Kathy Bassett: Maybell memories



Kathy Bassett's column, "The View from Maybell," appears in the Saturday Morning Press.

— We love our little town of Maybell.

It doesn't have skyscrapers or movie theaters, and we don't even have one single traffic light. We have things that are far more important, however, such as real live deer and other kinds of wildlife in the front yard, a fun park where lots of fun things happen, and best of all, we have super, wonderful, caring people who live here. We are privileged.


What is one of the things that Maybell looks forward to? Yep, hunting season.

Usually the park is so packed with hunters, tents, campers, trucks and gear that anyone else wanting to camp there needs to bring his or her own piece of sod to park on.

Some years ago, a few of the local "boys" (we won't name names, because the people who matter already know) got together with a bright idea of welcoming and surprising all the hunters. (Now how many big towns would even think about welcoming strangers and making them feel wanted?)

This particular season, the park was so packed that you wouldn't even have been able to put another piece of sod in there. So the boys patiently waited : and: waited : and when it was finally time, went to work.

They very quietly sneaked around to every vehicle in the park and let the air out of their tires, and as a last finishing touch, pulled the chains across the park entrances and locked everyone in. What a "show of love" it was, letting all the hunters know how appreciated they were and that nobody wanted them to leave. Awesome, just awesome.

Guess what happened when opening morning of hunting season appeared at dawn's early light? You don't even want to know. There was such an uproar going on in the park that I'm surprised the noise wasn't heard clear into Craig. There were mad hunters running everywhere. I guess they didn't want to be protected and cared about.

Someone, somewhere, heard the noise though. It wasn't too long after the screaming and cussing began that several "fathers" showed up at the park with compressors and went to work airing tires back up.

I realize that lots of hunters spent big bucks for licenses and gear and gas to get here and therefore, yes, it made them angry when they realized what had happened. But, I'm sorry, every time I picture this whole scene in my mind, it tickles my funny bone, and I can't help but giggle.

No harm was done other than the hunters were just delayed a bit from rushing to their favorite hunting spot. Look on the bright side. Everything happens for a reason.

Perhaps that little delay prevented a hunting accident somewhere. I hope that later the hunters realized the joke and that they too laughed.

I can almost guarantee you that all these hunters never experienced an adventure anywhere else in the whole world like the great memorable time our boys gave them. And the hunters are probably still talking about it to their friends, relatives and grandkids.

"Hey, buddy, let me tell you about the greatest hunting trip we ever took :" It certainly doesn't appear to have kept hunters from returning, as evidenced by all the vehicles, campers, motorhomes and tents that still appear every hunting season.

Yes. We love our little bitty town.

When we hear others putting us down and scoffing and remarking about "that Maybell," we just put our hands over our ears. Because we know it ain't true.

We don't care what others think about Maybell. So if people who don't matter don't like our little town, that makes us happy, because it keeps our little town from growing into a big town and we prefer to keep it little.

We just have too much fun here.


grannyrett 8 years, 1 month ago

Sumarjn--You don't like Kathy's articles? Don't read them. Sounds like you have a "chip" on your shoulder. Kat--Keep 'em coming. You have many fans out there. You are making this a better paper, and we enjoy articles like yours and Neal's. More, more, more!!!!!!


Sumarjn 8 years, 1 month ago

My my, this sounds like another tall tale. Your know, you should actually care what others think about Maybell. Perhaps you should knock the cow chip off your shoulder?


oldsage 8 years, 1 month ago

She can't knock the cow chip off her shoulder because it is in her hair....at least that's what she wrote before!


Frank Estey 8 years, 1 month ago

In my own opinion, these little insights on life in Maybell demonstrate the pride this author has for the community. Sort of makes my feel like I was actually there .

Keep up the good work Kathy.....


Kat 8 years ago

Thank you for the great compliments. I truly appreciate them.

My imagination isn't big enough to conjur up tall tales and life is such an adventure for me, I don't need to think things up! What is that old saying. . . .? "Life is stranger than fiction!" It is what it is!

Speaking of cow chips, it makes me feel so good that I can laugh and poke fun of myself (knowing sometimes that I really deserve it, but I would never dream of hurting anyone else's feelings and if I ever did, it would be unintentional) I did wash the cow chip out of my hair. Now it's on my boots. Diapers just aren't big enough for cows!

I really enjoy all the other columnist's articles too. Everyone has a different story to tell and that is great. Mari Katherine's articles are always so sweet and many of them take me back to when I was young and in school. I really loved Neal's article this time. I've heard several people say how much they enjoy his column and when it isn't there, people notice it. Everyone just does a great job.

Thanks again, Kathy


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