Bad Dogs wrestler Deven Mosman, bottom, attempts to keep his back off the mat Saturday during the Lil Warrior Classic in Grand Junction. Teammate T.J. Shelton, top, won the match on his way to a first-place finish in the event.

Rodney Klimper/courtesy

Bad Dogs wrestler Deven Mosman, bottom, attempts to keep his back off the mat Saturday during the Lil Warrior Classic in Grand Junction. Teammate T.J. Shelton, top, won the match on his way to a first-place finish in the event.

Bad Dogs wrestlers chew up Classic

Craig youth wrestling team places 20 of 30 wrestlers in Grand Junction


Youth wrestlers looking for sponsors

Eight youth wrestlers from Craig have qualified for the Ohio Tournament of Champions and are looking for help to cover the trip's expenses.

Shandon Hadley, Mikey Bingham, Deven Mosman, Quincy Pfister, Thomas Baker, Colton Hall, Dezzee Pfister and Ethan Powers each qualified for the April 25 event at the Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio.

"This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, youth wrestling meets in the country," trip organizer Kelly Mosman said. "It gives the kids a chance to wrestle some of the East Coast kids, and it rewards them for all the hard work they put in this year."

Mosman said he hopes to raise about $4,000 - the cost of airfare and entry fees - for the eight grapplers.

For more information, call Kelly Mosman at 629-1546, or Katrina Baker at 824-4950 or 629-4950.

Bad Dogs wrestling results

March 6 and 7, Lil Warrior Classic

Central High School, Grand Junction

Individual results:

Wrestler Record (pins) Place

Cody Baker 3-0 (3) 1

Thomas Baker 1-2 (-) -

Cuter Barnes 1-4 (-) 5

Mikey Bingham (12U) 3-1 (1) 1

Mikey Bingham (10U) 3-1 (2) 2

Spencer Brown 3-0 (3) 1

Shandon Hadley 1-1 (1) 2

Ian Hafey 0-2 (-) -

Kaden Hafey 1-2 (-) 5

Koletan Hafey 1-2 (-) -

Logan Hafey 2-3 (2) -

Ethan Hafey 0-2 (-) -

Colton Hall 4-1(2) 2

Isiaih Herod 3-2 (-) 3

Issik Herod 0-2 (-) -

Ivin Herod 0-2 (-) -

Gregory Hixson 2-2 (1) -

Kaden Hixson 0-3 (-) -

Mikinzie Klimper 2-0 (2) 1

Dajia Lewis 3-1 (1) 2

Deven Mosman (12U) 2-2 (2) 3

Deven Mosman (10U) 2-1 (2) 2

Devlyn Mosman 2-2 (2) -

Dezzee Pfister 5-1 (2) 3

Quincy Pfister 3-1 (3) 3

Ethan Powers 3-0 (2) 1

Benji Robinson 0-2 (-) -

Blain Roop 0-2 (-) -

Isiac Roop 1-2 (1) -

Jake Shelton 3-1 (2) 2

T.J. Shelton (10U) 4-0 (4) 1

T.J. Shelton (12U) 3-1 (3) 2

Trent Vernon 2-2 (2) 3

Bruised, battered and beaten from last week's state championships in Denver, the Craig Bad Dogs youth wrestling team didn't show any signs of fatigue Friday and Saturday in Grand Junction.

The Bad Dogs bullied their way through the two-day Lil Warrior Classic, placing 20 of the 30 competitors that made the trip.

"Considering how much hard work and effort they put out the week before at state, I think they did awesome," coach Shane Hadley said. "We were a little sluggish at the start, but we shook it off and got it together."

Cody Baker, Spencer Brown, Mikinzie Klimper, Ethan Powers and T.J. Shelton each earned a first-place medal.

Shandon Hadley, Colton Hall, Dajia Lewis, Deven Mosman and Jake Shelton each finished second, while Issik Herod, Dezzee Pfister, Quincy Pfister and Trent Vernon placed third.

Cuter Barnes and Kaden Hafey finished fifth.

Looking for some added competition, 10-year-olds Bingham, T.J. Shelton and Mosman competed in the next-highest age division, reeling in three more medals.

Bingham placed first, T.J. Shelton second and Mosman third in the 12-and-under division.

"The way it worked out was, Mikey was awarded first after finishing in a three-way tie," coach Rodney Klimper said. "And he actually chased the other kid into the parking lot and tried to give his shirt and medal to him.

"It just shows how much sportsmanship this team has."

Hadley and Klimper said they were impressed by a few wrestlers that hadn't made much noise up to this point in the season.

"Cody Baker, Miki Klimper and Spencer Brown are some of the kids that did really well, pinning all of their opponents," Hadley said. "Spencer had three matches and three pins, and so did Cody."

With new faces working their way to the top, Hadley said it's evident to the coaching staff everybody on the team is out to win.

"Sometimes at practice, you wonder if the kids are paying attention and hearing what the coaches are saying," Hadley said. "It's thrilling to see new moves that we've incorporated in to their arsenal, come into play on the mat. And to see things that maybe we went over a few weeks ago or a few months ago, and all of a sudden where they are in a situation and you're thinking, 'Man, I hope he remembers that move," and they do - it's a great feeling."

The Bad Dogs get a break this weekend from their nearly seven-month long schedule.

Next up for the team is the Rocky Mountain Nationals, March 20, 21 and 22 at the National Western Complex in Denver.


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