation as "Grand Olde Wet Days" holds true, organizers of annual celebration deserve kudos nonetheless.

Craig Editorial Board, April 2009 to July 2009

  • Bryce Jacobson, newspaper representative
  • Joshua Roberts, newspaper representative
  • Amy Fontenot, newspaper representative
  • Bernie Rose, community representative
  • Bill Lawrence, community representative
  • Brenda Lyons, community representative

The 19th annual Grand Olde West Days celebration - one of the biggest and most widespread community events in Craig - has come and gone, and in the Editorial Board's opinion at least, the festivity was a resounding success.

There was music, food, a parade, car show, bull riding challenge, street fair, motocross stunt show and an assortment of other activities for residents to take part in and enjoy.

One look at the foot traffic Monday in downtown Craig - organizers estimated there were about 5,000 people total - provided enough evidence of the event's success.

The only thing dampening the three-day event was, ironically enough, the rainy weather.

GOWD, which is sometimes referred to as "Grand Olde Wet Days" lived up to its unfortunate nickname in that regard.

The only suggestion the Editorial Board has regarding the weather and the event - and forgive the board for whipping a dead horse here - is that the timing might be better if the event were later in the summer.

A later date, when the weather is warmer and the climate dryer, might prevent the weather-related problems this year's festivity had each day. However, give event-goers, vendors and organizers credit - people waited the rain out, and when it cleared, GOWD resumed.

Other than the weather, the Editorial Board has no complaints, and neither should the community GOWD catered to.

Kudos to the organizing committee for putting together a top-notch event that our community could be proud of.

Coordinating an effort such as that is an undertaking that offers little in the way of credit and much in the way of second-guessing. It sometimes is a thankless job, which is why all those who volunteered their time deserve a big thank you.

Also deserving praise are the downtown businesses that stayed open during GOWD. Hopefully, those businesses were able to capitalize on the foot traffic that pounded the pavement downtown.

Overall, GOWD was a tremendous success, and if next year's 20th annual event is anything close to the 19th, our community is in for another kick-off to summer treat.


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