Annie's Mailbox: Daughter receives gift card that doesn't work


Dear Annie: My daughter received an iTunes gift card from one of her friends. At the birthday party, she and this friend attempted to redeem the card online, but it did not activate. The friend told her mother the card did not work. Two days later, we attempted to exchange the card at the store where it was purchased, but we needed a receipt. I called the friend's mother, but she told me she thought she had thrown it out, but she'd check and let me know.

Anyway, this particular mother has not contacted me, apologized or tried to exchange the purchase herself. If it were me, I would have taken the card back and gotten another. Am I out of line? What would be the proper action if this happens again?

- Kind of Annoyed in Florida

Dear Annoyed: Say nothing. Is it possible this girl gave your daughter a card that already had been used?

That would explain a lot of things, including Mom's reaction.

Yes, of course she should have apologized and exchanged the card herself.

However, it was a gift, which means even if Mom was ill-mannered and cheap, you're out of luck.


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