Kenneth Rinker: City, school district would need to make binding contract for gym


To the editor:

Helping the school build a bigger gymnasium might be a valid idea if the city and school district make a binding contract specifying under what terms the general public would have access to this gym.

Without some binding agreement, some future school administrator might deny public access because of such issues as maintenance, cost or fears of terrorist activities.

It might be appropriate to charge the public something for building maintenance, but if the charge was excessive, the gym would be useless to most citizens.

Kenneth Rinker


LOVESNOW 8 years, 1 month ago

Very good point. I was told that a seperete bond issue was passed for the pool at the high school. The pool was originally planned to be a communtiy pool but as we all know that hasn't happenend.


als362 8 years, 1 month ago

I agree with this totally. People that want to use city/county/state facilities should pay for that use. It costs a lot of money to maintain these facilities, and those that use them should bear the cost of that maintenance.
This type of charge would be a good experiment to see if people are willing to pay their own way for building a rec center. If the fees are too expensive for people to afford to use a city owned gym, then these same people will never be able to afford to pay the fees for a totally self sustaining rec center.
If they cannot afford the fees the center should not be built.


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