Moffat County junior Jeremiah Gordon clears a hurdle during the 2008 Clint Wells Invite. The Bulldog track team kicked off its season Friday in Grand Junction.

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Moffat County junior Jeremiah Gordon clears a hurdle during the 2008 Clint Wells Invite. The Bulldog track team kicked off its season Friday in Grand Junction.

MCHS track team runs through Grand Junction


Relay results

March 6, Central High School,

Grand Junction

Boys 4x1,600, 22:05.00

Girls 800-meter medley, 2:05.68

Boys 800-meter medley, 1:46

Girls 4x200 relay, 2:11

Boys 4x200 relay, 1:46

Boys 4x800 relay, 10:30

Girls 4x100 relay, 58.25

Boys 4x100 relay, 48.26

Girls 1,600 medley relay, 5:00.00

The times weren't important, nor were the heights or distances recorded.

In Friday night's Central Relays, the Moffat County track and field team was just warming up.

"One of the main goals is to just get kids on the track and competing instead of just running workouts," coach Todd Trapp said. "You're at another level when you are competing against other people."

First-year coach Lance Scranton was simply happy to get outdoors.

"It was good to be able to get outside and actually get in a ring and throw some," he said, "and get in the pits and jump.

"We hadn't done either up until then."

Long-jumper Erin Urbanoski and shot-placers Myiah Bengston and Skyler Leonard looked as if they've been hanging out in the pits and the rings the entire offseason.

Urbanoski leapt 17 feet, 7 inches - two inches shy of her career best, and half an inch farther than her state-title winning jump a year ago - while Bengston and Leonard earned some hardware in the season's first event.

"That was pretty cool for her to jump that far this early in the year," Trapp said of Urbanoski. "In the relays she ran, she looked really good. She looks like she's been doing something (extra) and is ready to compete."

A distance of 30 feet is required to earn an MCHS letter in girls shot put, and Bengston finished at 30 feet, 5 inches, while Leonard recorded a throw of 30 feet, 4 inches.

"Myiah and Skyler did a great job in shot," Scranton said. "They both lettered in the first meet."

The MCHS relay teams paced their way around the track at Central High School in respectable fashion, finishing quicker than Trapp had anticipated at this stage of the season.

"I was actually surprised at where we were with the amount of time we've been on the track," Trapp said. "I thought the younger kids did really well. For some of them, it was their first time actually competing at the high school level."

Trapp also pointed to the performances of freshmen Alfredo Lebron, Miguel Molina and Adrie Camp, as well as senior Megan Knez.

"Alfredo and Miguel ran really well for the guys," he said, "and Adrie and Megan did really well. It was Adrie's first time as a sprinter and then Megan had a really good start to the season. She's ahead of where she was last year at this time as far as her time goes."

Despite the team's success - on the track, in the pits or in the rings - Trapp said it's difficult to get a solid read on his team at a relay-type event.

"It's really tough, at a meet this early in the year, and at a meet like this, to find out exactly where you're at," he said. "But, just by the way they looked out on the track, they were looking smooth and fast. A real sign will be this weekend when we actually have some individual events. Then we'll be able to find out where everybody is."

The Bulldogs travel Saturday to compete in Delta.


2aLegal 8 years, 1 month ago

I believe that the female shot put thrower's name is Shylar Hadley not Skylar Leonard. Skylar Leonard is a young male runner not a female shot put and discus thrower. Myiah Bengston also lettered in her first discus thow with a throw of 95' 7". To letter in discus you have to throw 95'.


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